Exciting news for our Getmyboat Owners & Operators!

We now offer comprehensive Bareboat AND Charter Insurance for our owners

Getmyboat has a partnership with Boat Charter Insurance (BCI)

It’s FINALLY here. An insurance product that provides everything you have been looking for! Whether it’s bareboat, captained charters, or personal use, BCI can provide coverage.

We have removed the 28-day restrictions, so you can operate full time, with full coverage on Getmyboat. Our new and improved comprehensive coverage will protect your boat and make sure that they are assets for running your business, and not potential liabilities. If you already have charter insurance, making the switch to charter coverage through our BCI & Lloyds of London partners can potentially save you a lot of money on your insurance premium costs.
This partnership enables boat captains and owners in the United States and Europe, who use Getmyboat, to obtain tailored insurance coverage for their private and charter needs in one place, and now, owners can enjoy insurance on their Bareboat rentals as well.

Our partnership with BCI utilizes A-rated security to provide peace-of-mind to all users who qualify for coverage. By offering insurance options to our owners in the US and beyond, we are facilitating the development of safety infrastructure and boating resources for all users of the platform. Getmyboat is changing the way that boat captains, owners, and charter operators ensure their business operations in the United States, Canada & Europe.

Instead of augmenting your current annual policy by charging additional fees, the BCI policy can replace your annual policy by providing comprehensive coverage whether being used for private or commercial use.

Getmyboat does not require operators to use this policy, nor charge additional fees for not using it. It is simply an insurance option that replaces an owner’s standard annual coverage, with full protection for rental bookings. Combined with discounts for captain's training & renter education, we continue to offer great programs for our owners. Getmyboat is committed to taking with the lowest fees in the boat rental space.

"As a boat owner myself, this is the perfect option to replace mainstream coverage with a custom policy that also covers any rental activity. It’s a game-changer for the peer 2 peer space, which has seen many insurance companies shy away from providing coverage” - Douglas Bird, Getmyboat

If you have previously submitted a quote but were denied coverage due to bareboat or charter days restriction contact us.

Ready to apply for insurance? You can apply here.

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*Insurance coverage is subject to application details. Some restrictions apply.