All Getmyboat operators are required to and are responsible for operating legally within and fully compliant of local guidelines — this includes obtaining proper registrations, passes, permits, etc., meeting vessel and captain requirements, using the correct docks and boating areas for commercial activities, and any other stipulations by your local laws and facility regulations.  

To help, we’ve gathered the following essential details for boating in Newport Harbor.

Marine Activity Permit (MAP):

  • All operators engaged in commercial activities on Newport Harbor must possess a valid Marine Activity Permit (MAP). The city's permitting office strictly enforces this requirement.
  • Owners are required to prominently display the MAP on their listings to avoid substantial fines.
  • To apply for the MAP, individuals can find the MAP Application Here

The permit fees as of 2022 are as follows:

  • Initial Application Fee: $1,160
  • Renewals: $448
  • Commercial Services: $373

Commercial Dock Requirement:

  • Operating from a commercial dock is mandatory for all commercial activities on Newport Harbor.
  • Although commercial dock space is limited, it is still achievable. For information on availability, individuals can contact the Harbor  Department at 949-270-8159 or send an email to


  • Individuals engaged in any commercial activity on Newport Harbor must maintain proof of insurance and consistently uphold it.
  • The insurance should cover their operations and name the City as an additional insured, adhering to the policy limits and coverage requirements set by the City Risk Manager.
  • Insurance quotes can be obtained from the city's insurance partner, BCI.

Compliance with Harbor Rules and Regulations:

  • Boater's License: All boat operators must have a valid boater's license or certificate, and they must be at least 16 years old to meet the minimum age requirement.
  • Speed Limits: The maximum speed limit is 5 MPH in designated areas, especially near shorelines, docks, marinas, and crowded areas.
  • No-Wake Zones: Some areas in Newport Beach are designated as no-wake zones, where boaters must operate at a slow, no-wake speed to prevent shoreline erosion and protect wildlife.
  • Safety Equipment: Boats are required to carry appropriate safety equipment, such as life jackets, fire extinguishers, and distress signals, based on the boat's size and type.
  • Environmental Protection: Boaters must follow environmental protection guidelines, such as proper trash disposal and avoiding actions that may harm marine life or ecosystems.

Captain's License:

To obtain your captain's license, USCG-approved online courses are offered by our partner, Mariners Learning System. Use the promo code GETMYBOAT10 during checkout for a 10% discount on all products. This is the quickest route to acquiring your captain's license and completing any necessary safety or training purposes

More information can be found here on selecting the correct captain options

It is essential for all individuals involved in commercial activities on Newport Harbor to familiarize themselves with these rules and regulations. For further information and guidelines, you can refer to the city's website or get in touch with the Newport Beach Harbor Master at