Seattle is a great place to be a boat owner, with its many lakes, rivers, and Puget Sound. The waters around Seattle are generally calm and protected, making them ideal for a variety of boating activities, including cruising, sailing, fishing, and swimming.

GetMyBoat operators must follow all local laws and regulations when operating their boats. This includes getting the proper registrations, passes, and permits, meeting vessel and captain requirements, using the correct docks and boating areas for commercial activities, and anything else required by law or by local facilities.


To operate a vessel in the State of Washington you are required to have an updated registration. To streamline this process we have added their information below.

Washington State Department of Licensing


GetMyBoat does not offer insurance through the platform directly. Watercraft operators must have insurance in place that covers their vessels for rentals or charters. If you require information regarding insurance we can recommend our partner Boat Charter Insurance.

Certificate of Inspection:

  • If you are operating as a bareboat charter with 12 or more paying passengers a COI is required.
  • If the captain is included in the price of a charter for the following, the boat owner will need to obtain a Certificate of Inspection (COI).
    • 7 or more passengers if the vessel measures less than 100 gross tons.
    • 12 or more passengers if the vessel measures greater than 100 gross tons.
  • You or the captain provided must have a valid captain’s license to operate the vessel

More information can be found on the USCG website:

USCG Inspections and Surveys for Certification

Captain License:

If you need to get your captain's license, our partner Mariners Learning System offers special discounts to US-based boat captains and owners on USCG-approved online courses. Use the promo code GETMYBOAT10 for 10% off all products. It's the fastest way to get your captain's license and any refresher safety or training courses you need.

Motor Vessel Safety Checklist:

Boat rental companies in Washington must go over a safety checklist with all customers before they rent out a motorboat or vessel with an engine of 15 horsepower or more.

State of Washington Boat Rental Article

Contact the Boating Program at, To obtain copies of the motor vessel rental safety checklist.

Pick up / Drop off location:

14th Avenue Public Boat Launch

Public Hand Launch Boat Ramp

These are just a few recommendations, several other sites may work as well.

Additional Resources:

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