Updated September 2022

You’ve booked the boat, made your shopping list for drinks and snacks, and packed the sunscreen and towels. However, one more important step in crafting the perfect vibe for your boat day is choosing the music! Did you know that your boat rental (probably) comes with a Bluetooth speaker connection or aux cord? That means you’ll need to prepare the perfect playlist for your boat day.

We’ve curated several playlists to help you get started and set the mood for your crew while you’re cruising the waves. Always designate a DJ to control the music so that the captain can focus on driving the boat!

For a Boat Party:

Looking to dance while on the waves? If your crew is high-energy and expecting a day full of festivities, make sure your party songs will help keep the vibe alive. Here are some hip-hop, dance, and electronic hits we recommend to bring with you on the water.

I’m On a Boat - Lonely Island & T-Pain

While this song is not appropriate for children’s ears, a rowdy boat party is not an appropriate place for young children to be. This parody song is a cheesy boating classic that helps get the party going when you first climb onboard the boat. Get everyone in the mood to enjoy cruising with this catchy and hilarious number.

Dynamite - Seal Paul & Sia

Get things going with this banger! Listen to the iconic combination of Sean Paul’s Jamaican accent and Sia’s legendary voice with this bomb song that is an instant summer hit.

Break My Soul - Beyonce

Heading out on the water to forget about your 9-to-5 struggles that have been weighing you down? Beyonce is here for you. Restore your soul and enjoy the party with this summer jam that is sure to have you releasing your stress and enjoying every moment of your boat charter.

Crazy What Love Can Do - David Guetta & Ella Henderson

A summer 2022 dance hit, it’s impossible not to move your body when this song is playing. Enjoy the beats of the iconic DJ David Guetta and the vocals of Becky Hill & Ella Henderson to keep the party going. You’ll feel a love for being on the water with your favorite people while listening to this song.

Cake By The Ocean - DNCE

Eat cake by the ocean on your own private yacht! This fun, upbeat song by Joe Jonas’s rock band DNCE will have everyone in a great mood while on the water.

All Summer Long - Kid Rock

First released in 2007 featuring samplings of “Sweet Home Alabama,” this Kid Rock song is a must on any summer playlist.

Rather Be - Clean Bandit & Jess Glynne

Let’s face it, there’s no place you’d rather be than on a boat. This song is a classic feel-good jam to enjoy while boating during the summer.

I Love It (feat. Charli XCX) – Icona Pop

“I got this feeling on a summer day when you were gone,” so I booked a boat party with my best friends, and we danced the day away on the water without you. We love it!

Summer - Calvin Harris

Since this song first came out in 2014, it’s been a consistent hit during the summer months. An electronic dance music classic, it has to be on your boat day playlist if you’re heading out on the waves during summertime.

Rain in Ibiza - Felix Jaehn feat. Calum Scott

No one wants rain during their boat day, but we’ll make an exception for this song. Enjoy the bouncy beats of Felix Jaehn and the relaxing voice of Calum Scott in this summer hit.

Check out the playlist here!

For a Relaxing Boat Day:

Looking to kick back and relax? If laying about the boat deck, soaking up the sun, and enjoying a drink with a calming atmosphere is more your vibe, we’ve got the perfect list of chill songs for you. Opt for tropical house playlists or relaxing bluegrass songs that will keep your spirits lively but relaxed while on the water.

Summer Breeze - Seals & Crofts

Many people would agree this 70’s hit brings about sweet feelings of nostalgia, calm, and melancholy. It’s a relaxing tune that is the perfect accompaniment to a sailing day or a casual yacht cruise where you can anchor and enjoy the feeling of the wind gently teasing your hair.

Heat Waves - Glass Animals

Heading out on the water to beat the heat? The chill, indie vibes cultivated by Glass Animals will have you sipping a drink and enjoying the views of the waves or floating alongside your boat while you’re anchored in a quiet cove. Beat the heat wave with this summer song on your boat day.

Island in the Sun - Weezer

Upbeat but relaxed, Island in the Sun by Weezer is a must-have on a boat day playlist. Even if you’re not cruising to an actual island, this song evokes feelings of relaxing on a private beach with just your favorite people.

Follow The Sun - Xavier Rudd

Feel a hint of wanderlust come out while on your boating adventure with this 2012 hit from Australian musician Xavier Rudd. This song will have you sailing into the horizon, looking to make unforgettable memories on the water.

Red Red Wine - UB40

While it’s a bit ironic that many boat captains and owners actually do not allow red wine onboard their boat rentals (it stains boat upholstery and cushions very easily if spilled), this song offers a wonderful relaxing beat that accompanies an afternoon on the water quite well.

Cruel Summer - Bananarama

Ok, so we hope you’re not having a cruel summer, but regardless this song will transport you back to the 1980s with its fun, chill tune. It’s great to enjoy while cruising around, and many of the tropical house remixes add a nice upbeat touch too.

Magic In The Hamptons (feat. Lil Yachty) – Social House

Lil Yachty is the perfect feature on a summer tune that needs to be on a boating playlist. Everyone goes yachting in the Hamptons in the summertime, and this song will give you a feeling of nostalgia for summer days on a boat.

Dancing in the Moonlight - King Harvest

This classic tune is perfect for an evening boat cruise playlist or a relaxed summer afternoon on a lake. It’s a song everyone loves to hear while spending time with their favorite people. This is a song where we think the original version is the best to include on your boat party playlist.

Watermelon Sugar - Harry Styles

An essential summer anthem, spend an afternoon munching on summer fruit and giving yourself a watermelon sugar high while listening to the sweet voice of Harry Styles serenade you on the sea.

Soak Up the Sun - Sheryl Crow

We’re with Sheryl - it’s not having what you want, it’s wanting what you’ve got - especially if you’ve got a boat day scheduled with Getmyboat! Soaking up the sun is the #1 thing you’ll enjoy while on a boat. This 2002 hit by the iconic musician always brings a great vibe to a summer gathering, especially on the water.

Check out the playlist!

For a Classic Nautical Theme

Keep it classy and classic with some of the best oldies, and classic rock hits about boating and all things summer. This is great for a multigenerational boat day, where you can find the crowd-pleasing songs everyone will want to listen to while cruising about.

Kokomo - Beach Boys

Even if you’re not cruising off the Florida Keys, you can enjoy the delicious sounds of the steel drums and enjoy this classic summer song. You don’t have to cruise to Kokomo to get away from it all - leave your worries at the dock and enjoy a boat day with the Beach Boys.

Come Sail Away - The Styx

Come sail away with Getmyboat and The Styx. This classic hit needs to be on any nautical-themed boat party playlist. It’s catchy and on-topic, and everyone can learn the chorus to sing along.

Rock the Boat - The Hues Corporation

Is your love like a ship on the ocean? Rock the boat, baby! Enjoy this lively tune while cruising with your favorite people on the water. It will sail you right back to the 1970s. Bonus points if you know the dance.

(Sittin’ on) the Dock of the Bay by Otis Redding

Just as watching the ships roll in fills your soul with a feeling of calm, this song is the perfect accompaniment to a relaxed day on the water. Don’t just sit on the dock of the bay, though. Bring Otis Redding along with you on your boat day and enjoy this calming tune while out on the waves.

Sail On Sailor - Beach Boys

This underrated Beach Boys song's driving beat will prepare you to conquer new waterways on your boat. It’s a fun, upbeat tune that would give anyone a sense of adventure and connection with the excitement of being outdoors on the waves.

It’s 5’O Clock Somewhere - Jimmy Buffett & Alan Jackson

It wouldn’t be a summer boating playlist without this classic. Even if you aren’t a Parrothead, you can absorb the tropical vibes of Jimmy and relax while sipping a cocktail onboard a boat.

Sailing - Rod Steward

A spiritual ballad from his 1975 album “Atlantic Crossing,” Sailing by Rod Stewart evokes a sensation of melancholy. Let this song bring you a deeper connection to the sea while you’re sailing with your family. It’s heartfelt and the perfect song to end a day on the water.

Check out the playlist here!For Country Lovers

Want to enjoy some classic country hits while you cruise on a pontoon? Live it up at your local lake with these classic country songs that set the vibe for a boat day.

Redneck Yacht Club - Craig Morgan

Meeting your buddies on the lake? This Craig Morgan song will have you cruising to party cove and jumping in for a swim. Get your favorite country music-loving, boating enthusiast friends together and jam out to Redneck Yacht Club.

Tequila on a Boat - Dustin Lynch feat. Chris Lane

The name of this 2021 summer hit says it all! However, if you plan on enjoying actual tequila (or any alcoholic drinks) while on a boat, we highly recommend booking a boat charter with a licensed captain to keep everyone safe while having fun.

Boats - Kenny Chesney

This tune is much less boat party and a more relaxing afternoon of fishing or sunbathing on a boat. Drift with the current and the sweet sound of Kenny Chesney as you enjoy some freedom on the water.

Toes - Zac Brown Band

Even people who aren’t country music fans can get behind this Zac Brown Band classic. Feel nostalgic for beach vacations while making new memories on the water. Life is good today - especially if you’re enjoying a boat day.

Pontoon - Little Big Town

“Floatin’ is all I want to do,” if you’re renting a pontoon, this is the song for you. No high-action watersports here; we are here to float and relax at a slow pace on the lake. Enjoy this chill Little Big Town classic that will give you (literally) step-by-step instructions on how to enjoy your boat rental.

“No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems” by Kenny Chesney

It’s not just a song title - it’s a way of life. Make yourself at home on the boat in your swimsuit and bare feet with the sounds of Kenny Chesney’s guitar to carry you to a blissful state.

Beachin’ - Jake Owen

Set the beachy vibes with this Jake Owen song that will invigorate your boat day with sunshine as you work on your tanlines. Enjoy the sand with a koozie in your hand as you listen to beachin’ during your boat day.

Knee Deep - Zac Brown Band

Another Zac Brown Band classic that cultivates a fun, upbeat atmosphere for a boat cruise. Find the key to paradise by losing yourself in the funny lyrics of Knee Deep, and consider swimming more than knee deep while you’re anchored in a party cove.

Water - Brad Paisley

If you have a love affair with water, you have something in common with Brad Paisley. Jump in the water right off the boat and celebrate all things summer with this classic country hit. It will have everyone going in for a dip - just don’t forget to attach the swim ladder first.

Check out the playlist here!

Have some ideas on other great songs that should be on our playlists? Let us know! We’d love to hear what you’re listening to while you’re out on the water.

Not sure if your boat rental or charter comes with Bluetooth speakers or an aux cord? Check with the captain or owner! You can message them directly in the Getmyboat messenger, and they will answer any question you may have.

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