If your bride has decided on taking her bachelorette party to Austin, Texas, you’re guaranteed to have a great time. There’s so much to do in Austin for bachelorette parties - with top-notch restaurants, thrilling nightlife, and plenty of activities, your team will have a great time celebrating the last fling before the ring on a bachelorette weekend getaway in Austin.

If you’re the maid of honor, you’ve got a lot of planning to do to pull off the perfect bachelorette bash in Austin, Texas. But don’t worry - we’ve got some great ideas on things to do to keep a large group entertained and having a great time.

One great way to celebrate a bachelorette party in Austin is with a party cruise or party boat rental on Lake Travis. Lake Travis is a massive reservoir, branching off from the Colorado River and is the preferred swimming hole for Austin locals and visitors alike. There are great beaches, waterfront restaurants, and party destinations like Devil’s Cove to get a taste of the boating lifestyle and lake life that Lake Travis has to offer.

Ready to start planning your bachelorette boat bash on Lake Travis?

Types of Boats to Rent on Lake Travis for a Bachelorette Party

Choosing your boat rental or charter on Lake Travis is going to depend on a variety of factors. How many people are in your group? What is the desired budget for the experience? What sort of boating itinerary are you looking to enjoy? And finally, will this be a captained experience or are you going to rent a boat on your own on Lake Travis?

Party barge and party pontoon boats on Lake Travis

For groups with 8-12 people, a pontoon boat rental or party barge rental is the perfect way to celebrate on Lake Travis. Pontoons are affordable to rent, especially when you’re splitting the cost amongst your group, so you can cruise and enjoy the sunshine and partying all day without stressing over cost for this bachelorette bash. Captained pontoon rentals are great - with a captain to cruise you around Lake Travis, you don’t have to worry about finding the hotspots or making sure you know how to properly maneuver the boat. It also alleviates any pressure on a guest from being a sober driver, which is a must for bachelorette parties.

Here are some of the best boat rentals available on Lake Travis with Getmyboat for bachelorette parties

12-Person Party Pontoon with Captain Colton

Enjoy floats and a lily pad, premium stereo system, and ice on this party barge to accommodate you and 11 guests for a bachelorette party on Lake Travis. The captain is included in the price, which starts at $150/hour and includes the cost of fuel too! Cruise for hours and have tons of fun on the lake with this pontoon rental for a bachelorette party. It’s a 5-star experience that will be the highlight of a bachelorette party weekend in Austin.

24-foot Party Barge with Captain Chris on Lake Travis

For an exciting boat party for bachelorette groups of up to 12 people, book this party barge with Captain Chris on Lake Travis. Chris will take you out on the lake from Emerald Point Marina and provide top-notch service for cruising around the lake. An iced-down cooler is supplied, as well as floats for maximum enjoyment. You're guaranteed to have a memorable experience partying on Lake Travis with this pontoon boat rental.

Bachelorette 3 Lake Travis.jpg

Want to read more about boating experiences and bachelorette parties onboard Chris's boat? Read this article on his boat rentals and charters on Lake Travis!

Speedboat for watersports on Lake Travis

Is your group looking for fun at a bit of a faster pace? Want to experience watersports like wakeboarding, waterskiing, or tubing during bachelorette festivities? This speedboat rental on Lake Travis comes with a captain to show you a great time of cruising the waves, trying fun activities behind the boat and checking out hotspots around Lake Travis. The boat accommodates 9 passengers and is perfect for smaller groups on a bachelorette weekend in Austin. Prices start at $175/hour and this includes captains fees and fuel.

Lake Travis Bachelorette 2.jpg

Luxury yacht charter for large groups on Lake Travis

Is your bride tribe a sizeable entourage? Don’t worry, we’ve got boats to accommodate! This motor yacht can take up to 25 guests and is perfect for large groups looking to charter a boat on Lake Travis. Prices for this gorgeous yacht start at $450/hour and the rental includes the Captain’s fees, a giant floating lily pad and floating cooler, and ice. You’ll have plenty of space to spread out and relax, with tons of seating and comfortable accommodations on this yacht.

Motor Yacht Lake Travis Bach.jpg

Want to see more options? Getmyboat has over 40 boats available to rent on Lake Travis, for a wide range of budgets and interests.

Places to See on Lake Travis during your Bachelorette Boat Cruise

Devil’s Cove Parties

This is THE spot on Lake Travis to visit for a boat party. Devil’s Cove is one of the top lake party spots in the entire country, making it a must-visit when exploring Lake Travis. Here you can tie off or drop anchor and jump in for a swim, throw the floats in the water to cool off and work on your tan or meet lots of other boaters enjoying the lake festivities in the cove.

Pace Bend Park

An exciting spot to visit on Lake Travis is Pace Bend Park. This park is known for its cliff jumping opportunities, campgrounds, hiking, and more. It’s the perfect destination on Lake Travis to cruise to if you’re looking to come onshore and have a barbecue during your boat day. It has a more relaxed atmosphere than Devil’s Cove or Starnes Island, so it can be preferable for bachelorette party groups that are more low-key.

Starnes Island

Another fabulous spot on Lake Travis to visit with a boat rental or charter is Starnes Island. Starnes Island, also known as Monkey Island, Rattlesnake or Snake Island, is popular with party barges and groups celebrating on Lake Travis. It’s a fun place to tie up and chill on your boat, visit other boats cruising Lake Travis, and is a prime spot for breaking out the bachelorette party games to enjoy on a boat. It’s also a popular destination on Lake Travis for scuba divers, so keep your eyes peeled for them.

A scene from the Spy Kids movie was even filmed here!

Things to ask your Boat Captain on Lake Travis

If you’ve never been to Lake Travis before, have no fear. Captains and boat owners who list their charters on Getmyboat are local professionals, and they will have no trouble helping you put together the perfect boat day itinerary.

It’s recommended to pick an afternoon boat cruise over a morning cruise. That way your crew can sleep in, relax, and rehydrate before getting out on the water. You can bring lunch along or meet at the docks after to start your boat trip around Lake Travis. The afternoon is also the prime time for boat parties on Lake Travis, so if your group is looking to socialize, you’ll have the best chance of meeting other people on the lake in the afternoon hours.

Make sure you inquire about the meeting point or pick-up location for your boat rental, don't forget to ask about what is included in the price, and bring along some extra cash for gratuity at the end of your charter.

Packing List for a Bachelorette Boat Trip on Lake Travis

Before you head out on the water, make sure you have the essentials for the perfect bachelorette party day.

  • Sunscreen
  • White Claw (or your preferred beverages - just check with the captain first. Some charters do not allow glass containers or red wine onboard)
  • Custom bachelorette party swimsuits
  • Your coolest pair of sunglasses
  • Towels
  • Water (preferably in reusable bottles to avoid losing plastic overboard)

Need help planning your bachelorette boat day? Our captains are here to help. Simply search boat rentals on Lake Travis on Getmyboat, find a boat you like, and send a booking inquiry. Ask all the questions you need to be answered and the captain will get back to you with responses and an offer! Download the Getmyboat mobile app to search and find boats to rent on Lake Travis right from your phone.