Getmyboat introduces rigorous jet ski safety initiatives for 2024, fostering responsible enjoyment on the waters worldwide.

As the world's largest and most esteemed boat rental service, we here at Getmyboat recognize our profound responsibility to the marine community. That commitment extends beyond providing unparalleled experiences on the water — it's about setting the gold standard in boating safety, standards, and education.

That's exactly why we're proud to introduce new safety standards for jet ski listings on Getmyboat, as part of a suite of new safety initiatives for 2024. In doing so, we aim to not just meet but exceed the expectations of safety and responsibility in the boating world.

Data-Driven Decisions for Enhanced Safety

Recent studies, including data from the U.S. Coast Guard, reveal that jet skis, while a fun and popular choice for a day out on the water, present unique safety challenges. Significantly, rented jet skis accounted for 50% of all jet ski accidents. This statistic is considerably higher than other vessel types, underscoring the need for stringent safety measures.

At Getmyboat, we believe in learning from data to make informed decisions that safeguard our community. So in response to these insights, Getmyboat has taken a decisive step: starting in 2024, we will only accept jet skis from verified, registered businesses on the Getmyboat platform. This policy ensures that every jet ski rental comes from a professional entity with a proven track record of prioritizing safety. These businesses are not only equipped with the necessary safety gear but also adhere to rigorous safety protocols and renter education that align with our high standards.

Jet Ski Safety for 2024 - Getmyboat 2

Looking Ahead with Confidence

Our new standards for jet ski safety are just one part of a suite of new safety initiatives Getmyboat will be unveiling in the coming months, representing a positive and proactive approach to keeping our renters safe and holding our owners to a high standard. These steps are not just about compliance; they're about building a culture of responsibility and care in the boating community.

As we implement these changes, we remain committed to offering a diverse range of boating experiences that cater to all interests and skill levels. Our vision for 2024 and beyond is to provide a platform where safety and enjoyment go hand in hand, reinforcing our reputation as a trusted name in the boat rental industry.

By prioritizing safety and partnering with our community, we are setting a new standard in the boating world, and together, we can chart a course towards a safer, more responsible future on the water.