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Melbourne Jet Ski Hire

Premium supercharged jet skis for hire in Melbourne, Australia. If you have any questions, we can answer those through GetMyBoat’s messaging platform before you pay. Just hit, “Request to Book” and send us an inquiry for a custom offer.

Captain is not included.
This vessel is rented without a captain. Customers can operate the vessel.
3 guests
Jetskis & Personal Watercraft
Jet Ski


Features & Details

  • Life jackets/required safety gear
  • Fishing gear
  • Watersports Equipment
  • Trailerable
  • Licensing Required
  • Single Engine
  • Tow Bar

Approximate Location

You’ll get directions for the exact departure location when you make a booking inquiry.

The boat's approximate location on a map

Cancellation Policy

Full refund up to 5 days prior.

Additional Terms & Information

The HIRER acknowledges that he/she has carefully sight inspected the PWC and agrees on the PWC listed on page 3 as being suitable for the purpose for which it is hired, and that any additional leisure equipment or PFDs which are additional to the PWC are in suitable and acceptable condition; that he/she will maintain both the PWC and additional equipment in a safe, thorough and sensible condition while in his/her custody. In these Terms and Conditions “You” and “Your” is a reference to the person who signs this Hire Agreement and whose details appear in Section 2 of this Hire Agreement and also includes any Authorised Operator. This person is primarily responsible for the PWC, and is deemed the Authorised Operator for any charges or liability arising as a result of a breach of the terms of this Hire Agreement. When more than one person hires the PWC your obligations under this Hire Agreement are joint and several. AUTHORISED OPERATOR Only persons who meet the criteria listed in this clause, who have been accepted in writing by us as an Authorised Operator are entitled to operate the PWC. By signing this Hire Agreement, you are declaring that you and any other Authorised Operator meet the following criteria and requirements: The person holds a current Driver’s Licence that legally allows that person to drive the Vehicle in the relevant Australian State or Territory. The person has not had any driving related convictions in the last 3 years. The person is not while driving the Vehicle under the influence of or affected by drugs or alcohol. Notwithstanding and without limitation to the generality of clause 2 of this section, for the purposes this clause a person is under the influence if: their blood alcohol level is in excess of the legal limits of the particular Australian State or Territory in which the PWC is being driven; they have taken prescription medication which is medically regarded, recognised or accepted as medication which is unsuitable to ingest while driving or which may affect the person’s ability or capacity to drive a vehicle or they have consumed or are under the influence of illegal drugs as deemed by Australia Federal State or Territory law; The person is over the age stated in Section 2 of this Hire Agreement, and has held a unrestricted Boat and PWC Licence for a period of at least 1 year immediately prior to the commencement of the Hire Period. In the 3 years preceding the commencement of the Hire Period, the person has not been refused motor vehicle or boat/PWC insurance or had their vehicle or Boat/PWC insurance policy cancelled for any reason whatsoever. GENERAL MAINTENANCE AND SECURITY This clause outlines your role in maintaining the PWC in good working order during the Hire Period. Each PWC undergoes a regular general maintenance and safety check. By signing this Hire Agreement you acknowledge and agree that the Vehicle has left our premises in good working order with correct levels of oil and in sound and reasonable safe working order. It is your responsibility to thoroughly check the PWC prior to hiring and launching in the water. You must upon discovery bring to our attention any damage to the PWC. The Authorised Operator shall ensure that: The engine oils and engine cooling system fluids if any are maintained at a suitable level in accordance with the PWC manufacturer’s specifications (a copy of which is supplied with the hire); The PWC is refueled upon indication of the fuel running low via the ‘fuel low indicator’ that appears on the PWC’s display panel. The PWC should be refueled using premium unleaded petrol (PULP 98 Octane) unless otherwise specified in Section 2 of the Hire Agreement. The PWC and trailer is kept locked at all times when not in use and that the keys and any electronic ignition devices are kept in your possession and under your personal control at all times. ACCEPTABLE PWC USE AND CONDITIONS The following clauses outline where you can operate the PWC. Persons who want to take the PWC outside of Victoria must only do so with our express prior written consent. You are only permitted to operate the PWC on suitable water inlets, bays, rivers, lakes and water parks within the State of Victoria (or as otherwise authorised in Section 2 of this Hire Agreement) providing the PWC is not driven: On private property where you do not have permission to enter; In a National Park and other government land region where you do not have permission to enter; or On a construction or water site whereof any kind of maintenance or obstructing work may interfere with upholding the safety or legal obligations of this Hire Agreement or the laws of the State of Victoria; You are not permitted to use the PWC for the purposes of or associated with any media, film, photograph or advertisement without our express prior written consent. PROPER PWC USE The PWC must only be operated in accordance with the terms of this clause. It is important that you adhere to the requirements of this clause for your safety, that of your passengers and the safety of the PWC. The Authorised Operator must, at all times ensure that: The PWC does not carry more passengers than may be properly accommodated by the weight restraints provided in the PWC, or carry a greater load than that for which the PWC was designed; All persons on the PWC will at all times wear their approved and legally compliant PFD as required by the laws in the State of Victoria. The PWC is not used to tow or push anything other than in circumstances where you have sought the express written consent from our company. The PWC is not used to carry or transport any property which is incorrectly loaded or secured or is in excess of the load limits recommended by the PWC’s manufacturer; The PWC is not used for any illegal purpose, race, contest or performance test of any kind; The PWC is not used at excessive speeds, over-revved or in contravention of any law within the State or Territory in which the PWC is being operated; The PWC is not operated under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or with a blood alcohol content that exceeds the legal limit in the State or Territory in which the PWC is being operated; The PWC is not used to carry any flammable, explosive or corrosive material; The PWC is not used to carry passengers for payment of any kind; The PWC must not be used in contravention of any law. That any tolls, permits and other licenses required for driving in any areas are obtained and paid prior to driving in those areas; No person smokes in or on the PWC at any time. The Authorised Operator will be liable to pay for any damage caused and/or dry cleaning required due to smoking on the PWC. No food or liquid is consumed on the PWC at any time or carried on the PWC when not in a properly sealed container. The Authorised Operator will be liable to pay for any damage caused and/or dry cleaning required due to food, liquid or other product affecting the PWC or its components. The PWC is returned after the Hire Period to us in good working order and repair with due allowance for normal wear and tear. No wedding ribbons or similar embellishment is attached to the PWC without our express prior written consent. SPEEDING & IRRESPONSIBLE OPERATION Our company does not allow or condone excessive speeding, or a Hired PWC being used for competition or racing events, aggressive or extreme driving. There are harsh legal implications and laws that makes such actions illegal. You agree that the PWC is not being hired for the purpose of engaging in racing or competition events, aggressive or extreme driving, nor should the PWC be used in any manner that is dangerous to the public. You authorise our company to report at any stage during the hire period or after the hire period the details of the use of the vehicle and operator to Victoria Police or the appropriate state authorities. You authorize our company to immediately stop the hire if there is an indication that the PWC is being used for; competition or racing events; you are engaging in aggressive or extreme riding and operation of the PWC, you are riding and operating a PWC at an excessive speed or are driving in manner dangerous or recklessly without lawful regard to the public. We are authorized to immediately remove the PWC from the possession of the hirer without having to provide any refunds. You agree that this is a fair and reasonable estimate of the damages that our company will suffer as our company will not be in a position to re-rent the PWC at short notice. The dangerous or reckless driving of a PWC does not constitute damage unless otherwise assessed and confirmed by a repairer of our choice with full discretion. ACCIDENTS AND/OR PWC AND TRAILER DAMAGE You must immediately notify us of any accident involving the PWC or damage to the Boats and or vehicles. If this occurs outside of normal office hours, you must telephone the Emergency Contact provided on this agreement. Any accident or damage to the PWC includes: Any accident that the PWC is involved in that may result in damage to the PWC, a third party vehicle, person(s) and/or property; Any incident that requires Police attendance and/or intervention (even if no damage is occasioned to the PWC); Trailer Damage; Tyre blowouts or punctures; Acts of vandalism or damage to the PWC. If the vandalism or damage was not witnessed by the Authorised Driver or one of their passengers, the damage must be reported immediately to us and to the Police upon its discovery; Any damage to or loss of proper operation of safety lights, trailer tail lights, indicator lights that renders the PWC defective in accordance with the relevant law of the particular State or Territory in which the PWC is located; Any act or damage involving the PWC that you believe (acting reasonably), should be reported to us. The Emergency Contact will advise you of what action you should take in the event of accident or damage. In the event of an accident, the Authorised Driver should also contact the necessary emergency authorities, Police/ Ambulance/ Fire Brigade, immediately (as appropriate). The Authorised Driver MUST NOT, under any circumstances, accept liability or make any admissions for any accident by way of discussing their liability or admission with other parties involved in the accident, witnesses or Police. The Authorised Driver is required to complete and sign an Accident/Damage Report Form within 24 hours of an accident. Where necessary, we will assist with the completion of this form. These forms are held at our office. You must immediately forward to us any correspondence or communications of any nature from other parties associated with an accident or incident. This will assist us to complete any insurance claims or Police Reports where necessary. You also agree to provide us within a reasonable time any statement information or assistance which we or our insurer may reasonably require, including attending at a lawyer’s office and at Court to give evidence or make a statement, oral or otherwise. OUR LIABILITY We are not liable to any person, and you indemnify us, for any loss of, or damage to, any property: Stolen from the PWC or otherwise lost during the Hire Period; or Left in the PWC or its contents and compartments after conclusion of the hire period. DAMAGE LIABILITY FEE A Damage Liability Fee applies to damage and/or abnormal wear and tear suffered by the PWC because of misuse during the Hire Period and is also used to cover: Repairs to any part of the PWC and/or trailer and its fittings. Fees associated with towing, PWC recovery and/or storage. Damage caused to third parties or their property by the PWC. Mechanical repairs due to a breach or non-adherence of your obligations under this Hire Agreement. Administrative and legal costs of any kind associated or resulting from the PWC having to be repaired or serviced. Damage associated with the theft of the PWC. Damage or losses incurred by us in having to repair or service the PWC due to the misuse of the PWC during the hire period in breach of this Hire Agreement. Loss and damage suffered by us during the period a PWC is being serviced or repaired due to the misuse of the PWC during the Hire Period. This amount is calculated by multiplying the daily hire rate as set out in this Hire Agreement by the number of days the PWC is unable to be hired by another individual or entity. Any other loss, damage or costs incurred by us due to your breach of this Hire Agreement or non-payment by you of any amounts due to us in accordance with the terms of this Hire Agreement. Fees associated with the PWC being impounded. You irrevocably authorise us to charge your account and/or deduct from your Security Bond Payment the Damage Liability Fee and any other loss or damage including administration costs, legal fees on an indemnity basis and other expenses suffered by us and further acknowledge that the Damage Liability Fee may be in excess of the Bond Guarantee Payment. PAYMENT OBLIGATIONS You authorise us to charge all payment due and payable to us under this Hire Agreement to charge account and/or to deduct that amount from your Security Bond Payment. We will refund, within 10 business days, any refund due to you by such method as we may reasonably choose. Please note that in the event of theft, fire or any damage, refunds may take up to 12 weeks to be reviewed and processed. If you fail to pay any fee that is due under or in connection with this Hire Agreement within 14 days of the date by which you were required to pay the money - you must also pay to us interest at 10% per annum (compounded daily) on the money due from the expiry of 14 days after the date on which you were required to pay the money due to the date of payment; and pay to us on demand all money which we have paid to recover any moneys outstanding under this Hire Agreement and all other costs and expenses including without limitation of legal or financial costs and expenses that we have incurred on a full indemnity basis. You acknowledge and accept that all charges and money paid to us may be charged through our company or any other undisclosed agent of our company. PWC CONDITION, TYRE, WHEEL AND TRAILER LIABILITIES Our company will provide the PWC in clean and tidy condition for the convenience of the Hiree. Due to the value of the vessel’s, the Hiree is obliged to maintain the PWC to an equally acceptable condition. Upon completion of your hire, the PWC should come back in the same condition minus any reasonable wear or dust and not excessively dirty (Sand, Mud or Dirt buildup in or around the hull or trailer). If the vehicle is not in a reasonable condition then the company reserves the right to charge the Hiree out of the security bond. Minimum Detailing fee is set at $100.00 with a maximum of $250.00. Company holds the right and ultimate discretion to determine at what level the PWC needs to be detailed. Our company inspects the PWC prior to the commencement of a hire period and ensures that the PWC is in seaworthy condition. Any tyre punctures or flat tyres in connection with the trailer attached to the PWC associated to this Hire Agreement is solely the liability of the customer and not the Company as the PWC is in the care of the Hiree at the time of the incident.Our company holds no liabilities for towing or tyre replacement and any of those services or repairs will be carried out at a cost to the Hiree plus any other inspection that might need to be carried out to make sure that there is no further damage to the PWC. RETURNING THE PWC Upon completion of the Hire Period, you are responsible for and shall return the PWC to us at our premises or in accordance with our reasonable direction. You must return the Vehicle during normal office hours, unless arrangements have been made by you and agreed by us in writing prior to the expiry of the Rental Period. The PWC is not regarded as returned to us unless: our employee has completed a PWC Condition Report, and obtained your signature on that report; and all keys and security devices associated with the PWC have been handed to us. Under no circumstances, will the PWC be regarded as returned if it is left at our premises (either outside the premises or on the premises) without our prior written consent. You are responsible for ensuring that all equipment, parts and accessories associated with the PWC Hire Agreement are returned by the time and date specified in Section 2 of the Hire Agreement. You agree that the PWC must be returned in the same condition as at the commencement of the Hire Period with exception for normal wear and tear deemed by us with our complete discretion. SMOKING We do not allow smoking in or on the PWC to which this Hire Agreement is concerned and any customer that has been found smoking whilst operating a PWC will have to suffer the minimum charge of $500.00 for deodorising the PWC trimming and damage to the hull as a result of a cigarette burn or stain. RIGHTS RESERVED BY OUR COMPANY We reserve the right to cancel this Hire Agreement and take immediate control of the PWC without further notice to you and charge account and/or deduct any amount required from your Security Bond Payment in accordance with this Hire Agreement if: You appear (in our sole opinion) to be in breach of any of the obligations contained in this Hire Agreement. It is apparent that the PWC may be damaged, person(s) may be harmed or infringements or illegal activity may occur during the Hire Period. The PWC could or may be involved in any industrial disputes. We believe (at our sole discretion) that you may not be able to satisfactorily discharge your obligations or pay all amounts payable pursuant to the terms of this Hire Agreement. You appear to have used and/or are using the PWC for any illegal activity, or have driven the Vehicle in an inappropriate manner or in contravention of this Hire Agreement or any law within the State or Territory in which the PWC is being operated. TERMINATION OF THIS HIRE AGREEMENT If this Hire Agreement is terminated within 24 hours of commencement of the Hire Period for any reason other than a breach by us, you agree to pay hire charges for the period of the proposed hire period. Such charges may be higher than those that apply for a longer rental period. APPLICABLE LAW The laws of Victoria and the Commonwealth of Australia govern this Hire Agreement where the PWC is supplied in Australia. To the fullest extent permitted by law, all terms, conditions and warranties which would otherwise be implied under consumer legislation are hereby expressly excluded. If a provision of this Hire Agreement is void, illegal or unenforceable in any relevant jurisdiction, it is severed from this Agreement for the purposes of that jurisdiction. The remainder of this Deed has full force and effect and the validity and enforceability of that provision in any other jurisdiction is not affected. PRIVACY POLICY Should any term or condition of this Rental Agreement be held void or unenforceable, than that term shall be deemed severed from this Agreement and the enforceability of the remainder shall not be affected and will remain in full force and effect. HIRER ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I, the HIRER do hereby acknowledge my responsibility for the safe and proper operation of the PWC; and for the safety and welfare of other PWC and Boat operators including all persons. I confirm that no other person other than myself will operate the PWC unless obtaining express written consent from our company. I further agree that in the event that said PWC is operated by any other person or persons other than myself, I will assume full responsibility for any and all bodily injury and/or property damage and that our company will be absolved and indemnified of any and all liability and/or property damage to myself and any third parties as a result of but not limited to, breaching the terms and conditions agreed upon in this contract by myself in respect to all of the aforementioned. The HIRER agrees not to use, nor permit the use of the hire PWC for any unlawful purpose; nor operate the PWC in a careless or negligent manner, nor operate the PWC while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs found in the Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances Act 1981 (Vic) and that no other person in any circumstances except the signatory of this agreement be allowed consensually to operate this PWC. The security bond (as set out in the statement of charges) shall be retained by our company as partial compensation for failing to return said PWC in as good condition, with ordinary wear and tear excluded and decided with discretion solely by our company, as when received, for reimbursement of articles damaged, missing or broken, or to be applied to the hire charges upon return of the craft by HIRER. The HIRER understands and is in agreement that in the event that damage or loss is incurred on or to the PWC or namely our company or the equipment rented by the HIRER, our company will retain the security bond payment. The HIRER understands and authorizes our company to force funds from the security deposit. HIRER WILL ACCEPT THE LIABILITY FOR ALL LOST REVENUE WHICH IS LOST DUE TO CANCELLED RESERVATIONS DURING THE TIME REQUIRED TO COMPLETE REPAIRS ON DAMAGED CRAFTS AND/OR EQUIPMENT. In the event of malfunctions, breakdown, or if any defect is discovered after acceptance of the PWC that HIRER will immediately report same to our company CONTINUED USE OF IT SHALL BE ENTIRELY AT THE HIRER’S RISK AND THUS HIRER ASSUMES ALL LIABILITIES OF INJURY AND DAMAGE TO ALL PERSONS AND PROPERTY, BE IT DIRECTLY INVOLVED OR THAT MAY BECOME INVOLVED BY ITS CONTINUED USE. Our company's ability to provide a rental craft, if reserved is CONTINGENT upon and subject to the return of the unit by the previous HIRER or any other cause beyond our company's control. The rules and regulations contained herein and as posted in the office, on the craft, and/or the grounds by our company are for the safety and welfare of all who use the facilities. The HIRER certifies that he/she has read and understands said rules and regulations, and further assumes the responsibility to see that his/her family and/or guest(s) will obey the rules. All damages will be settled upon return of the PWC. Upon return of crafts, if there is any damage HIRER will pay either using deposit or will charge all payment to you. Our company is the only party who can authorise repairs. We reserves the right to have damages repaired by whomever they deem acceptable and capable. HIRER waives the right to dispute who performs repairs. I have carefully read the foregoing agreement/contract/release and I understand and agree to the contents thereof. When signed, this contract will bind me, my spouse, my heirs, and my legal representatives. Signed in VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA and subject to State and Federal Laws that bind the states and Commonwealth of Australia. AUTHORIZED OPERATOR 1 Name Signature Date AUTHORIZED OPERATOR 2 Name Signature Date Rental agreement must be sign before boarding.

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