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Motor Yacht
65 ft
20 Guests

About This Sleep Aboard Boat

Fully catered all-inclusive private luxury adventure charters aboard the vessel "Achievement".  Achievement Charters offers many types of experiences, including:

Swan River cruises for private or corporate functions

Rottnest Island adventures 

Cray fishing experience

Indian Ocean fishing

Abrolhos Island fishing Adventures

Exmouth game fishing trips


Our team of professional, experienced crew with intimate knowledge of the Western Australian coast, have always been passionate about making people happy, and what better way to help them than to experience the adventures of their dreams?

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Rent this Motor Yacht for $800 AUD per hour in Fremantle, Western Australia.


  • Type: Motor Yacht
  • Capacity: 20 People
  • Year: 2010
  • Rental Minimum: 4 hours
  • Length: 65 ft
  • Cancellation: Full Refund 30 Days Prior

Rental Requirements



1.1              The Operator charters the Vessel to the Charterer on the terms and conditions set out below and in the Booking Form, which forms a part of the terms and conditions.

1.2              Terms used or defined in the Booking Form have the same meaning in these terms and conditions.

2.                 Parties

2.1              Reference to the Operator includes the owner of the Vessel and any directors, employees, agents and subcontractors of the Operator or the owner.

2.2              Any reference to the Charterer includes the Charterer’s guests, passengers, family, employees, agents and any person on the Vessel at any time at the invitation of or with the consent of the Charterer.

2.3              Maximum passenger numbers for the charter as a group must be complied with at all times.  Under no circumstances will the Charterer be entitled to board more than the surveyed number of people for the Vessel.  The Vessel is surveyed for 26 passengers on the Swan River, 21 passengers on the open sea and 8 passengers for charters which include overnight accommodation.

3.                 DEPOSIT AND PAYMENT

3.1              A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to be paid by the Charterer immediately upon booking to confirm the charter. Bank account details for EFT payments:

Account Name :               Achievement Charters Pty Ltd

BSB :                                        036022

Account Number :          421273

3.2              No booking is confirmed until:

(a)            receipt of the deposit in cleared funds; and

(b)            valid signing, acceptance and return of the Booking Form.

3.3              The balance of the payment is required not less than 10 days prior to the Departure Date.

3.4              Failure to make the deposit or balance payment will entitle the Operator to consider the booking cancelled.

3.5              All credit card payments incur a surcharge which will vary depending on the credit card used.

4.                 SECURITY BOND

4.1              An additional security bond as specified on the Booking Form (“Security Bond”) is required, for any damage caused by the Charterer to the Vessel or the assets, equipment, fixtures or fittings of the Operator or the owner of the Vessel contained on or attached to the Vessel (“Equipment”).  

4.2              The Security Bond will be refundable at the completion of the charter, subject to the satisfactory inspection by the Operator.  The Operator reserves the right to retain the Security Bond or part thereof for costs incurred to remedy damage to the Vessel or the Equipment caused or contributed to by the Charterer. This includes costs associated with cleaning as a result of the Vessel being in an unsatisfactory condition at the end of the charter.  

4.3              If the Security Bond is insufficient to cover the costs an additional invoice will be issued by the Operator with payment required within 7 days.

4.4              Failure to pay the required Security Bond before departure may result in the charter being cancelled without refund.

5.                 CANCELLATION FEES

5.1              Subject to the Charterer providing written notice of any cancellation to the Operator, the following cancellation charges apply:

(a)    25% of the total booking amount if the Charterer cancels for any reason greater than 10 days prior to the Departure Date;


(b)   50% of the total booking amount if the Charterer cancels within 10 days of the Departure Date;


(c)    75% of the total booking amount if the Charterer cancels within 96 hours or less of the Departure Date; and


(d)   100% of the total booking amount if the Charterer cancels within 48 hours or less of the Departure Date.


5.2              The cancellation fee will be automatically deducted from the moneys paid by the Charterer and the balance, if any, refunded.

6.                 TIMING OF CHARTER

6.1              Boarding times are usually scheduled to take place within a 15 minute window due to limitations on berthing at various embarkation points.  Due to these and other circumstances the Operator cannot guarantee a precise arrival time of the Vessel, whether at embarkation or disembarkation, nor can the Operator guarantee the duration of any boarding time at any embarkation point.

6.2              The standard embarkation and disembarkation point for the Vessel is The Boathouse, 15 Mews Road, Fremantle.  Other points can be arranged upon request by the Charterer which will may incur an additional fee to cover the cost of travelling to and from that location and berthing fees.

6.3              It is intended all charters will return to the Disembarkation Point at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled Disembarkation Time in order to allow proper berthing and disembarkation.

6.4              Departure and arrival times may vary due to unexpected events including inclement weather conditions.

6.5              Extension of time for a charter tour will incur an additional hourly rate of $_____ and is subject to the discretion of Operator, and availability of the Vessel.

7.                 REFUNDS

7.1              If the charter is unable to proceed on the Departure Date due to inclement weather, the Operator will notify the Charterer the day prior and offer, at its discretion, available alternate departure dates or a 75% refund of the full payment.

7.2              If the charter is unable to proceed on the Departure Date due to mechanical or technical breakdown of the Vessel, the Operator will offer the Charterer either an alternate vessel or a 100% refund of the full payment.

7.3              If the charter is unable to proceed on the Departure Date due to events beyond the control of the Operator (which excludes weather events or mechanical breakdown), the Operator will notify the Charterer as soon as practicable and offer available alternate departure dates, but no refund will be provided.

7.4              If the charter proceeds but a minor mechanical breakdown occurs during the course of the charter that does not significantly impinge on the charter, no refund will be provided.

7.5              If the charter proceeds, but the Operator determines for safety reasons the Vessel must return to the place of departure prior to the nominated Disembarkation Time, or moor or dock elsewhere, the Operator will offer the charterer a 50% refund of the full payment.

7.6              The Operator reserves the right to terminate any charter without consultation or refund in any circumstances of passengers behaving in a manner deemed by any crew member to pose a danger to themselves, other persons or the safe operation of the Vessel or Charter.

7.7              If the Operator terminates the charter because passengers become unruly to the extent they, in the reasonable opinion of the Operator, pose a risk to themselves or others, the Vessel, the Equipment or the safety of the Vessel, no refund will be provided. 

8.                 INSURANCE

8.1              The Operator maintains protection and indemnity insurance for the Vessel and Equipment.

8.2              The Charterer acknowledges the insurance held by the Operator does not extend to the Charterer or any of its passengers or their belongings.  

8.3              The Operator recommends the Charterer arrange its own insurance to cover against charter cancellation resulting from inclement weather or for other reasons and for loss of or damage to the Charterer’s belongings.

9.                 INDEMNITY

9.1              The Charterer indemnifies the Operator against all losses, claims, actions, demands or damage incurred or for which the Operator may be liable, and which arise from or are in connection with any loss or damage to property, and death or injury of any kind whatsoever, however and wherever sustained except to the extent caused by a negligent act or omission by the Operator.  

10.              LIABILITY

10.1           To the extent permitted by law, the Operator is not liable for:

(a)         loss of or damage to goods or personal belongings, delay, consequential or other loss of any kind, or for any injury or death arising directly or indirectly from negligence or omission or some other cause in connection with provision or non-provision of the charter, activities or services arising out of the Charterer’s engagement of the Operator or the charter of the Vessel; or

(b)        any inaccuracy in any information concerning the Vessel, the charter, activities, services or pricing for which the Charterer has engaged the Operator or the charter of the Vessel.


11.1           The Operator may provide activity equipment for use by the Charterer, including equipment for the purposes of snorkelling, scuba and hookah diving, fishing, spearfishing, water skiing, sea-biscuiting, kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding (“Recreational Equipment”).

11.2           The Charterer warrants they have all approvals, permits and licences necessary to undertake any of the activities which utilise the Recreational Equipment and the Charterer agrees to indemnify the Operator for all costs, loss or expense suffered or claimed against the Operator as a result of a failure to obtain any necessary approvals, licences or permits.

11.3           The Charterer acknowledges and accepts use of the Recreational Equipment is undertaken on a ‘take as is’ basis, and at their own risk.

11.4           The Charterer acknowledges activities involving use of the Recreational Equipment are hazardous and involve physically strenuous activity, which in some cases requires a high degree of proficiency and skill, and releases the Operator from all claims for loss, damage, injury or death arising from the use of the Recreational Equipment.

11.5           The Operator may require the Charterer or passengers to complete a waiver form prior to the use of the Recreational Equipment made available by the Operator. Refusal by the Charterer or any passenger to complete a waiver form upon request will prohibit the Charterer from using the Recreational Equipment.

11.6           The Operator may, in its absolute discretion, withdraw any of the Recreational Equipment from use for safety reasons.

12.              ALCOHOL AND FOOD

12.1           The Vessel is not a fully licensed vessel and the Charterer is responsible for the legal and proper behaviour of all guests and passengers.

12.2           The Charterer is permitted to bring its own alcohol onto the Vessel for the duration of a charter, subject to notifying the Operator of all requested details and the Operator being satisfied with those details. 

12.3           All relevant arrangements for the delivery and storage must be made prior to the charter.

12.4           Absolutely no open containers or drinking of alcoholic beverages will be allowed on any jetty.

12.5           The Operator may provide and serve food and serve beverages on the Vessel on behalf of the Charterer, subject to prior arrangements between the Operator and the Charterer in writing.

13.              SMOKING

Smoking is not permitted on the Vessel, other than at the transom with the prior approval of the Operator.


14.1           The Charterer must notify the Operator in writing prior to departure of all pre-existing medical conditions, disabilities and illnesses of any passengers and confirm no pre-existing medical conditions, illness or disease exist that may be aggravated by participating in any activity reasonably contemplated during the charter, including use of the Recreational Equipment.

14.2           The Charterer warrants all passengers are medically fit to undertake the charter.

15.              ACCOMMODATION

The Vessel has capacity to sleep 8 passengers.


16.              RULES

16.1           The Charterer accepts the inherent risks involved with a charter and recreational activities which may be undertaken or contemplated to be undertaken incidental to a charter.

16.2           The Charterer and passengers must follow and comply with the instructions of the skipper and crew at all times.

16.3           The Operator may, at its absolute discretion, arrange for the removal of the Charterer and/or the passengers that are in its reasonable opinion not complying with instructions.

16.4           For the safety of passengers and the maintenance of the Vessel the Operator requires passengers to wear soft soled shoes with no high heels.

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