Amazing sport fishing tours in Azores, Portugal.

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Enjoy Fishing in Açores, Portugal
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Enjoy Fishing in Açores, Portugal

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Reel in a winning catch on a sport fishing trip in Azores.

Azores is an anglers paradise. Sport fishing trips are a fun and leisurely way to get out on the water and catch fish with your friends and family. Book a fishing trip in Azores with a captain to take you to all the best spots. Fishing trips are perfect for travelers who want to have an activity during their boat trip, and it's a great way to keep kids busy and entertained. Whether you're staying in your local area or on a trip abroad, fishing trips are a fantastic experience to try. No need to rent your own equipment or bring it on your travels, fishing trips generally come with all the bait, tackle, and gear that you need. As a weekend activity or part of a vacation, Azores is the perfect fishing destination.

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GetMyBoat customer reviews for Sport Fisherman in Azores.

  1. JD
    4 hour - Sport fishing in Terceira Island - AZORES

    Both our captain and and mate were magnificent in every way--"teaching" us how to drop the lines, pull up 2 or 3 reel turns from the bottom, sensing how to TRY to keep the bait from the bait-stealers. (That last step took several robberies to learn how to keep from wasting bait.) We started to catch fish immediately--I got the first one, a small scorpion fish. Several species more--double striped bream, -striped striped bream (The captain said that was unusual, which is just what my wife says about me), bogou (sp?), herring-like fish and more. The drift was remarkably controlled and calm. After about 2 hours we moved to near Goat Rock and caught quite a few small groupers, though one of our group caught a puffer. We had to throw probably 12 fish back b/c they were too small, which was a shame b/c they would only die anyway due to prolapsed eyes and stomachs. But the gulls picked them up, so that's less than bad, I guess. On the way back the captain let me "drive" the boat (YAY!) and told us some of the history of Goat Rock, showing us the caves. After arriving at the marina, he then led us to the restaurant where we deposited the fish for the owners to fix us for this evening's dinner. It was such a lovely, simple place my wife and I decided to stay for lunch--soup, bread, butter, bean stew w/ sausage and pieces of pork, plus white wine, which made my nap afterwards a thing of heavenly joy. THANK YOU, Captain and "Mr. Mate." Don't know that I'll ever be back again, but if I need job, would your hire me? I'll work for cheap.

  2. SC
    4 hour - Sport fishing in Terceira Island - AZORES

    Fishing from Angra is fantastic. the fishing grounds are close and we caught many snapper, grouper and sea bream. looking forward to a great meal with my days catch.