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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can you boat on the Potomac River?

    Boating is a great activity to enjoy on the Potomac River. You can rent motor yachts, sailboats, small powerboats, and jet skis on the Potomac River. Boat rental prices start at around $100/hour in DC on the Potomac.

    How do I get to National Harbor from DC?

    You can reach National Harbor from DC on a boat tour, water taxi, or boat rental. Cruise south on the Potomac River from DC to reach National Harbor. It takes about 40 minutes by boat.

    Can you sail on the Potomac?

    Sailing and sailboat charters are a wonderful way to enjoy the Potomac River. You can get a whole new look at Washington DC from the perspective of a sailboat, cruising down the river and seeing some of the city's highlights. Sailing is a popular choice for visitors to Washington DC and there are sailing lessons and sailboat rentals available.

    Which river is Washington DC on?

    Washington DC is on the Potomac River and Anacostia River. The rivers wrap around the city and are the location for boating for residents and visitors of DC.

    Can you boat on the Potomac River?

    Yes, boating is a popular pastime enjoyed on the Potomac River. You can rent motor yachts, book boat tours, try jet skiing, or even rent a stand-up paddleboard on the Potomac River. It’s a great boating destination in Washington DC.

    Where can you kayak in DC?

    Kayak tours and kayak rentals in DC are available on the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers. They are great places to enjoy by kayak and it’s a unique activity to enjoy when traveling around Washington DC.

    Can you go fishing in the Potomac River?

    Fishing is allowed on the Potomac River, you must make sure you have the correct fishing license before making any catches. You can expect to catch fish like catfish, shad, cobia, and tarpon on the Potomac River. If you’re renting a boat and want to go fishing, inquire with the owner or captain about including fishing gear in the rental. Book a fishing charter on the Potomac for a fun day of making catches in DC.