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About This Lessons Experience

Become a Kiter with the Group Kitesurf Courses with us. Choose the days you want to enjoy and join the fun!

Group Kitesurf Courses Duration:

- 1 Day (3 hours)
- 2 Days (6 hours)
- 3 Days (9 hours)
- 4 Days (12 hours)

Price: Starts at 70 Euro per person / day

In these courses you’ll learn:

- Kite theory and meteorology (wind direction, type of wind, navigation condition,..)
- Gear set up and Security Systems
- “Kite control, Beach Fly”: Fly and control of the kite in the different fly areas.
- Learn the international signals of kitesurf communication.
- Land and take off the kite on the beach, one hand kite handling and move with it.
- Get in and get off the water with a propely kite control. (From 2-Day Course)
- Body Drag Upwind, use all the kite power to move on the water and sail against the wind by using your body like a keel.(From 2-Day Course)
- Fly of the kite, security system and take off.(From 3-Day Course)
- Beginning of “Water Start”, with the board at your feet: helped by your instructor you will learn how to rise on your board using the power of the wind and your kite.(From 3-Day Course)
- Water Start practice with your instructor supervision. (From 3-Day Course)
- You will learn to wrap and proceed towards an established point, set right your navigation position. (From 4-Day Course)
- You will practice 2 wind directions, and you’ll sail against the wind. (From 4-Day Course)
- The target of this course is learning the right navigation, controlling the speed and respecting all kitesurf rules. (From 4-Day Course)

Note: this teaching doesn’t ensure a fulfillment’s commitment, because the student will advances through the different levels depending on his ability, type of course selected and weather conditions.



  • Type: Lessons
  • Capacity: 1 People
  • Rental Minimum: 1 hour
  • Cancellation: Full Refund 5 Days Prior

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