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Do you think you can kite, and did you finish your progression card of the Royal Dutch Watersport Assocation (level 5) or the VDWS Licence card (level 4)? Then you are able to rent and or test kitesurfmaterial. Practice independently, under supervision of one of our instructors. That's why we like to call it 'guided kiting'.

The advanced course for 1-4 students on 1 instructor (and max 2 students with 1 kite) is a continuation of the beginner course, and can only be done with a legitimate progress card (Royal Dutch Watersport Association or VDWS). On the card is visible that the student masters the basics.

As with all our courses, the duration of the lessons can be determined by you as the student, and the total amount of upcoming lessons. Every session should have a mininum of 2 hours. There is, however, no maximum. We stop when you are tired, when you want to continue next time, or with any reason what so ever.

The most important thing during the advanced course is self-reliance and safety. Furthermore, the focus is on progression, which means that you will practice and learn advanced subjects, such as indipendently building up the kite, down wind bodydrag, relaunching the kite, and particularly waterstart with board.

In addition, there are also expert subjects that are part of the program that can be done. For example, relaunching the kite in deep water, kiting up wind, jibing, making transitions, jumping and basic tricks. However, these subject will only be done when the instructor thinks that you are ready for that. It depends how quick you learn.

Our lessons are always provided of kite material, wetsuit, harness and progress card.

Kiteset complete

  • 1 hour - € 25
  • 3 hour - € 65
  • 5 hour - € 85

Kite only

  • 1 hour - € 20
  • 3 hour - € 50
  • 5 hour - € 65

Board only

  • 1 hour - € 10
  • 3 hour - € 20
  • 5 hour - € 25


  • 1 hour - €39 per person


  • Type: Jet Ski
  • Capacity: 1 People
  • Rental Minimum: 1 hour
  • Cancellation: Full Refund 5 Days Prior


  • Life jackets/required safety gear
  • Watersports Equipment

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