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About This Kiteboarding Experience

Enjoy kitesurfing in Ostia, Rome!

The course consists of 7 lessons of one hour each, usable in complete student choice based on weather conditions; classes are held throughout the week or even on Saturdays and Sundays. You will not need to absolutely nothing the entire duration of the course as the OCEAN RODEO materials will be provided by us, wetsuit, lycra and trapeze included.

We have also both watercraft that raft to complete and helmets with built-in radio service for optimal learning. The student will also be covered by insurance since the time of enrollment in total safety.


• Rentals:

  • Kitesurf wing and bidirectional board: €70 EUR - 1 hours
  • Kitesurf wing Surfino: €80 EUR - 1 hour

• Lessons:

  • Basic course with jetsky or raft: €400 EUR per person - 7 hours
  • Basic Training from the beach: €350 EUR per person - 7 hours
  • Basic course with jet sky or raft: €180 EUR per person - 3 hours
  • Advanced course Dalal beach: €150 EUR per person - 3 hours
  • Advanced course with jet sky or raft: €70 EUR per person - 1 hours
  • Advanced course from the beach: €60 EUR per person - 1 hours

The basic course consists of 7 lessons or step:

  • Theory and knowledge of materials: A bit 'of history. The kite, the materials and their differences. The safety systems and the main rules. The winds, the knowledge of the place and gaits. The flight fnestra. Practice in assembly and disassembly. 
  • Practice with small kite (Trainer) Beach: A small kite (2 mq) that flies like a real wing but which does not have much traction, in order to acquire the correct movement of the bar and comprises the area in which the kite fly (flying fnestra). Early Learning exercises with the kite. 
  • 3) and 4) Practice with small kite in the water: 7-9 mq start capturing sensitivity on the bar and propulsion which delivers a sail. A good initial work will help us a lot for subsequent lessons. 
  • Body drag (wing piloting in water): Only after having acquired the full wing mastery at the beach you can go to the body drag, which consists in being dragged from the kite in water without the table. This exercise is very important because it will then allow us to recover the table and move in water in total autonomy. 
  • 6) and 7) out with the board in water: departure Technique with large table.


  • Type: Kiteboarding
  • Capacity: 1 People
  • Rental Minimum: 1 hour
  • Cancellation: Full Refund 1 Day Prior

Rental Requirements


  • 20% discount on the rental rates, from hours after the first.

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