When we bring a scene from a movie into our real lives, it always evokes a unique set of emotions. We get a moment to feel like a celebrity, taking in all the sights and sounds around us that they experienced filming in iconic locations. While most of us will never achieve real fame in our lives, the ability to experience the sensation of being famous, even if just for a few hours, is unforgettable.

Walking past Tiffany & Co on 5th Avenue puts us in the shoes of Holly Golightly in 1960s New York City. A cruise on the River Thames past the landmark buildings of London can bring up unlimited Sherlock Holmes references, and everyone remembers their first drive across the Golden Gate Bridge, feeling excitement when remembering how it has been a battleground for movies like the Rise of Planet of the Apes and Pacific Rim.

Boat Like James Bond

Living out the thrills from an action movie takes the entire experience to a new level. When you push off from the dock on the Van Dutch Luxury Motor Yacht, you’ll step into the leather shoes of secret agent James Bond, taking on the waters around Newport Beach in impeccable style. This captivating boat has made its debut on the big screen several times, including features in HBO’s Entourage (so don’t forget to invite yours) the movie Baller’s, and most importantly, James Bond Skyfall. Able to accommodate up to 12 people, you’ll have space to sip champagne and lounge around, soaking up the southern California sun.

Don’t forget your dark-tinted aviator sunglasses when you cruise on this beautiful vessel since the Instagram paparazzi will be waiting out in the waves to snap photos of you and your entourage as you explore the stunning California coastline. Renters of the Van Dutch luxury yacht can take it on a day trip out to Catalina Island for snorkeling and sunbathing, drift past Laguna Beach and wave to admirers, or sip a glass of champagne and watch the sunset over the Pacific. Captain Sean will act as your agent, professionally designing the perfect boating day down to every last detail. You’ll feel all the luxury and joy of living the high life without having to sign any autographs on your boat day.

Sail in Luxury from Port Elizabeth in the Grenadines on "Heron" Schooner

This stunning boat used in the movie The Rum Diary starring Johnny Depp will transport you to island bliss as you sail through sapphire blue waters and sip cocktails onboard. Just like how Depp’s character, Paul Kemp, escapes his life as a failing author in the movie in search of a new life in the tropics, you can give yourself a taste of escape by renting out this beauty for a few days of sailing during your vacation.

The Rum Diary boat rental

This beautiful vessel can be rented from Port Elizabeth in the Grenadines, and occasionally from its seasonal home in Rockport, Maine. Depending on where you are, you can experience the celebrity life at a leisurely pace as you sail along the coast, relaxing on this schooner with your family and friends.

Dress to Impress on the Mariner III

While this beauty’s 15 minutes of fame was more like 15 seconds since it was featured in a Tommy Hilfiger commercial for their Seafarius campaign, it nonetheless has earned celebrity status just on looks alone. The Mariner III cruises out of Miami Beach and can host up to 90 guests, making it the perfect choice for hosting an event if you want to help your guests feel part of the rich and famous.

Many boats available to rent or charter from Getmyboat have been featured in movies, TV shows, commercials, or have earned their 15-minutes of fame. Renting one of these beauties and giving yourself a taste of the celebrity life is an unforgettable way to spend time with your entourage. Invite your family and friends who want to make memories with you.

If you’re looking for a unique event venue or a way to escape, rent or charter a boat with Getmyboat for an unbeatable luxury experience. Enjoy all the glitz and glamor of Hollywood without the stress of the limelight, and cruise like a celebrity on one of these famous vessels that have made their big-screen debuts. Search through thousands of options by your location, and book the perfect boat charter for your next event or boat day.