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Boating, with its timeless allure of sun-kissed horizons, boundless adventures, and the gentle sway of waves, has captured the hearts of Americans for generations. And in the vast expanse of the United States, where diversity reigns supreme, our love for boating is as diverse as the nation itself.

The United States, blessed with a stunning variety of aquatic landscapes, boasts a unique boating culture in each of its corners. From the mighty Mississippi River flowing with a quiet majesty, to the wonder of the Great Lakes, to the Pacific Ocean's waves crashing upon western shores, the 2023 data of our country-wide boating capitals is a testament to this diversity.

As the world's largest and most trusted marketplace for boat rentals and charters, Getmyboat has meticulously gathered and analyzed hundreds of thousands of data points to craft the definitive list of "The Most Popular Boating Cities in 2023." This report not only showcases the undeniable allure of boating but also unveils the intricate tapestry of regional differences that shape the boating landscape.

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Getmyboat offers charters and rentals, worldwide.

Launched in 2013 with the vision of making the joy of boating accessible to everyone, the company has since grown into the largest boat rental and charter marketplace globally, with over 150,000 listings in 184 countries covering 9,300 destinations.

By giving a platform to both individual boat owners and professional charter businesses, Getmyboat makes the experience of getting out on the water more accessible to everyone — from a weekend jet ski rental in the local lake to a vacation yacht charter to a bachelor party pontoon , and everything in between.

About the Report

Our comprehensive data report is the culmination of extensive research and analysis conducted by Getmyboat, to create a resource for boating enthusiasts, industry stakeholders, and anyone intrigued by the allure of life on the water.

The meticulous curation and analysis of this data has allowed us to paint a vivid picture of the boating scene across the United States. With this report, we aim to not only celebrate the diversity of boating experiences but also provide valuable insights to guide travelers and boat enthusiasts in their quest to explore the nation's waters, ensuring they make the most of their boating adventures in the coming year.

Our Methodology

To develop this report, Getmyboat analyzed over 100,000 boat rentals in the United States over the past year on the Getmyboat platform. Data was curated to exclude outlier hourly rates and locations with insignificant sample size, while rentals were categorized into the significant categories to be evaluated in this report. Rentals outside of the report categories are labeled as "Other."

The Top 25 Map

One of the most fascinating insights gleaned from our data report is the staggering contrast in boating experiences across the United States. Each of the 25 cities featured on our list, from the balmy beaches of Miami, Florida, to the serene tranquility of Lake Havasu City, Arizona, offers a distinctive and captivating boating adventure. These experiences are undeniably influenced by the unique geography, climate, and local culture of each city, creating a rich tapestry of boating diversity.

Getmyboat - 2023 Most Popular Boating Cities

Miami stands tall as the undisputed number one boating destination in 2023. Its year-round sunshine, pristine waters, and glamorous waterfronts have solidified its reputation as a boater's paradise. Miami's vibrant boating scene features a breathtaking blend of luxury yacht charters, exhilarating speedboat rides, and leisurely cruises through the enchanting Biscayne Bay.

Chicago secures the second spot on our list, offering a stark contrast to Miami's tropical vibes. The Windy City's extensive network of inland waterways and vast lakes provides a tranquil setting for boaters to savor iconic views of the city skyline while relishing in the peaceful embrace of nature. San Diego follows closely behind, boasting a year-round temperate climate, an extensive coastline, and a rich maritime heritage that beckons boaters of all persuasions.

Venturing inland, Austin emerges as a delightful surprise, underscoring the rising trend of boating on lakes and rivers. The serene waters of Lake Austin and Lake Travis provide a haven for kayakers, paddleboarders, and boaters seeking respite from the urban grind.

Marina Del Rey and Newport Beach, both nestled in the heart of California, underscore the Golden State's dominant presence in the boating culture. These picturesque coastal towns serve as idyllic settings for sailing excursions, deep-sea fishing adventures, and leisurely cruises along the sun-drenched Pacific shoreline. Meanwhile, Honolulu offers a tropical boating experience like no other, with its crystal-clear waters, vibrant coral reefs, and thrilling opportunities for encounters with dolphins and sea turtles.

Fort Lauderdale and Destin, in Florida, round out the top ten, reaffirming Florida's enduring status as a boater's paradise. Fort Lauderdale's intricate network of canals has earned it the moniker "Venice of America," while Destin's emerald waters and sugar-white sandy beaches beckon boaters from far and wide.

Peoria in Arizona and Lewisville in Texas represent the heartland's burgeoning interest in boating. These cities, nestled amidst picturesque lakes and winding rivers, provide peaceful getaways and a multitude of water-based recreational activities that are increasingly sought after.

Journeying further west to California, the breathtaking landscapes of South Lake Tahoe and the bustling waters of Long Beach cater to a diverse range of boating enthusiasts. Similarly, Washington, D.C. offers a unique urban boating experience, with opportunities to explore the historic Potomac River while marveling at iconic landmarks.

Seattle and Lake Havasu City in Arizona round out the top 15, showcasing the Pacific Northwest's deep-rooted connection to boating and the desert oasis of Lake Havasu's enduring appeal.

The Top 75 List

Getmyboat - The 75 Most Popular Boating Cities of 2023

The Getmyboat Rental Insights Report

The Getmyboat Boat Rental Insights Report

For a full visualization of nation-wide boating trends and a dive into the industry trends of the boat rental marketplace, both nation-wide and in dozens of America's most popular boating locales, we've put together an interactive rental insights report that can be used to further explore the data behind our rankings.

Citing This Report

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