Amazing Flyboarding in Guatape, Colombia

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About This Flyboarding Experience

Hop on to a flyboard in Guatape, Colombia. Book a Flyboard for as low as $200,000 COP ($66 USD) for 30 minutes.


• $200,000 COP ($66 USD) for 30 minutes
• $350,000 COP ($115 USD) per hour

What You Can Expect:

The Flyboard is a new nautical sport. A board under your feet with two powerful jets down allows you to fly over the water, immerse yourself in it, jump like a dolphin and do all kinds of pirouettes. It's an incredible feeling, you have to try it to understand it. The Flyboard is easier to practice than it seems. Everyone gets to fly the first time. It does not require physical strength, but balance and, above all, be comfortable playing in the water. The Flyboard is a very safe sport if practiced with good instructors like ours. To date there is no news of any serious accident worldwide. The few minor accidents have been caused by bad practices of the monitors. We have not laminated nor a single accident, nor the slightest, and every day we put the means to continue like this for many years. The Flyboard is very safe for the marine environment and for third parties in the water. The speed is minimal, so the risk of collision or damage to fauna and flora is negligible.



  • Type: Flyboarding
  • Capacity: 1 People
  • Rental Minimum: 1 hour
  • Cancellation: Full Refund 5 Days Prior

Rental Requirements

Flyboard operation 

We rely on a conventional watercraft, which normally collects water from the bow and, through a turbine, ejects it under great pressure from the stern, driving the motorcycle forward. We connect that water outlet to a hose 20 meters in diameter and similar to the firefighters, and bring all that pressure under a table, dividing the flow of water between two elbows of smaller section that throw the water down.

Who can fly? 

Contrary to what may seem, the Flyboard is a sport for (almost) all audiences, very little physically demanding. For an initial level, a good physical shape does not give too many advantages. Anyone over 10 years old (with patern authorization) with normal mobility can practice Flyboard. The two really important factors to fly well are:

• Be comfortable in the water, have fun throwing your head (you will be doing all the time) and enjoy the water in general. If you have some respect for the water, calm, the Flyboard floats and you wear a vest, but it will cost you more to be relaxed.
• Have a good balance. It really does not take force to handle the Flyboard, the force is put by the jet ski. You simply have to maintain balance based on smooth movements.
They should not fly:

• Pregnant women.
• People with dislocated shoulders or knees at risk of relapse.
• People with serious neck or back diseases.
• People with otitis or any other cause that discourages getting wet.
• People under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


  • Life jackets/required safety gear

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