Diving Trips On 35-foot Force boat In Koloa, Hawaii

35 ft
6 Guests

About This Boat

Enjoy Diving in Koloa, Hawaii, Charter 35-foot Force boat for up to 6 people. Rate as low as $140 per day for 2-tank boats.


• 2-tank boats: $140 + tax
• 3-tank boats: $240 + tax
• Niihau: $355 + tax
• Twi / night boat: $165 + tax
• Night Boat: $140 + tax

What You Can Expect:

The lush, green island of Kauai and the remote, pristine island of Niihau make an enchanting backdrop to our more than 30 dive sites teeming with life and adventure. The warm waters of Kauai and Niihau are blessed with rich marine life, sea mammals and unusual ledges, arches, pinnacles and caverns. Hawaii is a great place to observe fish with over 25% of the species being endemic — that is they occur nowhere else on the planet!

Premium 3-tank Boat Dive

• 3 dives
• full site briefing
• light breakfast
• snacks & drinks
• light lunch
• weights, tanks and computer
Many have asked for it, many have dreamed about it, and even more will get the chance to try our new Premium 3 Tank Boat Dive. Get more time in the water, more time exploring the ocean’s depths and more time having fun with our Premium 3 tank dive. With over 23 dive sites to choose from you can’t go wrong. We’ll chase the best conditions on our quest to show you the wonderful side of the ocean in Kauai. First dive from 65′ to 95′, second dive 45′ to 75′, third dive 35′ to 55′.

2-tank Boat Dive

• 2 dives
• full site briefing
• snacks & drinks
• weights, tanks and computer
Our custom build Radons were built in Hawaii specifically for Hawaiian waters. We are the only 6-pack diving operation in Kauai. This enables us to give every diver the attention they need to feel safe and have fun!
We never mix our groups. This means if you’re certified, you’ll only dive with other certified divers. Because we have two boats, we can cater to both advanced and rusty divers (rusty divers get a free can of WD-40). We frequent 20 different dive sites only 3-5 minutes from the boat harbor making a 2-tank boat dive a half day trip and the customers choose the site!! First dive from 65′ to 95′, second dive from 30′ to 60′.

Twilight 2-tank Boat Dive

• 2 dives
• full site briefing
• pizza, snacks & drinks
• weights, tanks and computer
• diving lights
We thought of an excellent way to help new divers and our favorite divers get into the water and into the fun of night diving. This two tank boat dive begins with plenty of light and gets you wet before dark. In this unique period of time you will get to see dramatic changes in the behavior of sea life, corals, and turtles.
Your second dive from our Radon dive boat dive occurs after dark when the nocturnal sea life begins it’s morning. Experience the change between dusk and night with our knowledgeable Captain and PADI Certified Dive instructors.
First dive from 65′ to 95′, second dive 35” to 60′.

Night Boat Dive

• 1 dive
• full site briefing
• weights, tank and computer
• diving lights
A 1-tank night boat dive, usually at Sheraton Caverns with a maximum depth of 65′. We give a thorough pre-dive briefing and have one incredible set of employees, so night diving experience is not necessary. As a bonus we throw in a light bulb and a battery, figuring out how to get it to make light is your deal! What do you get to see on a night dive? Well that’s all the fun, it’s like day and night down there, everything changes! The famed Spanish Dancer comes out at night and wow, it is a sight to see!
Witness moray eels, octopus, the occasional shark all feeding at night. Many fish are unrecognizable at night; their differing abilities allows many to change colors while others emit protective layers around them, some even grind their teeth while snoozing away! Kauai scuba diving has never been more fun then at night with the our crew!

Niihau 3-tank Boat Dive

• 3 dives
• full site briefing
• light breakfast
• snacks & drinks
• light lunch
• weights, tanks and computer
We are extremely proud to offer a one-of-a-kind adventure with our incredibly talented crew to the Forbidden Island of Niihau, featuring some of the best diving in the state! Our 38′ dive boat enables us to get you to Niihau and it’s moon shaped cousin, Lehua in more comfort with fewer people than anyone else on the island! Full shade options, state of the art navigation systems, CD/DVD players, even 2 camera rinse tanks! First dive from 85′ to 105′, second dive 60′ to 85′, third dive 45′ to 65′.

What To Expect Onboard:

We have a fleet of 6-passenger vessels. Our custom build Radons were built in Hawaii specifically for Hawaiian waters. We are the only 6-pack diving operation on Kauai. We never mix our groups, which means if you’re certified, you’ll only dive with other certified divers, and because we have a fleet of boats, we can cater to both advanced and rusty divers (rusty divers get a free can of WD-40). With the addition of our awesome new Hawaiian-built 35-foot Force boat We are the only 6-pack diving operation to Niihau and Lehua.

Boat Dives Include:

• We have the only 6-passenger dive boats on Kauai
• We supply Dive Computers at no extra charge
• You tell us what sites you want to dive, not the other way around
• Unless you ask, we wont dive you more than once at any site
• We will rinse and store all your gear in a secure locker for your next day of diving

If you have any questions, we can answer those through GetMyBoat’s messaging platform before you pay. Just hit, “Request to Book” and send us an inquiry for a custom offer. 


  • Type: Diving
  • Capacity: 6 People
  • Make Model: Force boat
  • Rental Minimum: 1 day
  • Length: 35 ft
  • Cancellation: Full Refund 1 Day Prior

Rental Requirements

 24 Hour Cancellation Policy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When is the best time or peak season to dive Kauai?

All year round! There is no real peak season for diving in Kauai. There are different reasons to dive during the different seasons. For example, if you are interested in possibly seeing whales, whale season is January.

Do I need to know how to swim to learn to scuba dive?

ell, believe it or not the answer is yes and no. If you just want to try diving (an introduction), then the answer is no. But if you plan on getting certified, then the answer is yes. Part of the certification course is a 200 yard freestyle and a ten minute tread. Now before you shave your body to get ready, remember there is no time limit on the swim. Is it difficult to learn to dive? Not for most people (if my wimpy sister can do it, anyone can!). The class is designed to teach you the skills that you need to be a safe diver. As long as you can swim (see above) then you can dive.

Can I dive if I have asthma?

Generally the answer is no but that’s up to your doctor. If you have asthma then you need to consult your physician. If he gives you the OK, simply have him sign the medical release form and bring it with you.

Can I wear contact lenses or glasses while diving?

Absolutely! If you wear glasses, the solution is a prescription mask. You can purchase your own ahead of time and bring it with you or we can rent one to you. Regarding contact lenses…our owner Jeannette, has been wearing contacts for years while diving and has never lost a single one. If you do happen to lose a contact lens in the ocean, however, trying to find it would be a b… well let’s just say it would be tough.

How long will I be able to stay underwater?

Time underwater depends on how long the tank of air lasts and that is dependent on depth and how comfortable you are in the water. For most people 45 minutes is the average time but we have had some divers that can take that out to an hour. With our new rebreather we are able to stay at very deep depths for very long times (and the captains hate that) In the movies and TV, divers are always running into sharks and eels.

Is diving dangerous?

Not unless you fail to follow the basic rules. Almost all diving accidents occur because the divers fail to follow basic rules or go beyond the limits. The statistics show that you have a better chance of getting struck by lightening then you do getting injured while diving. Now, if you get struck by lightening WHILE diving, you could throw those statistics completely off.


  • Life jackets/required safety gear
  • Wheel steering
  • Outboard Engine
  • Twin Engine
  • Watersports Equipment

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