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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does it cost to rent a yacht for a day NZ?

    New Zealand yacht rentals range in price from $300/day for a smaller yacht to well over $1,000/day for larger, luxury yachts used for hosting events and large gatherings. The total cost will depend on your desired itinerary, the number of passengers, the size and style of the boat, and other factors. Find everything from budget-friendly boats for fishing or touring around New Zealand, to boat tours, to expensive yachts on Getmyboat. A full-day yacht rental will be about 8 hours. You can customize your itinerary to explore different places around New Zealand, from Abel Tasman National Park to the fjord of Milford Sound or Kaikoura. These are just a few places to explore by boat rental in New Zealand.

    How much does it cost to hire a yacht NZ?

    Expect to pay between $500 and $1,000 for yacht hires in New Zealand. This price will vary depending on many factors, from the size of the yacht to the number of passengers, to the time and date you desire, and the preferred itinerary. More people will drive up the cost, as well as an itinerary where you travel far distances by boat. You can get custom quotes on yacht hire pricing through the Getmyboat app; just message your New Zealand yacht captains with your inquiry.

    Can anyone drive a boat in New Zealand?

    No boat license is required to operate a boat in New Zealand. For the safety of you and others, completing boating education courses and safety courses and gaining familiarity with handling a watercraft with a professional is essential. The Day Skipper training course is recommended as the minimum requirement before operating a boat independently in New Zealand.

    Does New Zealand have good fishing?

    Yes! Both saltwater anglers and freshwater fishing enthusiasts will find great fishing opportunities around New Zealand. If you’re inland, enjoy the great trout fishing that the country is known for. Deep sea fishing will take you on a quest for Blue and Striped Marlin. Book a fishing charter in New Zealand for a fun day on the water making great catches.