Spain is a magical country to visit no matter what type of traveler you are. From rugged mountains and countryside landscapes to the beating hearts of the big cities like Madrid and Barcelona, there's something for everyone in Spain. It's full of incredible opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, and boating is an activity that you'll want to enjoy at least once in Spain, especially if you're visiting one of its islands or coastal destinations. From sailing charters to wind sports, the variety of things you can do out on the water is endless. Immerse yourself in culture and get out on the waves with Getmyboat while in Spain on a private charter or rental.

Need more travel tips for your adventures in Spain? These Spain travel guides will help you plan the perfect trip. If you're looking for insider information on the food in Spain, especially the famous Paella, check out this guide to Spanish food.

Everyone knows about the beaches and yachting culture of Barcelona, but have you heard of these other amazing cities for boating in Spain?

Boat Rentals on the Costa Blanca of Spain

This stretch of coast on the Mediterranean is beloved by visitors and Spaniards for many reasons. It's affordable, accessible, with miles of gorgeous beaches, sparkling blue waters, and plenty of accommodation options.

Rent a Boat in Valencia

Valencia is a well-known city on the Costa Blanca, and for good reason. The home of paella, seafaring culture, and beaches make it the perfect spot for getting out on the water. Rent a jet ski, go sailing or enjoy some exercise with a paddleboard rental in Valencia. Consider a luxury boat cruise and enjoy Spanish food and wine onboard while exploring the coast. Don't forget to try "Agua de Valencia," a local cocktail, while you're in the city.


Rent a Boat in Dénia

A smaller city on the Costa Blanca, not far from Valencia, is Dénia. Another great place to rent or charter a boat, here you'll face fewer crowds and impressive coastline, with cliffs jutting straight out of the sea. Book a boat party on a motor yacht or learn to sail on a sailing charter in Dénia during your holiday. Cruise to other towns on the Costa Blanca like Xabia, Benidorm, and Alicante if opting for an overnight excursion by boat.

Boat Rentals and Boating Experiences in Southern Spain


Arguably the most notable boating city in Spain, Malaga is a paradise for yacht and boat enthusiasts. Choose from hundreds of luxury yachts available in the harbor and live like a millionaire onboard a cruise. Chartering a yacht or boat in Malaga is a must - you'll get to see iconic beaches like Playa Malagueta and the Gilbrafaro castle that sits atop a high point of Malaga. If you're on a budget, rent a kayak or stand-up paddleboard while in Malaga to enjoy some exercise while out on the water.


Rent a Boat in Cadiz

With miles of beaches, historic monuments dating back to Christopher Columbus, and year-round sunshine and warm weather, Cadiz is a prime destination for a boating vacation in Spain. Hire a boat captain for a charter and you'll be able to cruise the coast of Andalucía, soaking up the sun in between rounds of tapas and drinks in this amazing city.

Be warned that Cadiz is known for its strong winds - making it perfect for trying out wind sports like windsurfing and kiteboarding. If you've never done it before, book a lesson and a professional will show you the ropes. You'll be cruising on your board in no time.

Boating and Boat Rentals in Northern Spain

Popular for boating in the summer months, the northern coast of Spain is a stunning place everyone must visit at least once. The sapphire blue waters of San Sebastian are wrapped by lush green mountains at Playa La Concha, a gorgeous vista. The coastal cities are full of things to see and do both on land and on the water.

Rent a Boat in San Sebastian

The stunning heart of Basque Country, San Sebastian provides picturesque views from the water. The city is full of beautiful buildings, surrounded by green mountains and a bright blue bay of a sandy beach. Sailing charters are a popular choice in San Sebastian. Cruising by wind power is a liberating experience. Sip drinks on board as a professional skipper takes you along the coast of north Spain. It's also a great place to book a fishing charter or try surfing, there's a surf culture in San Sebastian that is fun to check out on a visit.

San Sebastian.jpg

Rent a Boat in Gijón

A coastal city of the Asturias region of Spain, Gijón boasts great boating opportunities. Rent a boat in Gijón and explore more of the rugged coastline of North Spain. The marina is full of beautiful classic sailboats and motor yachts, available to rent or charter during a holiday. Asturias is known for it's complex and delicious culinary culture, with regional dishes like Cachopo or Fabada that will change your definition of "comfort food." Don't forget to try the cider or "sidra" while in Gijón, consider a dinner cruise to enjoy some favorites while on a boat.

Boating and Boat Rentals on Spanish Islands

Rent a Boat in Mallorca

Mallorca might be one of the best places in Spain to rent a boat. Sailboats, catamarans, and motor yachts are plentiful to rent or charter in Mallorca. With a huge selection, you can customize your boat day. Island-hopping, water sports, dinner cruises, and more, all while exploring the stunning shores of the island. Cruise out from Palma de Mallorca and stop off at different seaside villages.


Rent a Boat in Ibiza

Known for nightlife and nonstop parties, Ibiza is the spot to go if you're looking to party on a boat. You can choose between budget group boat parties or hire a boat on your own with just your travel mates for an unbelievable time. Not only known for night clubs and bars, but Ibiza is also home to some breathtaking seascapes. Cruise to hidden coves and beaches for a swim, sip champagne on board or even try a fun activity like parasailing while in Ibiza. A boat tour is a great way to break up a vacation of wild nights out - you'll want to enjoy the sunshine for at least one day on a boat while on this island.


Rent a Boat in Tenerife & Gran Canaria

Sitting off the western coast of Morocco, the Canary Islands is an archipelago of seven islands, all with their own unique offerings and identities. The two biggest and most popular to visit are Tenerife and Gran Canaria. They are hubs for whale watching - you're guaranteed to see dolphins and whales playing in the waves while out on a tour here.

Other top things to do while visiting the Canary Islands are yacht charters, scuba diving (see huge stingrays and different fish on wall dives and wreck dives!) and other water sports. See the incredible cliffs of Masca Bay or cruise from Los Cristianos beach on a sailboat for an unforgettable experience.

Pilot Whales.jpg

No matter whether you go to Northern Spain, Southern Spain, or the islands, you're guaranteed to have a wonderful time in Spain. Make sure you get out on the water and enjoy boating while you're exploring the country. Download the Getmyboat App and search boat rentals available in Spain.