A bachelorette or hens party is no ordinary celebration. It’s an opportunity to get together with your closest girlfriends and make new memories while helping the bride-to-be get ready for the most special day of her life. One of the challenges of a bachelorette party, however, is the planning, and this often falls on the maid of honor or a group of closest friends. It’s a big responsibility not to be taken lightly. You have to decide on a theme, design a menu, think about activities and games.  You also have to structure the party so you can maximize fun without maxing out your wallet. It can be hard to find the perfect arrangement that everyone enjoys, so take time and be thoughtful in the process.

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A special day everyone is guaranteed to love is one spent out on a boat. Chartering a boat for a bachelorette party with a captain to help you sort out all the details takes away a lot of the headache and stress in the planning process. With a designated driver on a beautiful lake or out in the ocean, you’ll have free reign to soak up the sun and play classic bachelorette party games with your best friends. Boat charters can include all beverages, food, and entertainment, so it’s a one-stop-shop for maids of honor and best friends to plan the perfect weekend.

Top Destinations for Bachelorette Boat Parties

Charleston, South Carolina


New Orleans

Lake Travis, Texas

Planning a Bachelorette Boat Bash

First things first, talk to the bride before you book anything. You want to make sure that she’s on board with the idea of spending her special day on a boat, and that the other guests will be able to attend if this is the party route you choose. If she wants a bachelorette boating blowout, ask questions to get an idea of what kind of experience she would like. Boat charters range from captained catamarans to river cruises to luxury motor yachts, so do some research and get an idea of how many people are attending and what the budget for the celebration is. Consider your local area or the chosen destination of the party to determine what would provide the best experience.

Picking a theme is usually the next step, but if you’re opting for booking a boat charter, make life easy and assume a nautical theme for the celebration. Assemble your “I Do Crew” on the ship, add some beach theme details, and set sail on a perfect day out at sea. From sailors to scallywags, there’s a lot of flexibility and fun elements you can work into your bachelorette-at-sea party.

Being upfront with the party crew is essential BEFORE you finalize the plan and the booking with the captain. Let everyone know the expected cost (you can get details from the captain when you request to book) a general itinerary, and provide a packing list. Are you going to cruise with cocktails in the sun for hours or stop for a snorkel? Letting people know what they should bring ahead of time is critical, and don’t forget to bring sunscreen!  

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Bachelorette Party Time

It's finally the boat party day!

Meet your bachelorette party squad at the docks where the captain will retrieve you to start your boat trip. You can arrange your pick-up point beforehand to make sure it fits your accommodation location and is convenient for all your guests.

If you’re bringing your own food onboard, have plenty of ice in the cooler and don’t forget about serving utensils if the captain and crew do not provide it. A full-service charter with food included is the easiest since all you’ll need to bring is your decor and yourself - ready to party!

Cruise to beautiful spots around your local area or wherever your bachelorette party destination takes you. Exploring a lake or sailing on the open ocean with cocktails is the perfect way to enjoy a bachelorette party. Book a river cruise and enjoy the local scenery as a backdrop to your classic bachelorette party games like the Groom Quiz or “Pin the Kiss on the Ryan Gosling.” You can also arrange to go swimming or enjoy other activities during your boat charter for the bachelorette event!

If you plan ahead and communicate with the captain, it will make the whole experience much smoother and enjoyable. Dana, (@queen_d17xo) a GetMyBoat renter from Washington D.C. recalls some of the things that their captains did for their bachelorette party.

“Tracy and his son Bruce were kind enough to provide ice, water bottles, and an ice chest for us to use and stock with any snacks or drinks that we brought. They also had a big speaker that we were able to connect our phones to using Bluetooth. They gave us so many suggestions on what to do around DC. They were so great that we even wanted to give them an extra tip for their hospitality, but they graciously declined and were just so happy to host us. Our rental was for 3 hours, and in that time we cruised the river, and they took up by all the sites they could reach. We ended up docking for about 45 minutes at The Wharf where they took group photos of us. It was a really great experience and the highlight of our trip!”

Don’t forget to bring along nautical theme goodies to enhance the onboard photoshoots with the bride and crew. Sailor hats, all things navy and white striped, and anything with an anchor on it will help everyone get in the spirit. Boat owners are accommodating for parties and will allow for iconic shots at the helm with the bride steering the boat, or you can reenact the famous scene from Titanic with your besties, be sure to clear it with the captain first.

After the Party

If you and your crew are enjoying drinks during your cruise, be sure to arrange for transport to and from the docks beforehand. Having designated drivers or organizing for taxi services to bring your group from the marina to your accommodation is crucial to prevent any tragedy from ruining the night. Take a walk to get your land legs back if you feel wobbly, and don’t panic, the feeling will go away with time.

Boat captains love to hear about the great experiences they’ve provided to guests on their boat. Writing a review, even just a few sentences, is deeply appreciated by the captain and crew. Don’t forget to leave a review after your experience; it can help other groups of ladies book a fantastic trip for a bachelorette party in the future! We’ve heard some great feedback from bachelorette groups who have booked with us, like these kind words:

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“Our time with Colton was superb and was totally the highlight of our trip! The whole process was super easy, and he was super chill and a fun host! Talkative when he needed to be but also let us have our girl time - literally was perfect!”

To start planning your perfect bachelorette party, head to www.getmyboat.com and search your dream destinations to see what’s available! You can even download the GetMyBoat app to search your yacht charter options on-the-go.