Read on before buying the next angling boat of your dreams.

Thinking about investing in a new fishing boat? With hundreds of boat styles, makes, models, and features to consider, it can be incredibly difficult to choose the ideal boat for your fishing adventures.

We think that the best way to ensure you’re making the right decision is to test drive before you buy. How can you do that? With a fishing boat rental on Getmyboat, of course! Book a few fishing charters or trips on different styles of boats so you can have the full fishing experience first.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Fishing Boat

The most important factors to consider are the location you intend to bring the boat, your budget, the capacity you’ll need for your boat, and if you’ll want any special features and amenities onboard.

Do you live on the coast, or are you looking to explore lakes and inland rivers? Are you hoping to make a deep-sea catch or reel in a small fish while paddling yourself around? Do you have a group of fishing buddies you prefer to cast off with, or are you hoping to explore alone? The style of fishing you most enjoy and want to do with your watercraft will make all the difference when it comes to buying a fishing boat.

Bass Boats

Bass Tracker

Would you rather cruise to your fishing spot by motor instead of paddling there? Bass boats are a great choice for freshwater fishing. They usually have a powerful (but not too loud) outboard engine, a flat deck, and aerated live wells for storing bait. They're designed specifically for anglers, not as multi-purpose boats, so the features specifically cater to creating the ideal fishing experience.

Here are some of the best ones on the market:

Bass Cat Puma FTD

Largely considered one of the overall best options under 30' when it comes to bass boats, the Bass Cat Puma FTD boasts of being the brand’s most popular boat. It's 20’ in length and offers maneuverability, twin 26-gallon fuel tanks, seven storage compartments, and a 94” beam for stability. Pricing starts at $44,000 and goes up to $70,000.

Crestliner Deep V Bass Boat

Crestliner is renowned for being one of the best makers of aluminum fishing boats. The stability offered by the Crestliner Deep V Bass Boat will be appreciated for larger bodies of water with potentially rougher conditions. It has raised bow and stern decks, a 28-gallon live well, and a thick, high-quality aluminum hull to handle any conditions.

Pricing for Crestliner Deep V Fishing Boats starts at $9,936, making them a very affordable motorized fishing boat model to look into.

Tracker Bass Tracker Classic XL

Starting at just under $17,000, this bass boat comes with a fish finder, a Minn Kota trolling motor, a 9-gallon live well, and a lifetime warranty on the top-quality aluminum hull. The Tracker Classic XL is a great watercraft for family fun and fishing days on the water. Bass Tracker makes great bass boats, perfect for a fishing enthusiast looking to make a great catch.

Skiff Boats

Skiff Boats

A skiff boat is a flat-bottomed boat commonly used for fishing in shallow, protected waters. Skiffs are great for maneuvering in calm waters, and due to their small size, they're often relatively affordable. They have rugged bottoms that will hold up if you’re in a rocky creek while still being lightweight and not requiring excessive fuel to propel them through the water. Many anglers who opt for a skiff boat for fishing will use them in shallow waters with a pole, using the pole to gently propel the boat through the delicate waterways.

Hewes Redfisher 16

Accommodating up to 4 passengers, the Redfisher 16 by Hewes is perfect for backcountry fishing adventures. Starting at $51,655 MSRP, it offers a wide beam and fishing platform for stability, and it can float in just 11” of water. It’s 16.5’ long and is compact enough to fit in a garage, weighing only 1,700lbs with a 32-gallon fuel capacity.

Maverick 17 HPX-V II

Perfect for poling in shallow waters, the Maverick 17 is renowned for its successful handling in fishing tournaments, making it a favorite amongst competitive anglers. It is lightweight and maneuvers with ease in all sorts of marine conditions. It can accommodate three passengers onboard and has ample dry storage space. Pricing for the Maverick 17 HPX-V II starts at $49,637 MSRP.

Dolphin 17’ Super Skiff Pro

With poling capabilities in just 8” of water, the Dolphin 17’ Skiff is a fast and sturdy fishing boat. It can handle 2” of wave chop and has a large front deck, perfect for casting platform. It has a 32-gallon live well for bait and catches and offers ample storage space. It can also reach speeds of 40mph, so it can get you to the best fishing spots quickly before you cut the engine and use the poling system to silently cruise through the shallow waters.

Jon Boats for Fishing

Jon Boat

A Jon boat is a flat-bottom fishing boat, most commonly used in freshwater fishing. They are inexpensive and great for a beginner boater or casual fisherman. The flat hull provides a lot of space and stability, and they are most often made of durable aluminum, although they can be fiberglass or wood.

Tracker Grizzly 2072

This all-welded aluminum Jon boat boasts a 150HP engine and a center-console design that allows for better driver visibility and fishing access from all sides. It can accommodate up to 9 passengers at 21’ in length, it’s great for both off-shore and in-shore fishing. It has two live wells, one being a 32-gallon aerated live well. It also offers port and starboard-side rod holders and lockable storage.

Pricing for the Tracker Grizzly starts at $31,595 USD.

Sun Dolphin Pro 120

This 2-person fishing boat is designed with a tri-hull for extra stability, swivel pedestal seats, a front-end cooler, storage compartments, built-in rod holders, drink and tackle holders, and aerated live wells. The Sun Dolphin Pro 120 is great for weekend fishing trips with your favorite fishing buddy.

It’s wired for an electrical trolling motor and has a fused control panel and navigation lights. The Sun Dolphin Pro 120 price is around $3,000, making it a very affordable fishing boat for a budget angler.

Sea Ark RX180 CC

This high-performing Jon boat has a 90HP engine and impressive turn radius, making it easy to maneuver in tricky fishing spots. It has two fold-down pedestal chairs and a bench for additional seating. It’s 18’ in length and comes with a bilge pump, 12-volt and USB plug connections, wiring for a trolling motor, and many storage compartments. It’s fully equipped with everything you’ll need for a great fishing day. Pricing for the Sea Ark RX180 CC boat starts at around $25,000.

RIB Boats for Fishing

Fishing RIB

RIB stands for rigid inflatable boat, and RIBs are a great choice for sport fishing due to their open deck accessibility, ability to handle choppy seas, and they are easy to launch, even for a solo angler. And, they're fast — you can cruise from one fishing spot to the next much faster than other boat models. They're also quite versatile as boats go, so you can repurpose them for other marine activities.

Newport Vessels Inflatable Dinghy Boats

Newport Vessels makes great inflatable dinghy boats that can be used for fishing excursions. Ranging in size options from 7ft to 12.5ft in length, making them small and compact, easy to store and maneuver in tight spots. Newport Vessels also offers their boats with electric outboard motors, which is an incredible way to get around on the water — no need to fuel up, no worry about gas leaks, and you can enjoy quiet cruising - no scaring off the fish!

Pricing for Newport Vessels starts at $1,199.00

Emaxusa Aluminum Transom Inflatable Boat

With a sturdy aluminum floor and durable PVC inflatable tubes, this boat is great for fishing and can be assembled in only 10 minutes. It’s super easy to transport and can hold up to 4 passengers. It can be used in salt and freshwater environments and can handle rough seas. Pricing for the Emaxusa RIB starts at $1,198.00

Deep-Sea Fishing Boats

Viking Sportfishing Yacht

Looking for a more intense fishing adventure on the open ocean? A sport fishing yacht or deep-sea fishing boat might be what you’ll want to invest in! These are not for a casual angler but for someone who prioritizes fishing over everything in life and has a passion for being on the water.

Viking 64C Convertible Sportfishing Yacht

This boat first premiered at the 2021 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS) and has maintained its dominance as being a world-class fishing vessel. With overnight accommodations of multiple staterooms, a salon, and a galley. It has 2/1,825-hp Caterpillar C32 ACERT diesel inboard engines and a huge freezer compartment to accommodate extra stores or bait for extended fishing trips.

Pricing for the Viking 64C Convertible Sportfishing Yacht starts at $3,300,000.

Scout 425 LXF S-CLASS

Scout boats are luxurious fishing vessels ranging from 17’ to 53’ in length, and many models are constructed with carbon epoxy, making them highly stable and built for performance and comfort. For your fishing enjoyment and cooking onboard, the 425 LXF S-Class fishing yacht comes with a drawer cooler, and a summer kitchen with a grill, sink, and cutting board. There are also swivel barstools that you can stow away to save on deck space.

Pricing for this boat starts at $1,236,947, which includes the boat and standard engines.

Hatteras GT45X with Flybridge

This boat is ready to help you win that upcoming fishing tournament! With a starboard side bait and tackle storage console, rod holders, and top speeds in the 40 mph range, this boat is great for competitive anglers who mean business on the water. Enjoy overnight accommodations in a spacious cabin. Pricing for the Hatteras GT45X starts at around $1,695,000 for newer models.

Fishing Kayaks

Hobie Mirage Fishing Kayak

Coming in at the more affordable range for a vessel, a fishing kayak can be the perfect choice for anglers who prefer fishing in calm waters, like lakes, ponds, quiet streams, and slow-flowing rivers. While some high-end fishing kayaks can cost over $5,000, you can find great options for less than $1,000.

An important consideration with a fishing kayak is that they demand a certain amount of stability and skill, so you’ll want to test one out before committing to it. Not everyone enjoys the sensation of fishing from a kayak — for older anglers or anyone with mobility issues, it may feel unstable and uncomfortable.

Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12

Great for salt or freshwater fishing, the Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12 kayak is equipped with pedals for powering yourself to the best fishing spots, with the ability to reverse and fins that fold up to avoid underwater obstructions so you can float right over and cast off with ease. Prices start at around $4,299 USD.

3 Waters Big Fish 103

With a stable, trimaran-style hull, the 3 Waters Big Fish 103 is another great pedal kayak. Some of its features include an EZ rider seat for comfort, a storage console in the bow, mounted rod holders, and over 390lbs of capacity onboard.

Starting at $1,899.00 USD, it’s an affordable, middle-range price option for kayak fishing enthusiasts who don’t want to spend a ton of money but still want a high-quality, versatile fishing vessel.

NuCanoe Fishing Kayaks

NuCanoe fishing kayaks offer amazing versatility - you can easily switch the propulsion method from power to pedal to paddle.

The Flint model starts at around $1,000, but you can choose from various styles for your desired experience. These are great kayaks for fishing, hunting, or simply pedaling around and enjoying the outdoors on the water.

Still not sure which fishing boat will be best for you? Your best bet is to rent out various fishing boats for various excursions to your favorite fishing spots to test them firsthand. Check out fishing boat rentals and fishing charters available on Getmyboat!