Rental or Charter Requirements and Getmyboat

We pride ourselves on making it simple to rent or charter your boat on our easy-to-use platform. As stated in our terms of service, it is important to note that boat owners must comply with local and state laws and regulations while using Getmyboat. This includes the U.S. Coast Guard regulations and laws concerning bareboat charters and captain’s licensing.

The boat owner's responsibility is to ascertain the legal requirements applicable to the type of operation in which the vessel is to be employed and to ensure every requirement is fully complied with before operations begin. Contact your nearest Coast Guard unit for the latest laws and regulations. See local boating laws and regulations by state here.

Below you will find two documents from the U.S. Coast Guard that define small passenger and charter vessels as well as the requirements for each.

Small Passenger & Charter Vessel Quick Reference Guide

Small Passenger & Charter Vessel Definitions

Remember, the Coast Guard is available to make sure that your boat is water worthy and to help you stay safe. The Coast Guard also offers courtesy vessel safety checks for your safety and others aboard your watercraft. Schedule an inspection here.