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About This Windsurfing Experience

Our courses are suitable for everybody aged 7 to 70 years, the only condition is that You swim.

The beginner’s courses usually takes place in the morning between 10:00 and 13:00, when the wind strength is suitable for beginners, while the advanced classes are in the afternoon when the wind increases.


BEGINNERS COURSE: The beginners course includes of 1 hour theory and practice on the simulator, and 6 hours of training on the sea. Beginners learn the basics of windsurfing and different sailing directions so in the end of the course You are able to windsurf in weak wind conditions independently.

PRICE - 109 euro

BEGINNERS COURSE FOR KIDS: The course is designed for kids from 7 till 14 years. The program is specially adjusted in learning methods and equipment (special boards and sails for kids).

PRICE - 99 Euro

ADVANCED COURSE: The advanced course is a follow up to the beginners course. During middle/up rising wind conditions You learn advanced surfing maneuvers such as the jibe, fast tack, harness sailing and beach start.

PRICE - 109 Euro

FUN COURSE: The fun course is designed for those who want to windsurf in middle to strong wind conditions. Here You can learn the advanced elements of windsurfing such as gliding in footstraps on a surfboard without daggerboard, different jibes, power jibe, race jibe, dack jibe, water start.


  • Type: Windsurfing
  • Capacity: 1 People
  • Rental Minimum: 1 day
  • Cancellation: Full Refund 5 Days Prior

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