1. "Cabin Charter" at Eolian Islands Sailing Cruise on 46' Doufour Cruising Monohull
  2. "Cabin Charter" at Eolian Islands Sailing Cruise on 46' Doufour Cruising Monohull
  3. "Cabin Charter" at Eolian Islands Sailing Cruise on 46' Doufour Cruising Monohull

"Cabin Charter" at Eolian Islands Sailing Cruise on 46' Doufour Cruising Monohull

Explore the beautiful Aeolian Island in Sicily, Italy aboard the 46 feet Doufour Cruising Monohull for up to 8 person. Rate as low as €750 per week. Getting on board even on an individual base is possible due to our "Cabin Charter" Formula! Rates: Eolian Islands (Classic) • June 1 - 8, 2019: €600 • June 8 - 15, 2019: €600 • June 15 - 22, 2019: €600 • June 22 - 29, 2019: €650 • June 29 - July 6, 2019: €650 • July 6 - 13, 2019: €650 • July 13 - 20, 2019: €650 • July 20 - 27, 2019: €650 • July 27 - August 3, 2019: €700 • August 3 - 10, 2019: €700 • August 10 - 17, 2019: €750 • August 17 - 24, 2019: €750 • August 24 - 31, 2019: €700 • August 31 - September 7, 2019: €650 • September 7-14, 2019: €600 Eolian Islands (Prestige) • July 13 - 20, 2019: €750 • July 20 - 27, 2019: €750 • July 27 - August 3, 2019: €800 • August 3 - 10, 2019: €800 • August 10 - 17, 2019: €850 • August 17 - 24, 2019: €850 • August 24 - 31, 2019: €800 • August 31 - September 7, 2019: €750 What You Can Expect: Sailing Cruise Eolian islands (Sicily) Embarkment Marine Base Tropea, sat from at 3:30 pm - disembark sat at 09:30 am (first/last night in marina included). Itinerary Tropea, Stromboli, Salina, Filicudi, Vulcano, Lipari, Panarea, Tropea. Cabin Charter on Classic (skippered only, sharing charters, double cabin, shared bathroom). Cabin Charter on Prestige (skippered only, larger boats, double cabin, private bathroom). Boat Type on classic Gibsea 43' or SO 439, 13mt approx, 3 double cabins, 1 twin, 2 toilet/shower. Max capacity: 8 + skipper. Boat type on prestige SunOdissey 52, Doufur 460 15/16 mt approx, year 2009/2016, 4 double cabins with private bathrooms, max capacity 8 + skipper. Granted departures: • 3/8 - 10/8 classic formula (double cabin with shared bathroom) • 10/8 - 17/8 classic formula (double cabin with shared bathroom) • 10/8 - 17/8 prestige formula (double cabin with private bathroom) • 17/8 - 24/8 classic formula (double cabin with shared bathroom) • 17/8 - 24/8 prestige formula (double cabin with private bathroom) • 24/8 - 31/8 classic formula (double cabin with shared bathroom Classic Cabin Charter on the Aeolian Island (Sicily) Aeolian islands...seven little volcanic islands surrounded by a warm and deep sea in an out-of-time atmosphere recalling a history of sea-adventures going back 5000 years: that's how long man's presence on these islands dates back. Holiday planning offers the chance of an extraordinary range of ideas in a natural and largely untouched environment: the main island Lipari, the green landscapes of Salina, the wild nature of Alicudi and Filicudi, the sophisticated Panarea and the charming Vulcano and Stromboli. Sat: Embark in Tropea - Stromboli Embark in Tropea (Calabria), when ready depart to Strombolii. It has a typical volcano shape, and the spectacle it offers is unique. At night, sailing in front of Stromboli,you can see the so-called "Sciara di fuoco" characterized by the free fall of fire lapillus in the sea; this "fire show" is simply breathtaking. A sight worth seeing! Sun: Stromboli - Salina This Island with its steep rugged coastline is the most unspoilt of the Islands. It is formed by two extinct volcanoes: Monte Fossa delle Felci and "Monte dei Porri" which give it an aspect for which the ancient name of Island was derived: "Dydime" or rather twins. Salina is named after the salt-works to the South-east, beyond cape "Lingua". The island is formed of numerous small natural bays, among which, Pollara, with its beaches and deserted fishermen's cottages,very picturesque at sunset; Rinella with its black-coloured grottos , which has been transformed into a small port. The very first tourist port of the Aeolian Islands was realized at Santa Marina Salina. Mon: Salina - Filicudi Beautiful island! In the past it was called Phenicusa that means reach of brackens. It's oval-shape and in the southeast side it extends to Capo Graziano headland, a little peninsula linked to the main Filicudi part by a part of land. The inhabitants (called "Filicudari") are scattered in the three main parts of the island: Filicudi Porto, Valle Chiesa and Pecorini a Mare. There you can also find the very important and characteristic 85-metre rock,the so-called "La canna", which rises in the middle of the sea. Its landscape and its breathtaking sunset seen from "Punta Stimpagnato" are also wonderful... what a mystical experience! Tue: Filicudi - Vulcano The island of thermal springs and mud-bathing, a destination of sport enthusiasts who can appreciate and enjoy the beauty of its waters together with that of the volcano, from which there are breathtaking sights, for example, the view of the surrounding islands and the isthmus connecting Vulcano to Vulcanello. The island offers a variety of sceneries but access to the most beautiful spots are to be reached by sea: La Grotta del Cavallo, the pool of Venere, the beaches to the South and the numerous caves to the West. Wed: Vulcano - Lipari The main island, certainly the richest in history, inhabited since the Palaeolithic Age. The most striking feature of the ancient remains is certainly the castle,dating back to the VI century and situated on the ancient acropolis. Today, the castle houses the "Aeolian Archeological Museum" which relates the History of the Islands from prehistoric times to the Middle Ages. Characteristic of the Island are: the pumice-stone quarries of Porticello,which render the beach and surrounding waters a peculiar white colour; the Faraglioni to the south off Vulcano; the lively square of Marina Corta; Sottomonastero, or Marina Lunga, a landing place with a quay reserved for boats in transit. Thu: Lipari – Panarea Limpid waters, craggy cliffs and fascinating seabeds make Panarea a much sought after place for sub aquatic sports. Young and lively tourists are attracted not only by the beauty of Panarea but by the vivacious nightlife. By day one can visit the Bronze Age village located on the promontory of cape Milazzese where the cliffs form a splendid calanque: Cala Junco, which is one of the most beautiful places of all the Islands. Fri: Tropea Sailing back to Tropea! This Itinerary can be subject to any modification depending on the weather conditions or any other important reason that the Captain can evaluate. Disembark saturday morning.. The Holiday This type of holiday is flexible, you can do as much or as little as you choose. You’ll decide the itinerary day by day with the rest of the group and with the suggestions of an experienced skipper. There is opportunity to lie back and relax and sun-bathe, read a book, listen to music, chat with new or old friends. You may like to while away the time with a game of backgammon or card. You can swim, snorkel, or even try out other water-sports if they are available when you are at anchor. We always try to plan everyday to never have a too long navigation time and always to find the time to stop for swimming or to visit a town or a site of natural or cultural interest and of course for eating the local delicacies and to enjoy the night-life! Is always you (or the skipper about the weather conditions) deciding if you want to sleep at the anchor in a secluded bay or to moor in a harbour. Finally, you make your holiday by yourself! Embark-disembark: port of Tropea Boarding Check-in: Sat. 4.00 p.m. Check-out: Sat. 9.00 a.m. (return in harbour base Friday, 6.00 pm) Check-in/out First day is Saturday, and you may come to the boat at 4.00pm, while on the next morning after breakfast the boat leaves. Last day late afternoon (6.00 p.m. - Friday ) the boat comes back to the harbour; on the 7th day (Saturday) after breakfast you say good bye to the crew. Altogether 7 full-days on the boat. What To Bring: First of all do not forget to bring your camera! Comfortable, informal clothing and equally comfortable shoes are a must for sightseeing in cities. Soft or rubber soled footwear or boat shoes (white sole) on the boat. Wear standard shoes and sandals for onshore use only. Life on a boat will generally be informal, so keep in mind - don't come with rigid suitcases - they are difficult to store on a boat. And you'll probably want to bring at least two swimsuits along with some beach towels - as these are not supplied on the boat. It is actually advisable to bring your own snorkel. There are usually masks on board. Scuba diving equipment is not available but we can organize a dive whenever you want with our partners on the island. Cabin Charter Classic ... Egadi Islands, Sicily Aegadian Islands and the Zingaro Marine reserve are the stunning backdrop that combines a pleasant sailing vacation with the unique coastline of western Sicily. The flavors, the culinary challenges and the amazing natural scenery of San Vito Lo Capo bay (the long beach is considered one of the top 5 in Italy) as well as Marettimo island unspoiled beauty, represent a real must along the western Sicily coast. This cruise starts-ends in Palermo, sailing to the Aegadian Islands. Sat: Embark in Palermo Embark and set sail from Palermo heading west along the coast of Sicily passing in Capo Gallo natural park and Isola delle Femmine. Overnight at anchor in front of Terrasini village. Sun: Terrasini and Favignana is. Sailing from Terrasini to Lo Zingaro Nature Reserve, created in 1981. Stretching along the coast for 7km between the lovely little village of Scopello in the east to near San Vito Lo Capo in the west, this park and its surrounding areas are one of the most beautiful parts of western Sicily. Windswept and weather-beaten, Lo Zingaro has been shaped by nature to stunning effect. Cliffs drop precipitously into the azure sea, mountainsides rise steeply up to heights of 1,000m and the series of delightful pebbly beaches with transparent turquoise water are as lovely as you can find in the Mediterranean. Sailing to Aegadian Islands, overnight Favignana Island. Mon: Favignana is. It is the main island of the Egadi; seen from the coast it seems to be a butterfly with spread out wings. Its name derives from “Favonius", the gentle warm western wind of the ancient Romans. At about 9 miles from Trapani (Sicily) the island, with its small beaches, beautiful unpolluted inlets and crystal clear sea, represents a desirable tourist destination that connects perfectly past to present. Here lives a small community of fishermen that has been living for centuries particularly on tuna fishing. Nowadays Favignana boasts the only profit-making "Tonnara" in the Mediterranean where its particular fishing practice consists of a complex system of nets lowered into the sea from April to July. It ends with the "mattanza" (killing the fish), a violent but traditional ritual. Tue: Favignana is. – Marettino is. Is the farthest of the Aegadian Islands: green, with tall cliffs that hang down to the warm and intensely turquoise sea, is considered one of the last unpolluted natural paradises of the Mediterranean. The characteristic of this Mediterranean pearl that makes it unique is its luxuriant nature with a rich fauna both above and below the sea. In the mountainous area wild mountain goats, boars and rabbits populate it. The island is a nest-building place of the second Mediterranean colony of the storm bird and of the Bonelli eagle. Another reason of boast for Marettimo is its caves, the most famous of them are the Camel and Thunder caves. People have a profound sense of hospitality and always desire exchanging opinions with those who arrive from afar. Wed: Marettimo is. - Levanzo is. Defined as the lonely island, a natural oasis for those who love peacefulness in harmony with nature, Levanzo is the smallest and the oldest of the Aegadian Islands, its origin dates back to 200,000 years ago. Its coasts are characterized by a continuous succession of inlets and bays, each gifted with unique appeal due to the rich and rare flora that includes different endemic species (about 400). Visiting the Genovese cave you can admire some ancient graffiti, dating back 9200 b.c, testifying the presence of an ancient civilization of hunters and tuna fishers. Thu: Levanzo is. San vito lo Capo One day and night involved in the Cous Cous Festival event, the boats will be docked in the marina and all guests will be able enjoy the street food, restaurants in open spaces and Moroccan tents. Concerts and music events will be going till late evening for who want to enjoy more and more. This International gastronomic competition brings together chefs from all over the world around the undisputed star of the event - the cous cous! The dish’s rich history is an element of synthesis between cultures, and is a symbol of openness. Fri: San Vito lo Capo Sailing back to Palermo, overnight and disembark in the morning after (Saturday). The Skipper will be happy to give the best advises for those who wants to visit Palermo and take a stand in town. Cabin Charter - is an alternative to chartering an entire boat. You reserve just a berth in a double cabin or an entire double cabin. You will have a chance to meet people from around the world while enjoying one of the most unique and relaxing holidays in the chosen destination. Cabin charter is the ideal way for a single person or a couple or a group of friends to enjoy a sailing cruise in the Mediterranean. A much cheaper option than the whole boat. This is a great holiday for meeting new people! Embark-disembark: port of Palermo – Villa Igea ( Palermo, sicily ) Boarding Check-in: Sat. 3.30 p.m. Check-out: Sat. 9.00 a.m. (return in harbour base Friday, 6.00 pm) Check-in/out First day is Saturday, and you may come to the boat at 4.00pm, while on the next morning after breakfast the boat leaves. Last day late afternoon (6.00 p.m. - Friday ) the boat comes back to the harbour; on the 7th day (Saturday) after breakfast you say good bye to the crew. Altogether 7 full-days on the boat. What To Expect Onboard: The 46 feet Doufour Cruising Monohull can accommodate up to 8 person. This sailing yacht has 4 showers and 4 cabins. Specification • LOA 16.00 m • LWL 4.89 m • Water tank 930.00 l • Fuel tank 440.00 l • Cabins 4+ 1 • 4 Cabins, double • 1 Cabin, Skipper • Max capacity 8 + 1 • Bathrooms 4 • Must 1 Additional Services: • Bed-linen set & bath towels: €15 per person If you have any questions, we can answer those through GetMyBoat’s messaging platform before you pay. 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We are a tour Operator born to promote Responsible Tourism Travels and Solidary Tourism Projects . One of our main field of expertise is promoting sailing cruises in the mediterranean according to our "Cabin Charter" Formula. We allow individual bookings, by grouping-up participants together in our sailing boats along with skilled and professional skippers. We are sensitive and carfull in assembling nice crews, in accordance with participant's age and gender in a good balance. Test us!

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