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About This Kiteboarding Experience

Enjoy kite boarding in Tarifa, Spain!

Based on many years teaching experience in different kite schools around the world, we came up with the most efficient teaching procedure. This procedure allows us to reduce significantly the time of the lessons and to increase safety and satisfaction of our students. For example, we do not use trainer kite in our lessons.

We offer Kite surfing lessons in English, German and Russian by professional instructors with IKO license and many years of teaching experience.

We are one of few kite schools in Tarifa using radio connection in kite lessons. Using radios essentially accelerates the teaching process and makes it more safe and convenient for our students.

How do we teach?

The whole teaching process of a beginner consists of 4 major steps :

  • Theory and kite control on the beach.
  • Bodydrag
  • Bodydrag upwind
    • Power strokes
    • Water start
  • Riding

During bodydrag, water start and riding, instructor always communicate with you using radio connection, correcting your mistakes. As a result the learning progress goes much faster.

At some point you’ll notice that you already know what to do and you can work on your mistakes without instructor. When it will happen depends on the student. From this point on you can rent an equipment or buy and go kiting by yourself. We can help you to make a good choice and arrange you a discount in local kiteshops in Tarifa.

We also are offering an advanced lessons for the kiters who want to progress further under professional supervision – basic jumps, rotations, big airs, kiteloops, basic unhooked tricks, waveriding etc.

Our Instructors:

Kite instructor Andrey and Francis, IKO license, kitesurfing since 2001, teaching since 2001. Andrey is giving kite lessons in English, German and Russian languages. He has worked in many different kiteschools around the globe – in Aruba, in Vietnam, in Spain, in Holland. Manager and organizer of the kiteschool Sunny-wind.

Prices For Lessons:

Private lesson (one student with one instructor)

  • €50 EUR per hour

Semiprivate lesson (two students with one instructor)

  • €35 EUR per hour per student

Prices For Rental:

  • Full set of equipment (kite, board, harness, wetsuit) €30 EUR per hour, or €70 EUR a day.Rental per weeks and for a month is also possible.
  • Only board €10 EUR per hour or €20 EUR per day
  • Only harness €5 EUR per hour or €10 EUR per day


  • Type: Kiteboarding
  • Capacity: 1 People
  • Rental Minimum: 1 hour

Rental Requirements

Rental Conditions:

  • Client is responsible for the rented equipment. In case of minor damages client covers the reparation costs, in case of major damages or equipment loss client pays the market price.
  • To rent equipment normally you need to be able to ride upwind.

Frequently Asked Questions:

• How difficult is it to learn kitesurfing? Do I need to be in a good physical shape for this?

You absolutely do NOT NEED to be in a good physical shape to ride with a kite. Kitesurfing does not require a lot of physical efforts. Everybody can learn and practice it, even people with physical shape worse then average. All the work is done by the wind and you need only to control and direct the power of the wind.

• At what age one can start to kitesurf?

So far we had students in the age interval between 10 and 68. For children the body wight should be more then 30 kg, better more then 40. For teaching children we have small kites and sort lines. There is no upper age limit, it all depends on yourself.

• Is kitesurfing also for girls?

Answer: Somehow many girls ask this question:). In our opinion kitesurfing just ideal for girls. First, as we already pointed out, it does not require a lot of physical efforts – you don’t need to be strong and tough to kite.

• Kitesurfing and wave riding (traditional surfing), what is easier and more fun?

Many people mistakenly believe that traditional surfing (riding the waves) is easier then kitesurfing. They think that the presence of the kite makes everything more difficult and dangerous. In reality this is not true! Traditional surfing require much more physical strength then kitesurfing. But more important is that kitesurfing is more fun! If someone tells you that he was kitesurfing for one hour, that normally means that the whole hour he was riding and having fun.

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