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2018 Yamaha 242 Limited SE boat rental in South Lake Tahoe
Lake TahoeBowrider
Super Owner12 guests

2018 Yamaha 242 Limited SE boat rental in South Lake Tahoe

Four Winns 200 Bowrider for Rent on Lake Tahoe
Lake TahoePower
Super Owner8 guests

Four Winns 200 Bowrider for Rent on Lake Tahoe

Four Winns 200 Bowrider for Rent on South Lake Tahoe
Lake TahoePower
Super Owner8 guests

Four Winns 200 Bowrider for Rent on South Lake Tahoe

New Lowe SS23 Luxury Tri-toon for Rent, Family Fun on Lake Tahoe
Lake TahoePower
Super Owner12 guests

New Lowe SS23 Luxury Tri-toon for Rent, Family Fun on Lake Tahoe

NEW Lowe 2021 High performance Tri-toon 250hp Luxury for 12 people
Lake TahoePontoon
Super Owner12 guests

NEW Lowe 2021 High performance Tri-toon 250hp Luxury for 12 people

21' Avalon Pontoon in South Lake Tahoe, California
Lake TahoePontoon
10 guests

21' Avalon Pontoon in South Lake Tahoe, California

3 hour Sailing Experiences on North Lake Tahoe - $600
Lake TahoeCruising Monohull
6 guests

3 hour Sailing Experiences on North Lake Tahoe - $600

What to Know About Renting a boat on Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is the ultimate destination to rent a boat. The stunning basin of freshwater that laps the shores of Sierra Nevada has captured the hearts of millions of visitors over the years. Lake Tahoe is a magnetic force that brings people to Northern California and Nevada during the summer months to play in its water. A trip to the area is not complete without a day spent on the lake. From boating to watersports, the massive size and depth of Lake Tahoe make it the perfect place to try it all. Lake Tahoe is a favorite spot for people coming from Reno or Sacramento for a weekend getaway.

Due to the popularity in the summer months, it’s advisable to book your boat rental in advance so you won’t miss out once you arrive. Browse a wide selection of boats on Lake Tahoe, from ski boats for wakeboarding to pontoons, there is every type of boat rental available to visitors, no matter where on the lake you’re staying. Because Lake Tahoe is so huge, it's a good idea to book at least one full-day boat rental. Try a pontoon rental or a Chapparel motor yacht for cruising around the lake and seeing the sights, and ask the captain or owner if floating toys like lily pads or inflatable rafts are included, especially if you want to stop for a swim. Try waterskiing or wakeboarding on Lake Tahoe for a fun-filled day everyone in your group will enjoy - especially if you're visiting with kids on a family vacation. You can also rent sailboats with or without a skipper for a relaxing sailing day on Lake Tahoe.

Jet ski rentals are another popular option on Lake Tahoe. Book a Sea-Doo and spend a few hours zipping through the waves, flying around at high speeds while enjoying stunning views of the mountains.

For visitors who do not have boating experience, there is the option to rent a boat with a captain on Lake Tahoe to handle all the navigation. Boat charters are also great for boat parties when you need one responsible driver, and it's great to have a local captain who can serve as a guide to the best coves and picturesque spots on the lake. When planning your boat rental, you can arrange with the owner to have a captain or not, depending on your preferences and boating experience. Boat captains can also help you arrange boat tours of Lake Tahoe, as well as sunset cruises and special events onboard. Plan your celebration on Lake Tahoe with a boat charter for a bachelor or bachelorette party, a family reunion, or even a wedding. It’s a lake with some spectacular scenery for a gathering.

When arranging for your boat rental on Lake Tahoe, make sure to include details in the inquiry to have clear communication with the owner or captain. Good things to ask include questions about pricing, if gratuity is included or a separate charge, the boat capacity, and if any special extras are included, like an iced-down cooler. Don’t be afraid to ask questions - clarity is key for the perfect boat rental day.

In addition to boat rentals of bowrider boats, motor yachts, pontoons, and other motorized watercraft on Lake Tahoe, there are plenty of man-powered boats available to rent. For active, outdoorsy visitors to Lake Tahoe, kayak rentals, stand-up paddleboard rentals, and canoe rentals are available and are some of the best things to try on the lake. It’s also a very affordable rental option for people visiting Lake Tahoe on a budget.

Make the most of your Lake Tahoe Boat Rental

There are many spots around Lake Tahoe where you can access the water with your boat rental. Some of the main cities on Lake Tahoe are South Lake Tahoe, Tahoe City, Stateline, and Incline Village. These are the primary destinations for booking accommodation if you’re planning a multi-day stay on Lake Tahoe. Choose from chain hotels, lake resorts, and vacation rental homes. If you want to really connect with nature during your stay on Lake Tahoe, there are lots of campgrounds to choose from all around the lake. Do not forget your camera - the crystal clear, turquoise waters of Lake Tahoe surrounded by the gorgeous, snow-capped mountains makes it a place you have to get the perfect shot for Instagram. A boat is the best way to get some amazing photos out on Lake Tahoe.

While exploring Lake Tahoe on your boat rental, there are dozens of spots scattered around the lake worthy of a visit. Stop at King’s Beach on the north side of Lake Tahoe or El Dorado Beach and Pope Beach on the south end. There are resorts and restaurants along the coastline of the lake, perfect for stopping at for a meal or to enjoy the nightlife of Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe boat and yacht life bring lots of visitors to its shores every summer, you’re guaranteed to have a good time if you book a boat rental for at least a weekend on the lake.

Boating events on Lake Tahoe

Two major boat-related events that take place at Lake Tahoe annually are the Lake Tahoe Boat Show and Lake Tahoe Concours d’Elegance Wooden Boat Show. The atmosphere is vibrant, full of boating enthusiasts and entertainment for visitors and locals alike. To partake in the boat-loving times of these events, you can rent a boat and cruise around the lake.

About Lake Tahoe and Boating Safety

Lake Tahoe is a gorgeous freshwater lake that straddles California and Nevada. It’s a perfect lake for renting a boat and water recreation, with stunning views of forests around the lake and sandy beaches to stop off at. It’s a great place to take a break from the city and relax in the sunshine during the summer months. For picking up supplies for your boat rentals like drinks and food, there are lots of stores around Lake Tahoe you can stop at, like Safeway and Raley’s.

The best time of year to visit Lake Tahoe is undoubtedly the summertime when the skies are clear and sunny and temperatures are warm. Make sure to pack a hat and sunscreen, as you’re at a higher elevation, sunburn will happen much quicker, especially with the reflection off the water. The water of Lake Tahoe is cold year-round, making it refreshing for a quick dip to cool off. During the winter, with snowfall and cold temperatures, you probably won’t want to go swimming. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy outdoor activities on Lake Tahoe, there are winter kayaking and canoe trips on the lake, letting you see the stunning snowcapped mountains from a new perspective. For swimmers, it’s recommended you ease yourself into Lake Tahoe, to avoid a cold-shock response.

Explore on Land around Lake Tahoe

Emerald Bay State Park

Emerald Bay is a favorite spot among visitors to Lake Tahoe. You can access the park by the Rubicon Trail or other hiking trails. While exploring this stunning area, be sure to pass by Eagle Falls and the Vikingsholm mansion, two beautiful features of this state park. Rent a boat in Emerald Bay for an unforgettable tour of this stunning region of Lake Tahoe.

D.L. Bliss State Park

Another state park near Emerald Bay that has gorgeous beaches and plenty of activities to enjoy is D.L. Bliss State Park. There are loads of nature trails to hike and enjoy, a beach to spread out on for catching a tan or enjoying a picnic, and activities like scuba diving. Make sure to walk to the iconic Balancing Rock, a natural attraction on the trail.

Heavenly Mountain Gondola Rides

If you’re itching for an opportunity to see the beauty of Lake Tahoe from above, book a gondola to take into the mountains. It’s a breathtaking experience that offers panoramic views and an unforgettable ride. You can book your whole family in one cable car, so it’s a great way to make memories you’ll share with your loved ones.

Marinas around Lake Tahoe for renting a boat

There are several marinas located around Lake Tahoe for any boat rental needs you may have during your visit. Tahoe City Marina, North Tahoe Marina, Tahoe Keys Marina & Yacht Club, and Timber Cove Marina are some of the most popular. Stop at these marinas if you need to service your boat rental, fuel up, or ask for boating advice for the lake.

Using GetMyBoat to Rent a boat on Lake Tahoe

Experiencing Lake Tahoe has never been easier thanks to GetMyBoat. GetMyBoat allows you to quickly search, compare prices, submit rental inquiries, and pay for your rental or charter from the convenience of your phone or computer. We offer a secure platform for renters to facilitate a seamless rental transaction. For boat owners, we connect millions of renters to their boats and provide security and checks on each rental transaction.

Search for the perfect experience now and book your dream day out on the water.

Lake Tahoe Boat Rental FAQs

How much does it cost to rent a boat on Lake Tahoe?

Prices for boat rentals on Lake Tahoe range from $100/hour for a pontoon rental, to over $1000 for a full day rental of a motor yacht. The cost will depend on the size and type of boat, how long you wish to rent, and whether or not a captain is included in the rental.

When is the best time to visit Lake Tahoe?

The best time of year to visit Lake Tahoe for boating is during the summer months. June, July, and August have sunny weather and warm temperatures. There’s a lot to do and enjoy on the lake in the summer.

What is the water temperature in Lake Tahoe?

The water temperature of Lake Tahoe varies throughout the year. In the summer, the water can be as warm as 75℉ and in the winter months the temperature is cold, in the high 40’s to low 50s.

How old do you have to be to rent a boat in Lake Tahoe?

You must be at least 18 years old to rent a boat on Lake Tahoe.

Do I need a license to drive a boat in Lake Tahoe?

If you own your boat on Lake Tahoe, you must pass a boat safety education course and have a California Boater Card. Renters do not need to take a boat safety course to rent a boat on Lake Tahoe.

What are some of the best places to visit on Lake Tahoe?

There are many amazing spots on Lake Tahoe to see by boat. Don’t miss these destinations on Lake Tahoe when exploring by boat.

  • Emerald Bay
  • Sand Harbor
  • Sugar Pine Point
  • El Dorado Beach
  • Baldwin Beach

GetMyBoat customer reviews for boat rentals in Lake Tahoe.

  1. RT
    21' Bowrider - Wakeboard Tower with Speakers and Bimini Top

    Such a peaceful day on the lake! Jason was so cool and kind and accommodating. He took us to beautiful places and was super cool about the 2yr old on board. We all had a blast and would love to come when the weather is not so Smokey and we can tube!!!

  2. AB
    21' Bowrider - Wakeboard Tower with Speakers and Bimini Top

    What an amazing experience! Opted for the tour guide option on our rental. Jason was very friendly and hospitable. I was allowed to bring my Frenchie to enjoy the experience with us and he even brought a little bed for her to sit in! We even got a short history lesson on some of the cool history of the lake. Great price, fun time, and a very memorable experience. Will book again.

  3. MH
    New Lowe Luxury High performance 2021 Tri-toon 250hp Lake Tahoe Seats 12

    If you are visiting Lake Tahoe, there is nothing better than spending a day on the water. The pontoon we rented was awesome. I was surprised how well it handled chop and had no problem getting enough speed to visit different places on the Lake. Plenty of room for a big party, and enough power to tube with a full boat. Thanks!

  4. RS
    24' Four Winns Bowrider Rental in South Lake Tahoe, California

    Renting with Zach was a fantastic experience. He brought our boat right to our dock and it included everything we needed for a great time. The boat is well maintained and fully equipped. I will definitely use Zach the next time I want to rent a boat in Tahoe.

  5. SS
    2018 Yamaha 242 Limited SE boat rental in South Lake Tahoe

    My family of four really enjoyed our day on James’s boat. Conveniently located in SLT just a couple of minutes from the Heavenly area, James took the tile to run through the inner workings of the boat and to provide some local insight into where to go. The boat provided more than ample room for four and we could easily have fit another four. The boat was equipped with a ton of pool toys. We only used the raft which took seconds to blow up and attach but my 8 year old loved it. We loved Emerald Bay, Rubicon Bag and stopped for lunch at a waterfront restaurant before heading back. The lake was very calm (no winds) and the scenery was spectacular. I’d highly recommend James and this awesome boar for your next trip.

  6. JG
    27 ft SunTracker Party Barge Pontoon Bareboat Charter Rental for 13 People in South Lake Tahoe

    Chad was awesome! We wanted to spend a few hours on the water for our last day in Tahoe and Chad’s pontoon boat was perfect. We drove out to Emerald Bay and D.L. Bliss and it was beautiful. The boat drove great and there was a speaker system for music! Highly recommend if you’re coming to Tahoe and want to be on the water. He made it so easy for us and was really helpful and nice!