Charleston, South Carolina has risen to prominence in the bachelorette party community, becoming a top destination for these getaways. Like all top bachelorette party cities (we see you Las Vegas), it offers gourmet restaurants and an incredible food scene, a buzzing nightlife, and endless entertainment. Unlike Vegas, Charleston is right on the coast, with ample opportunities for boating and water recreation, providing more fun-in-the-sun and experiences for your bachelorette party crew.

Rent a boat in Charleston for a bachelorette party, and you won't regret it. Choose from dozens of captained boat charters to have a great time out on the water with the bride squad. If you're planning the party for your best friend or sister, and Charleston is the desired getaway destination, read on to learn about the best boats to rent when in Charleston for a bachelorette party.

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Boats to rent in Charleston for Bachelorette Parties

Charleston Party Cat Party Barge

If your bachelorette party group is a large number of ladies, you'll want to book this party barge. With seating for up to 20 guests and capacity for 40, you'll have plenty of space for your boat squad celebrating the bride-to-be. The price for this party barge starts at $450/hour and includes ice and coolers. You'll also get free drink coozies when you book - so your cans will stay cold out on the water. The captains for this barge will help you put together the perfect itinerary for your bachelorette boat party so that you can see all the highlights of Charleston.

Stop at an island, cruise under the Ravenel Bridge, check out Fort Sumter and Castle Pinckney during your party boat tour around Charleston. Don't forget to curate the perfect bachelorette party playlist before your boat day - this boat has a 14-speaker sound system with Bluetooth connectivity.

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Charleston Yacht Charters

Tailoring excursions to the needs of each party, this is the best way to catch a sunset, spot some dolphins, or spend a day out on the water. Yacht charters in Charleston are a great way to cruise the Harbor, see wildlife, sip drinks on a sunset cruise, and celebrate with a smaller group for a bachelorette party. You can spot dolphins, check out the highlights of the Indian River, see the iconic waterfront homes of Charleston, stop for a swim, and more. Prices for this yacht charter start at $188/hour and the boat can accommodate up to six guests. The captain is included in the price, and they will be an excellent sightseeing guide.

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Charleston Sailing Tours

Prefer to cruise around by the wind in Charleston? For bachelorette parties looking to sail the sea, sailboat charters and sailing tours are a perfect choice. Book this sailboat for $200/hour including the captain, and you can see the highlights of Charleston Harbor, dolphins, watch the sunset, and enjoy sailing in style during a bachelorette party. It's perfect for low-key groups looking to relax while seeing a sunset in Charleston.

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Places to see by boat in Charleston during a Bachelorette Party

Charleston Harbor Boat Tours

The easiest way to see Charleston from a new perspective is with a boat cruise around Charleston Harbor. The must-see spots by boat of the Charleston Harbor include Waterfront Park, The Battery, Nathaniel Russell House, Middleton Place, and the Ravenel Bridge. Learn a lot about the city of Charleston during a boat cruise for a bachelorette party.

Folly Beach

Just south of Charleston is Folly Beach, a long stretch of beach on an island right off the coast. It's home to an iconic pier and lots of beachfront shops and restaurants. Stop at Folly Beach for a swim or to go onshore if you want a break from boating, or cruise by and check it out along with the Morris Island Lighthouse, visible from Folly Beach. There's also some good snorkeling here, so if you bring your mask and snorkel, it might be the perfect spot to jump in for a swim. If you're staying in here instead of downtown Charleston for a bachelorette party, you can also rent a boat right in Folly Beach.

Shem Creek

This is the number one spot in Charleston to visit on with a boat charter for waterfront restaurants, sandbar parties, and the chance to see dolphins swimming around your boat. Shem Creek is a local favorite in Charleston for boat parties and is a must-see when cruising for a bachelorette party.

Wolf Island

A quiet and secluded spot off Charleston is Wolf Island. Dock here and you might only see a couple of other boats tied up for a boat party or swimming stop. If your bachelorette party group visiting Charleston is full of outdoorsy types, you can even camp overnight here with your boat rental - sure to be a memorable experience.

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What to ask your Boat Captain in Charleston

If you've never been to Charleston before, don't stress when planning a bachelorette weekend there. Captains and boat owners who list their Charleston boat charters on Getmyboat are local professionals, and they will have no trouble helping you put together the perfect boat day itinerary.

We recommend bachelorette party groups pick an afternoon boat cruise over a morning cruise. That way your crew can sleep in, relax, and rehydrate before getting out on the water. You can bring lunch along or meet at the docks after to start your boat trip around Charleston. The afternoon is also the prime time for boat parties, so if your group is looking to socialize, you'll have the best chance of meeting other people out in Charleston in the afternoon hours.

When cruising in the afternoon into the evening, you can also enjoy a sunset cruise in Charleston, a beautiful sight to end the day when partying with a bachelorette group. Make sure you inquire about the meeting point or pick-up location for your boat rental, don't forget to ask about what is included in the price, and bring along some extra cash for gratuity at the end of your charter.

Bachelorette Boat Party Packing List

Before you head out on the water, make sure you have the essentials for the perfect bachelorette party day.

  • Sunscreen
  • White Claw (or your preferred beverages - just check with the captain first. Some charters do not allow glass containers or red wine onboard)
  • Custom bachelorette party swimsuits
  • Your hottest pair of sunglasses
  • Towels
  • Water (preferably in reusable bottles to avoid losing plastic overboard)

Need help planning your bachelorette boat day? Our captains are here to help. Simply search boat rentals in Charleston on Getmyboat, find a boat you like, and send a booking inquiry. Ask all the questions you need to be answered, and the captain will get back to you with responses and an offer! Download the Getmyboat mobile app to search and find boats to rent in Charleston right from your phone.