2020 has been quite the year. While the global community faced countless challenges, we still found ways to experience joy and make memories on the water, safely. Our amazing community of owners at GetMyBoat rose to the occasion and worked tirelessly to provide safe experiences for renters all over the world, and for that we are so proud and so grateful.

What are the Best of GetMyBoat awards?

Each year we review our top boat owners and tour operators to recognize the ones that stand out. Owners who qualify for our annual Best of GetMyBoat award are responsive, provide top-notch experiences, and help renters feel at home on their boats. They go above and beyond to ensure that renters have an unforgettable time out on the water.

The Best of GetMyBoat badge is added to profiles of winning owners and captains on their boat listings. This helps renters who are browsing their options to easily identify top options in the destination they are searching. The award is open to our boat owners and captains all over the world and performance is reviewed on an annual basis!

What is the difference between a Best of GetMyBoat Owner & a Super Owner?

You may have noticed the “Super Owner” badges on profiles of owners on the GetMyBoat platform in addition to the Best of GetMyBoat awards. Super Owner awards can be earned at any time during the year. Super Owners provide consistently excellent service to renters, gaining stellar reviews on the platform. They have amazing boat listing photos and are always striving to help renters that contact them with an inquiry about their boats, and their calendars are always up-to-date to prevent double bookings and any confusion with their schedule.

Super Owner status will help boost your boat rankings up, getting more attention and bookings on the platform for your boat rentals and charters.

Best of GetMyBoat awards reflect a cumulation of above-and-beyond experiences provided on GetMyBoat to renters, cooperation with our customer service team, and staying consistently awesome throughout the entire year.

You can be both a Super Owner and a Best of GetMyBoat winner in any given year, too!

Benefits of the Best of GetMyBoat Award

When you’ve earned Best of GetMyBoat, you receive benefits on the platform. A few of those include:

  • Your Boats will have a higher search ranking on the platform. This means renters will see your boat right away when searching in your destination.
  • The “Best of GetMyBoat” badge will be displayed on your owner profile. The badge assures renters they are booking a top experience and increases the chances they will book with you right away.
  • You will secure more trip bookings overall. Recognition as a top owner leads to increased bookings and more business for you through the platform.
  • You’ll also receive exclusive extras & prizes.

How Can I Earn Best of GetMyBoat in 2021?

  1. Responsiveness is key. Everyone appreciates a quick reply. The best owners on the GetMyBoat platform are organized with their calendars and respond promptly to all renter inquiries
  2. Clear communication. Make sure to inform renters of all rules of your boat, be upfront about any additional costs or gratuity expectations, and give them specific directions on where you find you and the boat. Avoiding any confusion is crucial.
  3. Flexibility. 2020 showed us that anything can happen, and sometimes cancellations and date changes are beyond our control. Being a flexible captain with a forgiving cancellation and rescheduling policy will help not just our renters have the best possible experience, but also helps our customer service team.
  4. Provide excellent customer service. Always make sure your boat is clean and matches the description. Be on time, friendly, and accommodating. Safety is always a top priority. Caring for your guests and doing your best to provide a great experience will help to make you a top owner on GetMyBoat.

Best of GetMyBoat 2020 Winners

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Josh’s Boats in Kemah, Texas

Marcel’s Yachts in Miami

Eddie’s Fishing Charters in Nassau

Sean’s Yacht in Newport Beach

Fernando’s Yacht Charters in Miami

Frank’s Boats on Lake Travis

Nicolas’s Charters in Cartagena

Gabriela’s Charters in Cabo San Lucas

Ximena’s Yachts in Miami

Bruno’s Yacht Trips in Portugal

Danil’s Boats on Lake Tahoe

Michael’s Boat Rentals in Fort Lauderdale

Chuy’s Charters in Cabo San Lucas

Ray’s Boat Rentals in Fort Lauderdale

Karina’s Boat Charters in San Diego

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Ron’s Charters on Lake Minnetonka

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Emre’s Boat Charters in Turkey

Alejandro’s Yacht Charters in Playa del Carmen

Troy’s Pedal Boats in Chicago

Rocio’s Boat Charters in Cancún

Maj’s Yacht Charters in Vancouver

Shahrouz in Marina del Rey

Ismael’s Boat Parties in Cabo San Lucas

Jimmy’s Yachts & Jet Skis in Miami

Jeff’s Pontoon in Mission Bay, San Diego

Norma’s Boat Charters in Florida

Delvis’s Yachts in Miami

Julian & Carlos’s Catamaran in Miami

Jennifer’s Yachts in San Diego

Brett’s Boat Rentals in Austin

Gary’s Salmon Fishing Trips on the Sacramento River

Chad’s Boat Rentals in Colorado

James’s Boat Charters in Seattle

Best Boat Rentals on Lake of the Ozarks

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Captain Jeff’s Boat Trips in Clearwater

Captain David’s Boat Trips in Boston

Paul’s Tiki Boat in Pensacola

Marianne’s Pontoons in Paris

Jesus’s Boat Trips in Aruba

Matt’s Boats on Lake Travis

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