1. Book the 40ft "Iris" Lagoon Sailing Catamaran in Tropea, Italy
  2. Book the 40ft "Iris" Lagoon Sailing Catamaran in Tropea, Italy
  3. Book the 40ft "Iris" Lagoon Sailing Catamaran in Tropea, Italy

Book the 40ft "Iris" Lagoon Sailing Catamaran in Tropea, Italy

Explore the Aeonian Island by boat! Charter the 40ft "Iris" Lagoon Sailing Catamaran for up to 8 people. Rates as low as €3490 per week. Rates: • January 01, 2017 - April 16, 2017: €3490 • April 16, 2017 - June 11, 2017: €4390 • June 11, 2017 - July 30, 2017: €4890 • July 30, 2017 - August 06, 2017: €5790 • August 06, 2017 - August 27, 2017: €6890 • August 27, 2017 - September 03, 2017: €5790 • September 03, 2017 - October 01, 2017: €4890 • October 01, 2017 - December 31, 2017: €3490 What To Expect Onboard: True to its bigger brothers, the Lagoon 400 S2, with its cabins, is designed for coastal cruising or offshore. Specification • Year: 2016 • Overall Length: 11.97 m • Width: 7.25 m • Beam: 1.21 m • Cabins: 4 + 2 • WC: 4 (manual) • Berths: 8 + 2 • Engine: 2 x 45 hp • Fuel: 200 L X 2 • Water: 600 L • Tropea Base Equipment Hot Water, Refrigerator (2), Mainsail, You wrap Jib, Lazy Bag, Awning, Plotter, GPS, Autopilot, Log, Sounder, Station wind, VHF, Radio, Speakers in cockpit, Audio iPhone / iPod / USB, Winch windlass, Wincher Electric, Tender, Charger, Inveter 12 / 220V, Current socket 12V / 220V, cockpit Shower, Manual bilge pump, Electric cable, Ladder, Sail Drive, Timon of Emergency, Still Respect, Local Wine, Coffee machine with Kettle, fleece Blanket, bed pillows, Bathroom products, Local products, Cushions cockpit, Router, Mobile phone with Emergency Card. Optional, Outboard Motor.

Captain is not included.
This vessel is rented without a captain. Customers can operate the vessel.
8 guests
Cruising Catamaran


Features & Details

  • Life jackets/required safety gear
  • Galley Stove & Oven
  • Cabin
  • Wheel steering
  • Bimini
  • Autopilot
  • CD Player
  • Dinghy
  • Dodger
  • Twin Engine
  • Fuel type: Diesel
  • Berth
  • Head
  • Furling Headsail
  • Furling Mainsail

Approximate Location

You’ll get directions for the exact departure location when you make a booking inquiry.

The boat's approximate location on a map

Cancellation Policy

Full refund up to 5 days prior.

Additional Terms & Information

Frequently Ask Question For a certain period of time the sailboat will be your home, so try to respect for yourself and for others who will be your fellow travelers and adventure. It is essential not to waste especially water and electricity: the shower you can do it once a day and during shaving and do not let the jet flow unnecessarily. You must be quick and easy to give the opportunity to all others to take advantage of a daily shower. Same thing for washing dishes, quick and fast without unnecessary waste. As for electricity, it is recommended to switch off all the lights in the cabin, cockpit and cabins during the day and evening use only those needed especially if you are not connected to the dock to prevent battery wear. Rules of Conduct on boat Galley Organize a good galley is not a simple task than it seems, especially if the cruise itinerary prefers stops in deserted bays instead of ports provided by shops. We must be very careful not to forget anything, from matches to the paper towel from spices to fruit juices and it takes a while 'competence to choose the foods suitable for life boat. So the galley requires some planning! First of all it would be good to compile a very precise list after consultation with the crew members of any food problems and their tastes. In general it is best to avoid foods ready, and because those prepared on board are certainly more healthy and tasty, and because cooking can be fun boating experience. But some dishes freeze-dried ready is valuable as an emergency, in case of bad weather, when no one feels the bustle in the kitchen. It 'always good to start with the estimate, even approximately, the time you spend at sea without being able to do the shopping or planning to buy only fresh food in small quantities. If your goal is the Aeolian islands (except where there are supermarkets in Lipari) you will be able to Galley resorting to shops in every island, where the choice of products is reduced. On boats you include refrigerators or refrigerators, but it always pays to see to the purchase of non-perishable or heavy goods. Water is never sufficient, calculate at least two liters per person per day, and choose plastic bottles. Embark also soft drinks (in cans or plastic bottles). Milk should be at long term preservation preferably in half-liter bag. Boat addition to the main dining options are many "snacks" at all times, especially while browsing. The list then must provide a plentiful supply of biscuits, chocolate, crackers, puddings, snacks, tea and coffee, and it would not hurt to also have some candy that always brings fun !!! Pasta is critical! Often single dish! We recommend the one with faster cooking times. The rice and 'favorite parboiled, does not overcook, they can make in large quantities and a rice salad is always a good idea! The fish, even when 'fresh, it keeps perfectly clean the innards only in the refrigerator for a maximum of a couple of days. Easily cooked meat and canned tuna and eggs. Avoid pre-sliced cold cuts, better buy them from time to time. Beware of fresh cheese, sour very quickly and can be stored only in the refrigerator; It recommended the grain, but not grated. Fruits and vegetables not too ripe! Speaking of packaging, we must minimize the loaded glass bottles, which can break the contents spilling and scattering thousands of tiny fragments throughout the boat. Therefore: oil, water, tomato paste in plastic packaging. The only exception is obviously formed by the wine, which will, however, stowed below carefully, possibly in the bilge. On our boats you find pots of all shapes and sizes, plates, glasses, mugs and cups, knives, forks etc. Eating on board Especially in navigation, breakfast, lunch and dinner they are among the pleasures of life on board: punctuate the day and are all gathered around the table, or in the cockpit with the bowl between his knees not to let alone the helmsman. It is right that the whole crew avvicendi the stove; the ladies will feel truly in cooking holiday once in a while, those who will never cuisine using up its own culinary skills, everyone will realize that preparing food is still a job and meals will be more varied and imaginative. Who just does not feel up to it, it can be remedied preparing coffee, tea, juices and sandwiches for breakfast, or offering himself as assistant to the head of the kitchen. It 's always better anyway not launch into complicated and laborious recipes !!! Finally it is good that those who call into cooked up the kitchen and wash the dishes: this will avoid rumblings on the amount of pots and containers used. And do not forget to always complimented the chef on duty: it is a small act of kindness that rewards every effort !!! Drinking on board In port or at anchor, nothing is more enjoyable than a glass of sparkling white tasted in the cockpit at sunset or a whiskey sitting on deck in the moonlight. But we must never exceed, is not to embarrass sober remaining crew members, and because losing control of their physical and mental balance, boat, it's dangerous. These range from a simple unwanted bath at a bad slip on deck, up to a misconduct, the next day, except for the main character, everyone will remember !!! The Skipper and Hostess Normally the skipper and hostess can have the task to operate the boat and eventually to cook meals, but not reorder the booths or serve at table, unless these services are not expressly provided for in the contract! The crew must be treated as equals, with due respect and courtesy. On boarding is a good idea to ask the skipper illustrate the features and services that the boat can offer: lights, use the toilet, the kitchen fires and the more need to move with ease above and below deck. Normally the crew is charged to guests with regard to the galley and meals on the ground. It is recalled that of a sailing cruise schedule is subject to many variables (weather, sea state, etc.), Sometimes forcing the skipper, at its sole discretion, to modify the program, adapting it to the new situation. It is therefore appropriate to emphasize that a sailing cruise is not a travel agent program, and that choosing this type of holiday submits those who adhere to the adaptation to the medium and the environment in which it takes place on the cruise. The Toilet The first consideration is that a marine toilet has the intake and exhaust valves placed under the waterline and the risk of swamping by these pathways is real. In addition, each head is different from others. Therefore it is essential to inquire about the exact operation and precise placement of the valves. Often it is necessary to pump the water for a long time to make sure you leave it clean. Do not be afraid to overdo it. Here are the rules: moderate their use of toilet paper, which could clog the toilet with spiacevolissime consequences; not occupy the toilet too long to shave or put on makeup! Always leave in order, with personal belongings carefully placed in special cabinets; remember that the toilet in the port is not in use and in the harbor there is used discreetly (the tender can take you down!). What to Avoid Wearing on the Boat Trolley with wheels or bulky and rigid suitcases. Heels and oil-based creams that could damage or stain the wood and boat could drop someone! What To Bring With You Valid documents for the recognition, duffels or soft bags, sunscreen and after-sun-based non-oily, hats, sunglasses, slippers, flip flops, dresses, shorts, shirts, sweatshirts suits, sweaters and some long trousers or jeans when face a bit 'cold. Do not overdo taking you behind all the closet because boat space is very limited especially if you are many, mainly because the day you stay always and only with a costume on! The "sailor bag" Sacca, first of all, no suitcase: this is the first rule! Use soft traveling bags, which once emptied can be folded and arranged more easily. Again because of the limited space, and limited clothing must be weighed carefully: you do not turn on board luggage loads. In the summer, normally you live in costume, t-shirts, bermuda. I just really needed clothing are two track suits, a couple of sweaters, a wax, a wool cap, possibly a hat with a visor to protect themselves from the sun. Indispensable sunglasses, sun protection and a pareo (the Aeolian islands is a must!). Of course we must not forget at least some suitable dress to go ashore, dine in the restaurant or take a trip to the ground. On board you should still wear the shoes, to avoid painful blows against the equipment that is studded blanket. E 'therefore necessary to wear shoes for use on the ground and a few with the right anti-slip sole for use only by boat, is a matter of hygiene, it is to avoid scratching the blanket and dunnage with wrong shoes or the pebbles that often fit the tread soles. On our boats you will find the quilts and pillows supplied. Use of Bathroom It is very important to take care of the toilet and avoid using too much toilet paper or throwing inside other types of paper, cotton or wipes struccarti because you risk clogging it immediately.

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