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Fast and Fun 21' Glastron on Lake Union/Lake Washington - WEEKDAY SPECIALS!!Fast and Fun 21' Glastron on Lake Union/Lake Washington - WEEKDAY SPECIALS!!Fast and Fun 21' Glastron on Lake Union/Lake Washington - WEEKDAY SPECIALS!!Fast and Fun 21' Glastron on Lake Union/Lake Washington - WEEKDAY SPECIALS!!

Fast and Fun 21' Glastron on Lake Union/Lake Washington - WEEKDAY SPECIALS!!

5.0(3 reviews)
4 bookings

Great condition Glastron GX-205 with many fun features. 3 zone LEDs, including wake lighting via remote, and a bluetooth stereo for your flavor of yacht rock (or whatever you prefer!). This is a fast and fun boat with U-shaped seating in the rear, and front. Tows skiers/tubers/wakeboarders, and has an open bow floorplan that's great for entertaining friends and family. Has a rear platform for laying out, catching sun rays, or soaking your feet in the water. There is a padded sun lounge, and it can comfortably fit 6-8 people. It is rated up to 10 if some are children, with a 1,475-pound max load. If the sun gets intense, the bimini cover will provide some shade. Make it a great day on Lake Union, or get out onto Lake Washington to explore and enjoy watersports. We meet you at the Lake Union Salmon House dock for easy pick-up and drop-off. Ten minutes to open water on Lake Washington! There is also a restaurant at the SkyLaunch marina nearby with dock-side takeout for your convenience. A few special rules: Location - The boat must remain in Lake Union or Lake Washington. It can not be taken through the locks. Experience - At least one renter must have Boaters Card or equivalent boating experience before requesting this vessel and operating. Timeliness - $25 per 15 minutes for late returns Fueling - Renters pay for all fuel and assumes all responsibility for the boat. I will take care of fueling the boat, and gas will come through as a second charge.e Please see Rental Terms for more important information.

Starting from

  • Hourly
    10 hrs max
  • $100/hr
    3 hrs min


4 total bookings
Captain Not Provided
Customer provides or acts as the qualified operator.
10 guests
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5.0 (3 reviews)
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  1. Fast and Fun 21' Glastron on Lake Union/Lake Washington - WEEKDAY SPECIALS!!
  2. Fast and Fun 21' Glastron on Lake Union/Lake Washington - WEEKDAY SPECIALS!!
  3. Fast and Fun 21' Glastron on Lake Union/Lake Washington - WEEKDAY SPECIALS!!
  4. Fast and Fun 21' Glastron on Lake Union/Lake Washington - WEEKDAY SPECIALS!!
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  1. TS

    Absolutely amazing experience - great vessel and person!

  2. AS
  3. JN


4 total bookings

I'm somewhat new to Washington waters and this is my first boat. Being on the water here is an amazing experience. I am grateful that I get to share it with others with the use of my Glastron. Happy boating!!

Features & Details

GX 205 Bowrider
  • Bluetooth
  • Life jackets/required safety gear
  • Watersports Equipment
  • Depth gauge
  • Ski/Towing Gear
  • Inverter
  • Fuel type: Gas
  • Single Engine
  • Bimini
  • Inboard Engine
  • Music System

Approximate Location

You’ll get directions to the departure location when you make a booking.

The boat's approximate location on a map

Cancellation Policy

Full refund up to 7 days prior.

Additional Terms & Information

Operating Vessel We will go over safety information in person. It’s a legal NO WAKE zone/7 knots (8mph) speed limit from Ballard Locks to Lake Union/Ship Canal to the 520 bridge/Webster Point (entrance to Lake Washington). I recommend going only 6mph to avoid a wake on this boat with numerous passengers. You can see speed and depth on the screen left side of helm. Be careful so a ticket doesn’t ruin your day! The boat may not go through the Ballard Locks and into the Puget Sound. If heading out to Lake Washington, when traveling through Union Bay, stay in the main channel or to the left all the way past Webster point before turning right, to the south. There are shallow places with under water pilings that can cause severe damage. Note: it takes 25 minutes to get from Union Bay to the starting point in North Lake Union in other words 1 hour round trip! Once on Lake Washington I have a vessel speed limit of 30 knots if you only have a few passengers, otherwise, if a large load of passengers, a lower speed applies. The boat has a GPS speedometer to make it easy to see the exact speed at any time. It is possible for an exception to be made depending on passenger load/skill set of renter and comfortability of owner. The engine(s) suffer much wear being a rental boat and any higher speed greatly reduces the life of the engine in addition to the fact of speed leading to increased safety issues and dramatically higher gas consumption which comes with an uncomfortable sticker shock. I have remote boat monitoring including GPS & speed tracking so please understand this rule is to be strictly followed. This boat has a kill switch which has a lanyard to attach to the driver. By wearing the lanyard, if you the driver of the boat fell overboard it would turn the engine off by losing a connection. Make sure to not accidentally press the engine trim button with your right thumb. Keep thumb away from throttle. Make sure to stand up or sit with seat flipped up while operating the boat for maximum visibility. Remember that paddle boarders, rowers, kayakers, sailboats all have the right-of-way. You must slow down, reverse, go around etc. As a rental, please just give everyone the right of way as a lot of boaters are inexperienced and don’t know the rules and many people can be quite aggressive on the water. Stay 200 feet to the east or west of the buoys in the center of Lake Union when their lights are flashing yellow. This is the seaplane takeoff/landing zone. VERY IMPORTANT: this boat is low to the water and in large waves/wave, water can easily crash over the bow and flood the boat. When bigger waves come, throttling up can raise the front of the boat to prevent swamping. Please always position the boat at a 45 degree angle into the waves. Safety Equipment The life jackets are under the rear left (port) seat, and in the side compartments midship. The throwable cushion is in that same side compartment. The orange swimmer flag is attached to the passenger handle. A turn screw and telescoping handle can raise and lower it for use. A boat hook is under the rear seats for use grabbing things that might fall in the water, and to aid in docking and departing. The horn is operational at the helm on the right most switch. The fire extinguisher is also on the left side of the passenger seat. For rentals in evening hours: please turn on at dusk the NAV light switch, which is the left-most switch to the right of the steering wheel. DO NOT turn on any other switches on accident as it could burn out the bilge pump. Other equipment There is an inflator for blow up inflatables plugged into an AC Anywhere under the inflatables in the rear center seat. To use it, turn on the right-most toggle switch on the set of switches below the steering wheel. That also turns on the subwoofer, so it is recommended to keep this switch off when the engine is not running. There are multi charging cables in the glove box. There is a wireless auto-clamping fast charger at the helm. There is a second USB-C charger above, and two more charging ports below the steering wheel. To listen to music, the switch to the right of the steering wheel with the music symbol turns on the radio. It is located in the glove box. To connect, cycle through the inputs to find BT (blue tooth), and then look for PYLE in your things to connect to. You can turn it up all the way and use your phone to control the volume. Insurance The rental does not come with any insurance provided by the site, if you booked on any platform. Insurance is accessible by the Owner only which has a renter endorsement. Renter agrees by taking possession of the vessel to be immediately liable for the first $2000 in damages before pursuing any such insurance claim to prevent an inundation of insurance claims caused by renters which would in turn would cause higher premiums and potentially being dropped by insurance carriers. If an insurance claim is filed and in the event insurance will not cover an incident for whatever hypothetical reason, the renter is completely liable for any and all damages to the vessel, other vessels and structures, contents of vessel, damages to other’s property, injuries, death that occurs do to any incident while under the control of the renter during the rental period. Renter understands by taking possession of vessel, renter waives all rights for any suit against and all liabilities to vessel owner and understands renter is solely liable for the complete cost of damages to vessel, it’s contents, damage to any other’s property and the health and safety of renter’s self, any of renters passengers and anyone renter may encounter during the duration of the rental. If an insurance claim is filed and denied, or the costs exceed insurance limits, and in the event of any injuries to any parties, renter understands all medical costs are the renters responsibility and liability and the owner is not to be liable in any way whatsoever. The owner of the vessel may choose completely and solely at owner’s discretion to offer to limit damages sustained to vessel to the full amount of owner’s insurance policy’s deductible and any other incidental costs associated with making a claim. However, if damage affects future rentals or for any reason at owner’s discretion, complete costs of damages, medical bills, or any incident caused by renter or renter’s guests will be solely and completely renter’s financial responsibility and fully liable for any incidents and costs of loss of usage for future canceled rentals due to damage caused during the rental. Pickup location/process We will be meeting at the public dock at the Salmon House at 401 NE Northlake Way, Seattle, WA. In an extenuating circumstance we might have to meet at another location such as the SkyLaunch marina, which is less than a quarter mile down the street. Owner will communicate which location in advance of rental. Please note the pickup location may have to be changed from these locations depending on circumstances. Most likely, I or my assistant will shove the boat away from the dock after going over everything you need to know about the boat and we may be doing a demonstration docking of how to slowly approach the dock at the end of the rental. Unless you are a very experienced boater, PLEASE DO NOT APPROACH the dock at the end of the rental until we communicate and that I or my assistant is waiting for you at the dock. Please slowly approach the dock alternating between neutral and forward for brief periods of time. Remember to stay calm, and avoid jerky motions with the throttle. Approach either of us at the dock at a 45 degree angle and slowly. Boat rules Be respectful of other boats and noise levels especially in marina/dock area. No pets unless paying for the add-a-pet add-on. Please remove shoes prior to boarding. The only time people should stand is moving to and from the area. For safety and to prevent damage, no standing or sitting on swim platform or engine compartment while the engine is on. Follow legal requirements for children wearing life jackets where applicable. Childrens life jackets are under the rear left (port) side seat. No smoking, vaping and no drugs. Be aware that waterways are patrolled by the Coast Guard and possessing marijuana is still a federal crime. No tying up to other boats and absolutely no docking unless asking for and granted permission first as the risk of damage is greatest in these two situations which has happened in the past. Please inform me if you plan to anchor so I can let you know the two spots you can anchor the boat. I’ve had renters lose money due to losing the anchor and line by anchoring in the wrong location. It is a throw overboard anchor in the midship floor compartment. Extra ropes are located under the bow right seat. Only well qualified renters may use boat for towables/watersports. You must receive express permission for these activities given the much greater risks to life, and may be asked questions about safe handling. Be careful to stay in the main channel and away from the south shore towards the 520 bridge and only maneuver boat under main tall passageways. I’ve had a renter break the propeller disabling the boat completely by going in shallow waters next to a dock. Watch the depth gauge any time near land, as the bottom can come up fast, and some areas have vegetation that can get caught in the prop. Absolutely no docking at the Madison Beach Dock or any other dock without express permission from the owner! Docking is one of the most dangerous activities, and can cause damage to the boat, dock, other boats or people. Boat may not go on the Puget Sound through the locks due to much greater risks and future rental time constraints. Gas Gas is paid in cash or electronically at the end of the rental (Venmo or Zelle accepted). I track the number of miles the boat has gone during the rental, and use this to determine the cost of the fuel. Gas can be more than the minimum especially on half day trips if the engine is run the full 4 hours and the trip includes circling Mercer Island for example which usually means the engine is run at a higher RPMs. It can take quite a bit of work and extra time to keep refilling the boat which I or my assistant does instead of other rental companies which make the renter spend too much of their rental time on refilling the gas. If at any point gas is required due to low fuel, the SkyLaunch marina at 111 NE Northlake Way has a public gas dock with a great staff. My process leads to happier customers and less damage to the boats since constant docking isn’t required. Cleaning Entire boat must be returned in same clean condition as provided. Please use a provided boat towel located in bow left under seat, slightly dampen and scrub all decking and seats upon return and best to do after most have stepped off boat. Cleaning wipes, cleaners, rags, paper towels are all provided. Cleaners are under front left seat with towels, garbage bags and cleaning wipes. Please keep any dark liquids away from seats. No red wines or jellos as when spilled it is difficult to impossible to remove. If pets were brought aboard, make sure to clean up any pet hair. Please again, no smoking. If the boat is left dirty, or any damage from smoking occurs there will be $100 minimum cleaning fee. Late Fees 15-29 minutes late $100.Cancellations. 30 minutes or more up to $5000 if another booking is affected/canceled. There will be times when at my sole discretion I will allow extra time at no additional cost, adjusting the end time of the rental. Cancellations Please note my cancellation policy is the same whether on the platforms or directly booked through me. Free cancellations until 7 days before the booking start date. 50% refund for cancellations between 3-6 days before the booking start date. Cancellations within 3 days of the booking start date are non-refundable. Rescheduling and Weather I do not offer the ability to reschedule to another date. Seattle has variable weather and clouds and rain are a constant part of life here so unfortunately I can’t accommodate rescheduling or refunds for cancellations due to rain and clouds.

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