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The Best Boat Rentals in Chicago

Browse, book, and get out onto the water with local captains and boat owners.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does it cost to rent a boat on Lake Michigan?

    Renting a boat in Chicago starts at $100 an hour for a small powerboat and goes up to $800 an hour for a luxury motor yacht.

    How much is it to rent a yacht in Chicago?

    A smaller motor yacht rental will cost around $250 an hour, while a larger yacht can cost up to $700 an hour. When getting a quote, inquire if the captain’s fee and gas are included in the price.

    What are the best places to go boating in Chicago?

    While there are many options while boating in Chicago, here is a list of the most visited boating destinations and tours in Chicago.

    • Navy Pier
    • Playpen
    • Chicago Architecture Tour
    • Cruise The River
    • Shoreline Tour
    When is the boating season in Chicago?

    While boating season in Chicago can vary depending on the weather, it usually starts at the beginning of May and can extend through to October.

    What is the Playpen in Chicago?

    The Playpen is one of the most popular boating destinations in Chicago. It’s a protected area in front of Lake Shore Drive created by a breakwall in front of the water filtration plant. It’s the perfect destination for swimming, boat parties, and floating. Boaters stop here and tie-up with other boats for an on-the-water social affair. In fact, the Playpen hosts the largest annual boat party in all of Chicago, dubbed the Chicago Scene Boat Party.

    What is the Chicago Scene Boat Party

    The Chicago Scene Boat Party is an annual event held in the Playpen where hundreds of boats tie up for what is now the largest boat party on Lake Michigan. This event is usually held the last weekend of July, but boat rental reservations fill up months in advance. The Chicago Scene Boat Party was started in 2000 by Ted Widen, the publisher of the luxury lifestyle mag Chicago Scene.

    Does the boat rental include a captain?

    Boats listed on Getmyboat offer boat rentals with or without a captain in Chicago. Before confirming your booking, you can always communicate with the boat owner through Getmyboat to ensure your captain and crew needs are met.

    Why choose Getmyboat over Airbnb for Chicago boat rentals?

    While Airbnb has a few boats or yachts that you can sleep in overnight at the marina, they do not allow you to go out on the boat. Getmyboat specializes in top-quality boat rentals and yacht charters in Chicago that allow you to leave the dock and experience the water. Don't just sleep on the boat, explore with the boat.