Kitesurfing Lessons in Kos, Greece

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About This Kiteboarding Experience

Kitesurfing Lessons :

Pricing: €40 per person per hour. 

Our primary goal is to give you good basics for further practice and progress in this sport. Getting up on the board and riding is only a part of it. What we consider more important is understanding how kite surfing works what will allow you to improve your skills much faster and safer in the future. If you stay in Kos more than a couple of days, we will be more than happy to supervise your progress, give you free advice and sometimes even push you a little in the right direction. After all, everybody needs to get motivated from time to time.

I. Stage

KITE ELEMENTS! 2-3 hours 
learn about the wind, the kite safety and how to fly the kite

Learn about the wind and the wind window 

Learn to fly and control a trainer kite on land

Learn, how to set up the site learn about the kite safety systemLearn to fly and control a kitesurfing kite on land: Launching Landing Steering left, steering rightOne hand piloting


II. Stage

FEEL THE POWER! 2-3 hours 
Body dragging- using the proper size kite in the water to generate power

Learn correct body position Relaunch the kite, self-rescue Steering the kite, left and right side Steering the kite with power figure 8, both side Upwind body dragging(recover the board)Get ready to the water start


III. Stage

GET UP RIDING! 2-4 hours
Learn how to do the water start

Learn how to generate the proper amount of power to stand up on the board. Developing board skills on the beach learning how to position your body during waterstart combining your kite skills and board skills in the water to achieve your first rides perfecting your water start/handling condition managing your speed and direction


Prices :

Kitesurfing Lessons :
Group ( 2 students, one instructor)
Stage 1 : 3 hours: 140 Eur
Stage 1,2: 6 hours: 280 Eur
Stage 1,2,3 : 9 hours : 360 Eur

Private ( 1 student, one instructor)
Stage 1 : 2 hours : 140 Eur
Stage 1,2 : 4 hours : 280 Eur
Stage 1,2,3 : 6 hours : 360 Eur

All lessons include, equipment, transport, rescue, gear insurance, full time with instructor.

One day 5 Eur
1 Week 30 Eur


  • Type: Kiteboarding
  • Capacity: 1 People
  • Rental Minimum: 1 hour
  • Cancellation: Full Refund 5 Days Prior

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