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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long is the boat ride from Maui to Honolulu?

    There is no ferry service between Maui and its beautiful beaches> and Honolulu, but you can book private yacht charters and boat tours to go between islands in Hawaii. These are multi-day excursions, customizable to your desired Hawaii adventure experience.

    What should I not miss in Honolulu?

    A few key experiences to have when on vacation in Honolulu include snorkeling adventures, sunset sailing trips, cocktail cruises, whale-watching excursions, and visits to Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head. These are just a few of the great on-the-water experiences to have while visiting Honolulu.

    Where is the best snorkeling in Honolulu?

    Some of the best snorkeling around Honolulu and greater O’ahu include Kaena Point State Park, Shark’s Cove, Kahe Point Beach Park, Kuilima Cove, and Hanauma Bay. See sea turtles, explore coral gardens and reefs, and see lots of stunning colorful fish on your excursion.