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Boating is an age-old activity — one that connects us to nature and to each other, allows us explore new destinations, and shows us familiar ones from a new point of view. But boating has also experienced waves of transformation in recent years, with intriguing trends playing out across the industry.

Over the past year, the dynamics of how, where, and when we rent boats have shifted. There have been tides of change in consumer preferences, adaptations to global events, and the undeniable influence of technology. This report seeks to unanchor some of those insights, bringing them to the surface for clearer navigation. So whether you're a professional probing the current pulse of the rental industry or a curious reader with a penchant for numbers, this report offers a deep dive into the industry trends of the boat rental marketplace, both nation-wide and in dozens of America's most popular boating locales.

About Getmyboat

Getmyboat offers charters and rentals, worldwide.

Launched in 2013 with the vision of making the joy of boating accessible to everyone, the company has since grown into the largest boat rental and charter marketplace globally, with over 150,000 listings in 184 countries covering 9,300 destinations.

By giving a platform to both individual boat owners and professional charter businesses, Getmyboat makes the experience of getting out on the water more accessible to everyone — from a weekend jet ski rental in the local lake to a vacation yacht charter to a bachelor party pontoon , and everything in between.

About the Report

Gone are the days when anecdotal tales dominated our understanding of the boat rental landscape. Today, we stand on the cusp of a data-driven era, with numbers telling stories more vivid than ever before. This comprehensive report, built upon meticulous research and analysis, endeavors to spotlight the trends, numbers, and narratives defining the US boat rental industry.

Dive deep into the nuanced world of boat rental prices, dissected both hourly and by trip durations. Get an analytical view on the rise and fall of boat types, understanding which vessels have commanded the waters. Beyond national averages, this report steers you through the country's top boating cities and locations, offering a granular view of regional preferences and price points.

Our Methodology

To develop this interactive dashboard, Getmyboat's data and analytics team gathered over 200,000 boat rentals in the United States occurring between 2018 and 2023 on the Getmyboat platform. Data was curated to exclude outlier hourly rates and locations with insignificant sample size. Further, transactions were grouped into categories for analysis in the dashboard. Transactions outside of these analyzed categories are labeled in the dashboard as "Other."

How to Use This Data

For Boat Owners

Curious as to how your charter competition is setting their prices? Or what kind of demand you might be able to expect with a listing on Getmyboat? Or whether certain boat types are on the rise in rental demand?

Here, you can dive into the data for your specific boating locale to see the trends that are taking place in your local boat rental marketplace.

For Media Professionals

Both nation-wide and location-specific data sets can be seen below for trend reports on boat pricing, boat type popularity, trip durations, and more.

For further data trends not found in the below report, or for any questions, media professionals can reach out to Our data team will provide the specifics needed for any type of news report or trend story.


For an inside look at the most popular destinations for boaters in the United States, head to our report on 2023's Most Popular Boating Cities in America, offering a glimpse into America's greatly varied boating culture.

Citing This Report

Media professionals are welcome to utilize this data for journalistic reporting purposes, with a citation and link to Getmyboat. For any questions, or for any other data not found in the below report, reach out to Our data and press team can provide further analysis, press quotes, and any other information needed for press stories.

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