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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What types of boats can I rent in Santorini?

    Boaters can choose from a variety of boats to rent in Santorini, depending on their needs and preferences. Some of the most popular options include:

    • Sailboats - Ideal for those who want to explore the island at a leisurely pace and enjoy the scenic views.
    • Motorboats - Perfect for those who want to cover more distance and explore the island quickly.
    • Catamarans - Great for families or larger groups, with plenty of space and stability.
    • Speedboats - For adrenaline junkies who want to feel the rush of the wind and the sea.
    • Yachts - For those who want to enjoy the ultimate luxury boating experience.
    How much does it cost to rent a boat in Santorini?

    Santorini has many boat rental and boat tour options at all price ranges. The price of a shared boat tour is usually around $35 per person but if you want to rent a private boat or yacht for the day in Santorini the price can go up to $726 an hour.

    When is the best time to visit Santorini?

    The best time to visit Santorini is generally from the end of April to the beginning of November. Depending on the season the best weather will most likely be enjoyed between May through October.

    What are some of the best things to do by boat in Santorini?

    Take a boat tour to get some of the best views of the picture perfect Santorini caldera and all the traditional white houses in the villages along with the iconic Blue Dome Church. You will get great views of the villages from the boat like the village of Firostefani, the “crown of Fira” and Akrotiri village. By boat you will have quick access to visit all the best beaches like Red Beach and White Beach. Make sure to stop in to visit the therapeutic waters of the volcanic hot springs of Santorini. Coordinate with your captain for a locally catered charter with specialty foods and drinks of Santorini. End your day on the water with a sunset cruise that will put Santorini in the perfect way to end a day.

    What is the water temperature in Santorini?

    The water temperature in Santorini can get to as low as 63°F from January through March and as high as 80°F in the summer months from July to September.

    What is the weather like in Santorini?

    The weather in Santorini is usually ideal for boating year round and can get to as low of 59°F from January through March and as high as 87°F in the summer months from July to September.