Celebrating Labor Day is always bittersweet. While having the first Monday in September off is something that no one will complain about, the holiday symbolically marks the official end of summer in the mind of many. Kids start school again, the days get shorter, and the tell-tale signs of autumn start creeping in. This is why it’s crucial to plan a fun Labor Day weekend so that you can maximize this last taste of summer vacation.

Labor Day was first made a holiday in 1887 in Oregon, and in the years after, many states followed suit. Now it’s celebrated across all 50 states and in all U.S. Territories like Puerto Rico and Guam. It’s a celebration of the essential contributions that labor movements made across the country in fighting for better working conditions and benefits for American workers. Today, it’s a great excuse to light the grill and have a barbecue or enjoy a day out on the water boating.

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Boating on Labor Day

Labor Day weekend is a big day for boating. If you don’t own a boat, consider renting with Getmyboat. With incredible listings across the country, if you’re near water, we want to help you get out and enjoy it. There’s no better summer send-off than a day of cruising around the lake or ocean, stopping off for a swim, and soaking up the sun. Take advantage of your long weekend and check out boat rentals and charters in your local area so that this time doesn’t pass you by.

Yacht Charters & Pontoon Rentals for Labor Day 

Celebrating Labor Day weekend with a large group? Charter a yacht or rent a pontoon you'll have the space to accommodate everyone for cruising around on Labor Day. These boats are perfect if you're going to stop at a waterfront restaurant or enjoy a picnic on board. If you are not a licensed boater, you can also book boat charters for Labor Day in major cities across the country.

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Boat Parties over Labor Day Weekend

In addition to private boat rentals and charters for Labor Day, you can also book tickets for organized boat parties over Labor Day weekend. There are many events going on in major cities for Labor Day, like parades, festivals, and other celebrations. What better way to get in on the action than by renting a boat for a part of the weekend? It's the perfect way to meet new people, enjoy cocktails, and cruise for hours, without having to worry about who will be driving the boat!

Boating Safety for Labor Day Weekend

Because it’s a much busier boating day, be extra cautious and aware of other boaters and possible hazards out on the water. You don’t want an accident to ruin your long weekend. Be prepared with lifejackets on board for everyone on your watercraft. Also, check your navigation lights if you’re going to be out after dark. It's a good idea to read a boating safety guide and check out the top boating safety tips before you cruise out from the dock on Labor Day weekend.

If you are enjoying alcoholic drinks while out boating, remember to have a sober driver. Intoxicated drivers are the leading cause of boating accidents and fatalities, and the risk of something going wrong increases when waterways and boating locations are busier.

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Watersports Rentals for Labor Day

Labor Day weekend is one of the last hurrahs for kids who are still in school. Taking them out for a fun day of watersports like waterskiing, tubing, wakeboarding, and more is the perfect way to get out their energy and seize the final moments of summer vacation. Rent waterskis, wakeboards, or inflatable tubes and listen to the endless laughter of your kids as you pull them behind the boat.

Watersports Rentals for Labor Day

Kayak Rentals and Paddleboarding on Labor Day

For families or friend groups on a budget, consider renting a kayak or stand-up paddleboard for Labor Day weekend. It’s an affordable alternative to buying your own or renting a yacht, while still enabling you to get out on the water. Bonus - you’ll get an incredible upper body workout as you paddle yourself around the lake or in the ocean in a kayak or on a stand-up paddleboard. Don’t wait - this type of equipment rents out far in advance! Reserve your rental for Labor Day weekend today.

Washington D.C. kayak Rentals

Labor Day Celebrations around the USA

Washington D.C. Boat Rentals

A national holiday celebrated in the nation’s capital is guaranteed to be a good time. With orchestra concerts, river cruises on the Potomac and Anacostia, and parades, Washington D.C. is the place to be in celebration of Labor Day. You can also book sightseeing tours on Duck Boats to learn more about the history of the United States from the perspective of the water.

Miami Boat Rentals

There’s no shortage of boat parties and concerts in Miami for Labor Day weekend. Miami never needs an excuse to party, and Labor Day is no exception. Book yourself tickets on a boat party or rent a luxury yacht for the ultimate day of cruising around. Miami Beach is meant to be enjoyed from the deck of a boat.

Miami Boat Rentals for labor day

Boat Rentals in NYC

New York City is always a great place to celebrate a national holiday. Whether you’re in Manhattan or Montauk, you can enjoy boating and soak up the final weekend of summer while in New York. There are outdoor concerts, parades, and endless activities and festivals to enjoy if you’re in New York over Labor Day weekend. Cruise around the harbor on a yacht charter or enjoy a fun day on a boat tour around the Statue of Liberty. Rent water sports equipment or book a guided kayak tour to enjoy this holiday weekend.

Boat Rentals in NYC for labor day

Yacht Rentals in Chicago

Chicago is teeming with cultural events to enjoy during Labor Day weekend. Jazz festivals, concerts, food festivals, and other outdoor things to do that make the city come alive. Rent a boat and take a river cruise or sail out into Lake Michigan on a sailing charter. Watch fireworks at Navy Pier or rent a kayak for a fun day of paddling on the lake. Chicago is a great place to eat, explore, and enjoy Labor Day weekend.

Yacht Rentals in Chicago for labor day

San Francisco Boat Rentals

San Francisco is a major city to enjoy Labor Day weekend. Cruise around the Bay area on a boat rental or charter, drifting under the Golden Gate Bridge with your boating squad. It’s a fantastic city to enjoy the long weekend, with baseball games, whale watching excursions, winery tours, and free entry to museums and other attractions. Book your boat rental to explore the Bay for Labor Day.

San Francisco Boat Rentals for labor day

Renting a Boat in Los Angeles

With events like Fleet Week and Los Angeles County Fair, there’s plenty to enjoy during Labor Day weekend in Los Angeles and the surrounding cities. Rent a boat in Marina del Rey or visit a festival in Long Beach. Go sailing from Santa Monica or kayak around Huntington Beach. Surfing lessons, yacht charters, or fishing tours are all fun things you can enjoy over Labor Day in Los Angeles.

Renting a Boat in Los Angeles for labor day

No matter what part of the country you visit for Labor Day, you'll be able to find awesome boat rentals and water experiences on the Getmyboat platform. It's a fantastic way to spend the final moments of summer, making memories with your kids or friends on a boat rental.

If you’re out on a boat enjoying Labor Day, we’d love to hear your stories and see your pictures! Follow us @Getmyboat and use the hashtag #Getmyboat. Book boat rentals on the go with the Getmyboat mobile app.