Introducing a powerful new way to create and accept bookings with Getmyboat.

Great news: you can now use Getmyboat for bookings that you generate from anywhere: phone inquiries, your website, Facebook, or even walk-ins! All bookings, regardless of the source, can be managed on one comprehensive platform, eliminating the need for multiple software solutions and calendars.

The Benefits

Simplified Offers and Payment Processing

With a few simple steps, you can send out offers, securely collect payments including credit cards, and automatically synchronize bookings with your overall calendar, ensuring a hassle-free transaction process. 

Fraud Protection and Dispute Resolution

Direct Booking benefits from Getmyboat's powerful boat management platform, providing you with fraud protection, claims process management, and efficient dispute resolution for all transactions. 

The Lowest Fees Around

The best part of all this? It only costs only 1.5% per transaction*. That's less than Venmo or credit cards, and gets you all the extra benefits of Getmyboat booking management.


Getting Set Up with Direct Bookings

How do I create a Direct Booking?

Simply go to your Getmyboat inbox, click on ‘Add a Direct Booking’ and input the details of the trip. Then, just like with a Getmyboat lead, you can send bookable offers to your customers who pay directly in the app using their credit card. 

Does the renter/charterer need a Getmyboat account?

No, the renter can checkout as a guest, create a new account or, if they already have a Getmyboat account, log in.

Will a Direct Booking appear in my availability calendar?

Yes, any Direct Booking will interact with your calendars availability to prevent double bookings, and we'll immediately cancel any open offers for the same time so can keep track of your entire business in one place.

What are the total fees?

2.5% for the renter, 1.5% for the owner.  These fees make Direct Booking on Getmyboat more cost-effective than any other payment method on the market.  This saves you money immediately, while also providing you with fraud protection, ID checks, chargeback protection and access to our 24/7 customer service team.

When do I get paid for Direct Booking?

Any Direct Booking is paid in the same way as a standard Getmyboat booking.  This way we can ensure you are paid, and provide all of the same protections.

Will this help with my search ranking on Getmyboat?

Absolutely! Every booking counts. More importantly, you'll have the opportunity to generate even more reviews, which in turn will help your search ranking and conversions on the Getmyboat marketplace even more.  

Does a Direct Booking payment need to be associated with a listing?

Yes, each Direct Booking will need to be associated with a listing. In fact, the offer creation process looks and functions the same as the Getmyboat process you're already familiar with. 

If I get a standard marketplace booking with Getmyboat, can I also send a separate Direct Booking request to the same renter to cover additional bookings or captain fees?

In theory, yes. Say for example, you wish to add a jet ski to a yacht booking, you could do it via a new Direct Booking.

If I have a repeat customer who originally booked through Getmyboat Marketplace, can I use Direct Booking to handle future bookings with them and save on fees?

Yes, absolutely. And we encourage you to!  The conversion rate of a Direct Booking on Getmyboat, due to the trust association with our platform, is much higher than if you simply request a Venmo payment or wire transfer, which can be off-putting to customers.  Plus, this way, you both have the peace of mind of Getmyboat's customer service and protections.

If you have any questions about creating a Direct Booking, or wish to speak with an representative about your Getmyboat account, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll be able to help you out right away. Our team is available via e-mail 24/7 at