What is a Bachelor Party?

A bachelor party (sometimes called a Stag weekend, a stag-do, or a buck’s night) is a celebration for a groom before their wedding. It’s usually a weekend full of partying attended by males only, but in recent years, joint bachelor and bachelorette parties have become increasingly popular.

Is your brother or best friend getting married this year? Make their special day count - and we’re not talking about the wedding, but the bachelor party. While sometimes the groom will plan his own bachelor party, it’s customary for the best man to step in and take control of many aspects of the planning. If you’re the best man and tasked with planning the celebration - add a boat party to the itinerary.

Why? A boat party is a crowd-pleasing activity that provides a unique space for celebrating. With a professional captain to charter the boat, you and your buddies can relax onboard with drinks as you cruise around or stop for a swim to enjoy whatever destination you choose. Most destinations for bachelor parties are near the water - either on the coast or a favorite boating lake, so adding a boat or yacht charter will be an easy way to elevate the entire trip.

How to Plan a Bachelor Party

You can technically have the bachelor party at any time before the wedding date, but usually, a few weeks to a few months in advance is typical. Avoid any Hangover Movie-style disasters and don’t go right before the wedding day. Giving some time in between the party weekend and the wedding will provide ample recovery time so that everyone is rested and ready on the big day.

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Curate the Guest List

First things first, you’ll need a guest list. Have the groom curate a guest list, he can invite friends who are not in the wedding party in addition to all the groomsmen. Keep in mind that some people might not be able to come, it can be impossible to find a date that will work with every single person on the guest list.

Another question to have the groom answer during the guest list curation process is to figure out what style of bachelor party he wants. Is he looking for a chill weekend at a cabin in the woods or a weekend of partying at nightclubs and going to beaches during the day? Determining the type of experience, he’s looking for can help select a location and determine which activities he will want to participate in during his final send-off weekend. Some grooms prefer to be left out of most of the planning process, while others want to be more involved. Make sure you have a clear outline of what he wants before jumping into the whole planning process.

Select the Weekend

After you’ve finalized the guest list, now it’s time to pick a date. Ask the groom for a few options of dates that would work for him for the bachelor party. Start this process well in advance - nailing down a specific weekend that works for everyone (or most guests, at least) is the trickiest part to getting started.

Some things to keep in mind are travel implications. Is it on a holiday weekend? Are you picking a date during a season where some travel complications might come up? All these factors are essential to keep in mind when selecting the best date for the bachelor party weekend.

Book Transport & Accommodations

Now you’ve picked a date and a place - you have to figure out how you will get there and where everyone will sleep. If you’re flying, make sure to monitor flight prices and get an idea of the best times to fly to save money.

For accommodations, browse VRBO and Airbnb if you want to rent an entire house. This can be a great option to have a full kitchen for cooking some meals and storing drinks and snacks. You can also go the hotel route and book multiple rooms for guests, either at an all-inclusive or a traditional hotel. You can request to have adjoining rooms or have all rooms booked on the same floor.

Plan & Book Activities

While every group is different and will be comprised of different types of people, there are some activities for bachelor parties that are bigger crowd-pleasers than others. While paintball, gambling at a casino, bar crawls, and nightclub visits are on the agenda for most bachelor parties, one daytime activity that tops the rest is a boat charter.

Renting a boat for a bachelor party is a fantastic way to spend a considerable portion of the trip. It’s a daytime activity that is versatile and inclusive. It’s great for guests who just want to lounge and relax on the deck with a drink, but it can also combine other activities and fun for your more active and adventurous bachelor party attendees. Ask the captain about bringing fishing gear on board if you want to cast out a line or see if equipment for watersports like tubes, wakeboards, waterskis, and more. Many boat captains include awesome floaties - ask about a floating carpet or inflatables for when you want to anchor for a bit and jump in for a swim.

Finding the Perfect Boat for Your Group

Now it’s time to pick the vessel for your bachelor party boat day. A few factors will determine what type of boat you’ll want to go for, including your group’s size, desired activities, where you’re boating, and availability. Here are a few options to consider and the features you should know about when planning your bachelor party boat day.

Powerboat Rentals for Bachelor Parties

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A classic boat rental of a powerboat (sometimes called speedboats, ski boats, or wake boats) is a great choice for smaller bachelor party groups, usually 6-10 people. Cruise around and explore, stop for a swim, or tie up with other boats at a known party spot like a sandbar or island. For watersports enthusiasts, many of these rentals can include equipment for wakeboarding, tubing, and wake surfing, making a fun element to incorporate into the boat day.

If you’re hoping to catch some fish, ask your captain or inquire about getting fishing gear to bring onboard. Fishing is a great activity that can be enjoyed on most powerboats. Just don’t forget to purchase fishing licenses before anyone casts off. Ask your boat captain if they provide bait, tackle, and gear, or if you'll need to rent separately.


Note - if you want fishing to be the primary experience, consider booking a fishing charter for your bachelor party. A full-service fishing charter is perfect for a group of avid anglers - spend the entire day on the water with a professional captain and fishing guide to take you to the best places to make a catch. A full-service charter will include all the bait, tackle, gear, and other equipment you need.

Yacht Charters for Bachelor Parties

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A yacht charter for a bachelor party is ideal for a larger group looking for a more luxurious day on the water. Motor yachts often come with the captain to handle all the navigation and a crew member or two to help cater to guests' needs. They can cater lunch, keep the drinks flowing, and help everyone have a fun and safe time on the water. A motor yacht charter is an excellent choice for a bachelor party, and by splitting the costs with all your friends, it can be far more affordable while still providing an atmosphere of luxury.

Pontoon Rentals

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Pontoons are a great choice for bachelor boat parties on a lake. A pontoon rental is more budget-friendly than a yacht rental but can still accommodate a large group. Some pontoon rentals on Getmyboat can hold up to 16 guests. Pontoon listings will vary in terms of amenities - we recommend booking a double-decker pontoon with a waterslide for some added fun! Is the groom into fishing? A pontoon is great for a fishing day; just be sure to ask the captain/ boat owner if fishing equipment is included and if a fishing license is required.

Cataraman Charters

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Catamaran charters are an excellent option for large groups looking to get out on the water. Many charters offer catering options and water excursions, which are fun add-ons to your boat day. Consult with the captain to see what accommodations you can include to level up your boat day. A catamaran charter is exactly what you make it. Interested in partying at sea? Get the drinks flowing, turn up your music, and have a good time on the boat deck. Looking for a recovery cruise after a late night out instead? Lounge around the boat with the breeze in your face, surrounded by incredible views.

Average Cost of a Bachelor Party Boat Day

While the cost will vary considerably depending on the type of boating experience you choose, the duration of the trip, and other factors, you can estimate spending about $80-150/person attending the bachelor party boat day.

Getmyboat will charge you for your booking the day you make the reservation, so you’ll have the total before heading to the docks. Many people use Venmo, CashApp, or other app-based payment methods to square away any charges for the bachelor weekend before they go. You can also ask if there are additional fees for gas or anything else besides the charges shown on their Getmyboat listing.

It’s a good idea to bring some cash with you to the docks, especially if you book a captain and crew. Tipping is customary for boat charters in many locations - it’s a nice way to show appreciation for the captain and crew. While many captains do also have Venmo or other mobile payment options for tipping, bringing cash is a good backup plan.

Bachelor Boat Party Packing List

  1. Sunglasses
  2. Sunscreen
  3. Towels
  4. Dry Bag
  5. Decorations/ Party Supplies
  6. Favorite Food & Drinks
  7. Boat Day Playlist
  8. Water

Questions to Ask Your Boat Captain

  1. What catering options are available?
  2. Do you supply a cooler/ice?
  3. Are there any restrictions on drinks or food to bring? Note - many captains don’t allow red wine or glass
  4. Is there a BBQ or food prep area onboard?
  5. Does the boat have a cabin/interior area?
  6. Is there a bathroom or freshwater shower onboard?
  7. Where are the best places we can go by boat?
  8. What is your cancellation policy?

Best Destinations for a Bachelor Boat Party

Austin Bachelor Parties

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Austin attracts thousands of bachelor parties every year, and it’s no surprise why. Enjoy the diverse food scene, vibrant nightlife, and wide range of outdoor activities - especially boating! If you’re planning a bachelor party in Austin, make sure to book a boat day on Lake Travis or Lake Austin! Book a boat rental and head over to Devil’s Cove, the go-to party spot on Lake Travis where hundreds of boaters go every weekend to have a good time on the water. We recommend renting a double-decker pontoon with a water slide or a yacht to level up your boat day. Interested in a thrilling boat day instead? Ask your captain if your rental comes with a tube or watersport equipment such as wakeboards or water skis. At Getmyboat, there’s a lot more to choose from than just boat rentals! You can explore Austin via kayak, paddleboard, or jet ski instead!

Miami Bachelor Parties

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Miami is an obvious choice for a bachelor party - top-notch nightclubs are around every corner and the endless sunshine makes for the perfect beach day or pool party. Miami is considered one of the top boating destinations in the US, so getting out on the water is a no-brainer. Cruise in style on a private yacht charter for a day of island-hopping. We recommend checking out Pace Picnic Island, Star Island, and Flagler Monument Island. No trip to Miami is complete without a sandbar party. Stop at Haulover Sandbar and have a good time on the water with other boaters nearby. The floating vendors at the sandbar are a plus when you get hungry and need a bite to eat. Is your groom an avid angler? Why not book a deep-sea fishing trip to hunt for tuna or Mahi? A night-time boat cruise where you can see the city come to life is another memorable water experience in Miami.

Chicago Bachelor Parties

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The Windy City is one of the top bachelor destinations in the Mid-West, and for a good reason. First off, the food scene is unmatched. From deep-dish pizza to Chicago-style hot dogs and some of the best steakhouses in the US, there’s no shortage of tasty food options. Depending on when your bachelor party is, you may be able to catch a Bears or Cubs game, which is an excellent choice for the grooms that love baseball. Since Chicago sits on Lake Michigan, a boat day is a must-do. If you’re looking for the ultimate party scene on the water - charter a boat and head over to Playpen. If your groom is looking for a more laid-back vibe, try out an architecture tour or sunset booze cruise.

Las Vegas ( Boat Parties on Lake Mead)

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Las Vegas is arguably one of the top bachelor party destinations in the United States. The activities are endless in Las Vegas, from luxury hotels and world-renowned shows to countless casinos and buzzing nightlife. If you’re looking for a unique activity to add to your bachelor itinerary, why not book a boat day? Lake Mead is just a short 30-minute drive from Vegas, and with Getmyboat, you can book a captained charter for a day of partying on the water. Check with your captain to see if you can add on watersport equipment likes tubes and wakeboards.

New York City Bachelor Parties

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The Big Apple has so much to offer for a bachelor party. Get tickets to the groom’s favorite sport, go bar-hopping and check out some trendy breweries, or get out on the water for the most incredible views of the NYC skyline! Take a break from the bustle of the city, and book a boat charter on New York Harbor. Cruise with your buddies, blast music, and enjoy some drinks to celebrate the man of the hour!

Joint Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

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Joint bachelor and bachelorette parties have been increasing in popularity these days. Although it may not be for everyone, a combined party is a great excuse to get all of your favorite people together to celebrate! A joint party is a great opportunity for the bridesmaids and groomsmen to meet and become more comfortable with each other. This is the perfect way to break the ice since they will be spending a lot of time together in the upcoming weeks. At Getmyboat, we have plenty of boat rentals that can accommodate large groups so that you can party on the water and celebrate the bride & groom to be!

Getmyboat Renter Reviews from Boat Bachelor Parties

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