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The Best Boat Rentals in Miami

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does it cost to rent a boat in Miami?

    Boat rental prices in Miami vary significantly. You can find great deals on smaller boats for as cheap as $50/hour. Fancy yacht charters can cost up to several thousand for a day of cruising with a captain and crew.

    Where can I take a boat in Miami?

    There are many amazing boating destinations in Miami. Cruise to the sandbars like Nixon Sandbar or various party islands like Star Island and Fisher Island, where you will see celebrity mansions. Check out Coconut Grove or Pace Picnic Island by boat rental in Miami. Explore Miami Beach and so much more on the water.

    Do you need a boat license to rent a boat in Miami?

    Boat license rules in Florida and Miami depend on your age. If you were born after 1988 you will need to complete a boat safety education course and receive a safety identification card.

    When does the boating season start in Miami?

    Boating season in Miami is year-round - warm temperatures and lots of sunshine makes it possible to rent a boat at virtually any time of year. Hurricane season runs from June to November, but unless you see a hurricane in the forecast, chances are that it’s still a good time to rent a boat.

    When is the best time to visit Miami?

    The best time to visit Miami is during one of the big events in Miami like Art Basel, Ultra, Art Deco Weekend, Jazz Festivals, and more. You can go for the event and feel the excitement of the crowds, rent a boat and enjoy the Miami lifestyle.

    What is the water temperature in Miami?

    The water temperature in Miami is always in the 70s, with the low being around 71°F and the high (typically in July) around 79°F.

    Can you take a boat from Miami to the Bahamas?

    Yes! Boat charters from Miami to the Bahamas are a great option for people looking to enjoy a boating vacation from Miami. The boat trip from Miami to the Bahamas takes about 2.5 hours, but you can extend the trip into multiple days if you want to stay overnight on your boat in the Bahamas.

    Can anyone rent a boat in Miami, Florida?

    To rent a boat in Miami (Florida) you must be 18 years of age and have completed a boater safety education course. If you have a boating license from another state, this can apply to the requirements to rent a boat here.

    What types of boats can I rent in Miami?

    Miami has many different types of boats to rent. Everything from pontoons to luxury motor yachts, sailing catamarans, fishing boats, and jet skis are available to rent for enjoying Miami on the water.

    Why choose Getmyboat over Airbnb for yachts in Miami?

    While Airbnb has a few boats or yachts that you can sleep in overnight at marinas in Miami, they do not allow you to go out on the boat. Getmyboat specializes in top-quality boat rentals and yacht charters in Miami that allow you to leave the dock and experience the water.

    Does the boat rental include a captain in Miami?

    Boats listed on Getmyboat offer boat rentals with or without a captain. You can always communicate with the boat owner through Getmyboat before confirming your booking to ensure your captain and crew needs are met.

    Are yacht rentals a good option for a Bachelorette party in Miami?

    Boat and yacht rentals are a great idea for hosting a bachelorette party while in Miami. Spending the day on the water celebrating the bride-to-be guarantees it will be a party she will never forget. Get your favorite ladies together and organize a final “sail before the veil” party with a private yacht or boat charter for a bachelorette. Many Captains offer special packages for bachelorette parties, so be sure to mention the occasion when booking. Check out our Bachelorette Boat Party Guide for everything you need to know about throwing a bachelorette boat party in Miami!

    Can I play my own music on the boat?

    Most boats will have a sound system with either an AUX connection or Bluetooth connection which will allow you to play your own music. It is always best to check with the captain on the specifics prior to booking.

    Are floating toys included?

    Many boat rentals and charters include the use of floating toys like lily pads, inflatable unicorns, and other items that are perfect for a swimming stop to relax in the water. If you’re hoping to have a float day in addition to your boat day, check the boat listing’s description and ask the boat captain or owner if they have floating toys that are included before confirming your booking.