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    Boating Guide - Alaska

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    Alaska is filled with over 360,000 miles of rivers, hundreds of lakes, and more than 30,000 miles of coastlines where many locals and visitors cruise the waters with their boats. It is no doubt that this unique state is filled with many adventures for your next boating trip to Alaska. Whether that water comes from rain that creates lush trees and flowing streams or the famed oceanic home of the world’s best-known orca whales, the northwest is a wonderful place to seek boating on the water and all the activities that go with it. Open ocean and coastal bays, inland seas, rivers both lazy or full of whitewater and large inland lakes are all to explore in Alaska.

    Although the winter months can be colder with rainy, foggy, and windy days, many people find the summer season the best time of year for a unique experience to boat on the waters. The size of the state of Alaska makes it a perfect place for everyone to find the perfect watercraft and explore the waters. Many people can find boat rentals in Alaska, such as powerboats, sailboats, jet boats, kayaks, fishing charters, and even inflatable rafting boats.

    Jet boat rentals in Alaska are very popular on many of the state’s rivers. In these locations, like the Yukon River, boats are usually hauled out to the village during the warmer summer months. Sailboats are popular in southeast Alaska if boaters are planning to boat on the Inside Passage. Some sailboat rentals in Alaska can also be found in Prince William Sound around Whittier and Seward. If you are looking for a smaller and more compact way of cruising the waters, then searching for kayak rentals in Alaska might suit your needs. Kayaking and kayak rentals in Alaska are mostly popular in the southeast panhandle, Prince William Sound, and the Kenai Peninsula. There is also a fair amount of kayakers ocean kayaking is done in the Kodiak area, and of course, remote ocean kayaking is possible along the Alaska Peninsula. Inflatable rafts are also popular with the whitewater crowd due to their small size which makes them easily transportable. For the majority of our long summer days, you’ll find it calm and perfectly suited to many boat rentals in Alaska.

    Whether you are a new boater or a lifelong captain, there are many wonderful ways to experience Alaska by boat. A trip here makes it easy to see why boating is one of the most enjoyed sports and the diversity of the region. Whether you love freshwater, inland seas or open ocean, small boats, yachts, or sailing, there is an unforgettable boating adventure waiting to be had in Alaska.

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