Despite what you may think, renting a boat in Greece doesn't have to break the bank. Greece is the ultimate boating destination, with thousands of islands to explore, glorious warm sunshine, and the glittering waters of the Aegean Sea inviting vacationers from around the globe. With so many islands and destinations within Greece, it can be hard to choose where to go, especially if you're planning on renting a boat or booking a yacht charter during your trip.

Explore the Greek Islands by yacht, here are some of our favorite destinations.


Here are some of the best boating destinations in Greece

Santorini of the Cyclades Islands

Without question, Santorini is the top tourist destination in Greece. Perfect for renting a boat, Santorini is known for romantic getaways, stunning sunsets, and amazing island-hopping. Rent a boat in Santorini to check out famous beaches of red and black sand, surrounded by crisp blue and white architecture. Santorini is also the ultimate destination for a sunset cruise. The steep cliffs, clear waters, and green fields of the island complete the renowned landscape. Explore Perissa and Oia, book a catamaran charter, or rent kayaks for an adventure in Santorini. Yachting and cruising among the islands will make for a relaxing vacation on Santorini. 

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Crete Island

The largest of the Greek islands, Crete will host any boater with ease. Renting a boat in Crete is a great way to spend time on the island. There are lots of things to do in Crete, enticing travelers with culture, tasty cuisine, secluded villages, and tourist attractions. If you are cruising the shoreline, pristine beaches and crystal clear water are in abundance. Book a sailing charter in Crete or enjoy island hopping on a boat tour. Kayaking is also a popular daytime attraction while island exploration and day excursions by watercraft offer endless exploration. 

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Mykonos of the Cyclades Islands

Boasting the best beaches in the country and lively nightlife, boaters that choose to visit Mykonos will have the best of both worlds. Make sure you rent a boat in Mykonos during your visit, getting out on the water and exploring the island is a must-do. Catamaran charters are popular in Mykonos and are great for day trips and island hopping. Beautiful beaches, immaculate waters, and dreamy landscapes will optimize relaxation while the fast-paced evenings, full of fine dining and dancing, will entertain all night. Want to enjoy some luxury while staying on the island? Charter a yacht in Mykonos for an unforgettable taste of the high life.

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Paros is an excellent destination in the Greek Islands for a vacation. Parikia Bay hosts the main harbor of Paros, it's a place to rent a boat, island-hop to nearby Ios, or cruise around the island to Naoussa, the other major city of Paros. Sailing charters in Paros and yacht rentals are popular choices for visitors trying to enjoy their vacation here.

Alonnisos of the Sporades Islands

Alonnisos boasts Greece’s first national marine park. The main city where you can rent a boat is Patitiri. The stark white, cubed architecture of the villages, the pine forests, and rolling green hills set it apart from many of its neighboring rocky islands. Various coves and bays offer refuge from the open (yet tranquil all the same) sea while white beaches against the turquoise waters make for a memorable landscape. Nearby island Skopelos, known for being the Mamma Mia filming destination, is an excellent day trip from Alonnisos.


A beloved holiday destination, Corfu is a dream for a yacht charter or boat rental. Corfu offers party hot spots like Kavos, and ample opportunities to island-hop and party on boats every day. Book a sunset party cruise, a catamaran charter, or speedboat rental in Corfu to take your vacation to the next level.



The island of Ithaca lives up to its mythological history as the homeland of Homer’s Odysseus. A gem in the turquoise sea, this island is both lush, covered with dense forests, as well as barren, boasting intermittent sand dunes. Ithaca is an excellent place to rent a boat, with lots of beaches and coves to explore and enjoy. This island makes for a perfect educational pit stop on any boater’s island-hopping adventure, riddled with hiking and cycling paths that wind through the scenery sprinkled with ruins. 

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So if you are a warm-blooded sailor, and want to dock for a day in a small village or stay anchored as the sea in a small cove to get away from the chilly winter, Greece is the place for you. The diversity of the Greek islands, the robust culture, and history as well as the fare make for a great escape for any boater.

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