The South Pacific offers many beautiful island countries to visit. It's an epic region of the world to rent a boat or book a boat charter, cruise, or boat tour because exploring by water will enable you to see so much more. While often touted as an expensive, luxury travel region of the world, it is possible to travel the South Pacific on a budget and do it on the cheap too.

Whether you wish to see volcanoes rising above tropical forests with the Pacific Ocean as your foreground, scuba dive with the rich and diverse wildlife, or simply soak up the sun’s rays, you have plenty of amazing things to do when boating in this region.

Tahiti Boat Rentals

A world-renowned tourist destination, Tahiti is a perfect vacation spot to charter a yacht or rent a boat. French Polynesia is perfect for island-hopping boat tours, and Tahiti just scratches the surface of what this place has to offer. Go snorkeling in Tahiti or try a fishing charter. Many islands are still inhabited by ancient cultures that incorporate 21st-century modernity with old heritage. There is plenty to see and do on Tahiti, like hiking the volcanic mountains or finding a private beach to enjoy the waterfront. 


Boat Rentals in Tonga

Called the “True South Pacific,” Tonga should not be missed during a boating tour. It is comprised of 170 islands where scuba diving is just the beginning of water attractions. When you visit Tonga, consider a fishing charter or yacht charter. Kayak rentals in Tonga are a great way to get exercise during an adventure here. Whale watching is popular in Tonga, you'll get to partake in a part of the traditional heritage while seeing beautiful humpback whales in their natural habitat.

Fiji Boat Rentals 

An island paradise, a trip to Fiji is the ultimate bucket-list destination. It's great for a family holiday, a honeymoon vacation, or a trip to take with friends. Fiji has a stunning amount of islands — 333 in total. Rent a boat on Fiji to explore more islands, or book a boat tour with a local guide to show you around. Boating around here means you are already on the water for scuba diving, snorkeling, or other watersports. Fiji is great as the main hub to other locations like Vanuatu and Tonga. 


Rent a Boat on the Cook Islands

Located halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii, this set of 15 islands is perfect for breathing some fresh air and touring beautiful blue lagoons in your boat. The Cook Islands are a great destination to rent a boat or book a boat tour. You can enjoy whale watching, fishing, or paddleboarding when traveling in the Cook Islands. Cruise the lagoons, take an hour or two to snorkel, and dock your boat for a little culture and beach fun. Here you can enjoy traditional dances and sing before sleeping on your boat for the night.

Cook Islands.jpg

Boat Rentals in New Caledonia

New Caledonia is known for its rugged mountains and coral lagoon. Here fishing, golfing, and hiking are the main activities. Don't miss your chance to book a snorkeling tour in New Caledonia, or go scuba diving to see loads of marine like in the crystal clear water. Rent a boat in New Caledonia or try a new water experience to make it a trip that you'll never forget.

New Caledonia.jpg

Vanuatu Boat Rentals

East of Queensland and north of New Caledonia, Vanuatu is an archipelago comprised of 83 islands for you to visit. Perfect for cruising, boat rentals, and boat tours, you won't be bored on a trip to Vanuatu. It's a very popular destination in the south pacific for fishing charters. There are plenty of ways to immerse yourself in the culture of the Vanuatu people. Here everything is unaffected by technology with hiking, zip-lining, and horseback riding as major attractions. 


This Indonesian island is often considered first when thinking about the South Pacific for boating tours. Java has a natural beauty that continues to amaze visitors. This tourist attraction and island is alive with resorts, hiking, and rafting. The local culture envelopes you so that you truly feel a part of the island's heritage and experience. Go surfing here for an authentic experience. Magelang is best known for its Buddhist Temple Borobudur, which is one of the ancient wonders of the world. The city is located in Central Java.

Komodo Island

Home to the famous Komodo dragons, this beautiful area is part of the Indonesian chain with 390 square kilometers of the island. Rent a boat or book a boat tour of Komodo for an unforgettable experience on this unique island. Wildlife is a must-see when visiting Komodo Island. As part of the Lesser Sunda Chain, visitors can enjoy Komodo National Park, then visit Java or Sumbawa.

Komodo Island.jpg

The culture of the South Pacific is community-oriented and traditions are a part of everyday life. Here it is amazing to be treated like a friend or family while stopping by for a little tour of the South Pacific by boat. As you make your way around the entire area or just a small part of it look for the Leonid Meteor Shower that is often seen in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean. 

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