Captained Charter on "Southern Excellence II" Volvo 70 Racing Yacht on Sydney Harbour

Cruising Monohull
76 ft
25 Guests

About This Boat

Southern Excellence II is available for day sailing / private charter on Sydney Harbour any day of the year subject to prior commitments. Charters are available at AUD $1,200 per hour with a minimum 3 hour charge.

This exhilarating yacht is available for you and up to 25 of your closest friends or family to charter for as little as 3 hours or as long as you want.

The Southern Excellence II

The Volvo 70 ‘Southern Excellence II’ is 76 feet of exceptional craftsmanship and superior sailing capability. This unique yacht is available for corporate days, team building, social sailing, racing competitively or can be hired as a private charter.

Southern Excellence II is one of the fastest racing yachts in the world and these Volvo 70 yachts can attain speeds of up to 35 Knots (approx 75 kilometres per hour) in the right wind and sea conditions.

The Volvo 70 series yacht was first launched in 2005 for the Volvo Ocean Yacht Race around the world in 2005/06 and this yacht competed under the name “Brunel”.

Following the Volvo 05/06 yacht race the boat returned to Australia where she was designed and built and re-named “Ichi Ban”. Under the name Ichi Ban she competed in the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race 5 times and scored a very respectful 2nd over the line in 2006 behind Wild Oats VI.

In 2013 she was acquired by her current owners and re-named Southern Excellence II

The yacht is constructed entirely of Carbon Fibre including the mast and a majority of the deck fittings which apart from making her extremely light but also very strong.

Below decks you shall find a very basic layout which includes 12 bunks for the crew, navigation area, basic galley and toilet area. In order to keep the overall weight of the yacht down there is no floorboards or creature comforts as she is purely a racing yacht

The yacht is built to the international Volvo standards which are extremely stringent and now in survey for both inshore and offshore commercial survey.


• Length: 23.14 m / 76’
• Width: 5.68 m
• Draft: 4.56 m
• Mast Height: 33 m
• Sail area Mainsail: 174 sq metres
• Headsail: 177 sq metres
• Spinnaker: 456 sq. m.
• Designer : Don Jones
• Builder: Hart Marine (Victoria)
• Year Built: 2005
• Survey Standard: AMSA 1C & 2D
• Capacity: 25 persons

Charter Rate:

• 3 Hours Minimum: AUD$ 1,200 per hour 

Pick up points:

Various Sydney Harbour Wharfs


Any day/night subject to prior commitments


  • Type: Cruising Monohull
  • Capacity: 25 People
  • Year: 2005
  • Rental Minimum: 3 hours
  • Length: 76 ft
  • Cancellation: Full Refund 30 Days Prior

Rental Requirements

Terms and Conditions:

We, and similar expressions and where the context permits includes our officers, employees and contractors. You, and similar expressions, refer to you the person or company making or proposing to make a booking and includes your employees, contractors and guests / invitees.

Our conditions always apply

These conditions apply if we accept any booking from you.

Not obliged to accept bookings

We are not obliged to accept any booking from you. No tender or quotation obliges us to accept any booking. But if you do place a booking with us then it becomes binding from the moment that we accept it even if we do not tell you that it has been accepted.

Payment requirements

You must pay the full booking fee including any estimated fees for catering, when making the booking. All fees are stated inclusive of GST and tax invoices will be provided. We may not allow you to board if we have not received clear payment in full but that does not excuse you from making payment. Any other payments (for example, for any additional catering requested on the day that we may agree to provide), are due immediately when invoiced.

Security bond

You must provide a signed  voucher by way of a bond for an amount equal to the booking fee including catering. We will have the transaction authoriZed but then hold the voucher un-banked to be destroyed or returned at your request after 14 days following departure, except where we call on the bond. We have the right to call on the bond for any amounts owing and for compensation for any theft, and also for any damage, loss or lack of cleanliness caused wilfully or negligently or in breach of these conditions by you or for any breach of these conditions by you. Conditions include where the context permits, any reasonable boarding conditions that we notify to you and any reasonable directions from the skipper or any of our staff, including directions given wharf side or on board. Your liability is not limited to the amount of the bond. A signed statement by the skipper or one of our officers is prima face proof of an amount owing.

Departure date

The skipper has the sole discretion whether to proceed on the day. If the skipper in his discretion decides not to take the vessel out on the day booked, whatever the reason, you are not entitled to any refund but we will work with you to find an alternative date that is mutually acceptable. The alternative date may be significantly deferred or in a different season.

Cancellation / Termination

You cannot cancel your booking in any circumstance, not for bad weather or ill health or any other reason, except as follows. You may cancel by written notice received by us not less than 90 days before departure, in the case of a booking for a public holiday or that is associated with an event, or not less than 30 days before departure in any other case. An administration fee of 10% is still payable for a permissible cancellation. For any impermissible cancellation you remain liable for the full fees and you acknowledge that is reasonable compensation to us because of the special nature of what we have to offer and the risk that we will have turned away any alternative comparable booking. However, we may forgive up to 60% of the booking and catering fees, in our absolute discretion, for an impermissible cancellation if we are able to obtain a substitute booking although but we are under no obligation to look for a substitute booking. We may cancel a booking for our convenience by giving you notice (which may be by email or telephone) at least 7 days prior to departure or without prior notice at any time (including after boarding) if you seriously and wilfully breach any of your obligations. If we terminate for our convenience then we will make a full refund of all monies paid by you. Otherwise, we will not make any refund and you remain liable for the full booking and catering fees which you acknowledge as reasonable compensation to us because of the circumstances noted above.


You may not postpone your booking for any reason, without our consent. We will usually not consent to postponement unless we are able to get another booking and also find an alternative date. If we do consent to a postponement then you must pay an administration fee of 10% of the total booking fees.

Risk warnings and acknowledgements

We hope that your time on the vessel will be enjoyable, pleasant even exciting. However, sailing carries inherent risks and no one can guarantee there will never be a mishap. There is the risk of serious harm. The risks exist wharf side, on board, embarking and disembarking. Risks include but are not limited to harm from an accident or from an unexpected breakage of or defect in a fitting or equipment or from an act or omission of a crew member or passenger. Risks include the risk of drowning, being hit by equipment or rigging either in normal operation or if there is an accident, injury in a collision, body parts being caught up or crushed, falls or slips, burns from hot food or drinks, injuries from fire or explosion, motion sickness, discomfort or injuries from sun- and wind burn, glare, noise or exposure to the elements, adverse consequences of exposure to contaminated public waters, and injuries resulting from reckless or stupid behaviour by a passenger affected by alcohol.

Your risk

You participate entirely at your risk in all respects including without limitation as regards loss of or damage to any of your belongings.

Trade Practices Act exclusion

Any liability that we would otherwise have for a breach of a warranty implied by section 74 of the Trade Practices Act relating to death or personal injury, is excluded. See also condition 26.

Your Party

You must ensure that everyone in your party is in good health and adequate physical condition to embark and disembark and to be a passenger on a large actively-sailed vessel and not subject to any incapacity, ill health, injury or disability that endangers them or others in a yachting environment or creates any risk for them or any other passenger or crew member. You must talk to us when you seek to make a booking and discuss what special arrangements could be made for any proposed passenger who is in any way disabled and we will use our best endeavours to accommodate them but we may have to decline to allow them on board if we have bona fide safety concerns for them, any other passenger, the caterers or our crew. We may require any passenger to sign an acknowledgment that is consistent with these conditions and that includes such risk warnings as we deem appropriate, as a condition of going on board. None of our crew are medically trained.


We will provide food and non-alcoholic beverages if and as specified in the booking form. Your final catering requirements must be confirmed not less than 7 days before departure. In other cases, including if the supply of liquor is required, we may introduce an independent caterer who may invoice you directly. If we facilitate any associated restaurant booking, that remains a matter between you and the restaurant and you need to give them confirmation and observe their cancellation policy and settle accounts directly with the restaurant.


BYO food and liquor is allowed if that is stated in the booking form that we accept from you and also where a passenger may have bona fide special needs on health grounds. If you BYO food or liquor then you must be a responsible and good host including ensuring that liquor is used in a responsible manner and that your guests neither become intoxicated nor affected by alcohol such as to create a risk of injury to them or others. You must remove all rubbish including any unconsumed food and beverages. Limited refrigeration facilities are available on board. If you BYO you need to bring plastic or disposable cutlery, plates and cups.

Nature of booking

Your booking is personal and must not and cannot be transferred, shared or sublet. Your booking must be only for your personal purposes or bona fide for the promotion of your own business, by way of a recreational experience for you and your guests. You must not seek to make any other commercial use or benefit from the booking without our prior written consent. Only your personal guests may participate. You must ensure that your guests understand that they are your guests and not our guests. You must not hold yourself out as being in a position to offer a booking on our behalf. You must not offer the benefit of the booking, or use the booking or an invitation to participate, as a prize or promotional benefit, and you must not advertise the booking, without our prior written consent.

Boarding conditions

At all times you must respect that the vessel is under the sole control of the skipper and their crew. You and your guests may participate in working the vessel only to the extent if any permitted by the skipper but may have to assist as directed in an emergency. You must abide by all reasonable directions by or with the authority of the skipper when on or in the vicinity of the vessel

Clothing and personal items

You and your guests must wear non-slip non-marking shoes at all times on board or in the vicinity of the vessel. Bare feet and smooth-soled or shoes with black or other soles that might cause marking, are not permitted nor are hard shoes, sandals or high heels. Also prohibited are anything that might catch in equipment or rigging such as necklaces, bracelets and rings. You may only bring on board reasonable quantities of items of a personal nature such as a change of clothing. You must not bring on board any dangerous, noxious, toxic, volatile, explosive, inflammable or environmentally hazardous item, substance or compound. Also prohibited are items that might cause damage to the vessel such as heavy metallic objects, coolers, or any form of crockery or glass wear.


You and your guests must behave properly in the vicinity of or on the vessel. Dangerous, offensive, improper, rowdy, unruly and illegal behaviour and activities, are all prohibited. After coming on board you and your guests must stay on the vessel at all times until disembarking on return to the wharf. You must not dive or swim from or near the vessel. You must not unreasonably litter or dirty the vessel. You are responsible for any fines for garbage, pollution or contamination to the extent caused or contributed to wilfully or by any breach or negligence by you or your guests. There is no smoking in enclosed areas on the vessel, by law. There is no smoking on deck except as, where and when (if at all) permitted by the skipper. You must not misuse any of the fixtures or fittings on the vessel and must use them only in a proper manner and for their intended purposes. If a licensed caterer provides liquor, then you must cooperate with the caterer’s requirements for the responsible service of alcohol. You must not offer anything for sale on or from the vessel. You must not bring illicit substances on to or near the vessel.

The skipper

The skipper has the right to take whatever action the skipper deems appropriate if any of these booking conditions or boarding conditions are not observed including returning to the wharf, putting off any non-compliant passenger, calling the police or terminating the sail. The skipper alone in their absolute discretion decides whether to proceed under sail or motor, what if any sails to use, speeds and courses, and anchorages and landings.

Media etc.

You must not permit any recordings, photographs or videos of our vessel or activities on our vessel except bona fide for personal non-commercial use. You must not make any use of our name, or any of our trade marks or the name of our vessel, or make any indirect reference to us or our vessel in any marketing material, without our prior consent.

Third parties

In some cases particular goods or services, particularly catering, may be provided by another party or parties with whom we have a contractual relationship. Any claim concerning anything done or omitted by any such other party (whether or not payment has been made through us) must be brought only against and will be the sole responsibility of that other party and not us. You release us from and against any claim in connection with any negligence, breach, illegality, act or omission by any such person.


You may provide us with personal information in connection with your booking. We will use our reasonable endeavours to respect the privacy of any such personal information. You have the right to ask us what private information we hold about you and to have that information corrected and to ask us to no longer use that information. Otherwise, we have the right to use that information, and to supply that information to our business associates, for the purposes of marketing to you.


Departure and arrival times are approximate. Also, if something happens which is beyond our reasonable control that makes it impossible, more difficult or more expensive for us to proceed with the booking then we may wait until it is again possible for us to perform in our usual way without additional difficulty or expense and we are not liable for any delay which results. Without limiting those general words, that applies where we have a problem due to an accident, strike, inclement weather or conditions, illness or unavailability of crew, breakdown or unavailability of wharf access.

No other representations

It is very important for both of us that there should be no misunderstanding about the basis for your booking. Whatever you might have seen, read or heard, our understanding is that you have not relied on any representation in relation to the booking or the vessel not set out in the booking form and signed by one of our directors. To the extent that we have made or implied, or by conduct given rise to or implied, any representation that is not expressly stated in these conditions or the booking form, you are not proceeding in reliance on the representation because you have had and taken the opportunity to independently check and form your own view about the significance, and the accuracy and otherwise, of the representation. Without limitation, you acknowledge that you are not relying on being able to make any claim against us, for any representation made or conduct occurring before, under or in connection with your booking, beyond the claims that can be made and the limits applying, as provided in these booking conditions. Any illustrations or descriptions that we have provided to you are merely general illustrations and may not reflect your experience.

Exclusions of implied conditions

All conditions, terms and warranties that are or might otherwise be implied by law, practice, trade usage or international convention or treaty, are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Trade Practices Act etc limits

Provisions of the Trade Practices Act and other statutes in some cases either cannot be excluded, restricted or modified; or can only be restricted or modified to a limited extent. If any provisions of those types do apply, then to the extent permitted by law our liability under those provisions is limited as follows. Our liability is limited at our option – in the case of goods, to replacement of the goods or the supply of equivalent goods; or repair of the goods; or payment of the cost of replacing the goods or of acquiring equivalent goods; or payment of the cost of having the goods repaired; and in the case of services, to supplying the services again or the payment of the cost of having the services supplied again.

Other damages claims excluded

Except as stated above, we are not liable for, and you do not rely on being able to claim against us for, any loss or damage or Consequential Damage in connection with the booking or the vessel or your experience or anything done or omitted in that regard or for that purpose, or in relation to any representation or conduct before, under or in respect of your booking, and whether or not the possibility or potential extent of the loss or damage or Consequential Damage was known or foreseeable whether the loss or damage or Consequential Damage arises in contract or for negligence or any other tort or for breach of statutory, fiduciary or other duty (if any) and whether or not the act or conduct was authorised or required. Consequential Damage includes loss of use, lost production, lost income or profits, loss of opportunity, lost savings, increased or wasted expenses, delay or lost time, loss of or damage to goodwill, increased operating costs, wasted or increased financing costs, loss of or damage to data or records, loss of or unavailability of or damage to tangible or intangible property, claims made against you by others, losses or costs or expenses associated with identification, investigation, assessment, repair, replacement or servicing and any other economic loss or damage and any other special, indirect or consequential loss or damage.


If any amount you owe to us is not paid within 7 days of the due date then all of the monies that you owe us on any account becomes immediately due and payable. In that case, and also if at any time you default under any other agreement that we have with you, without limiting our other rights we may suspend the supply of any goods and defer or cancel any outstanding orders. Also, you must pay us interest on such overdue amounts, calculated on daily balances commencing from the due date for payment, at the rate of 2% per month. If any payment is overdue or any cheque is dishonoured or has to be re-presented, you must also pay or reimburse us for any reasonable costs or expenses we incur as a consequence or in seeking to recover payment. Recoverable costs and expenses include but are not limited to – dishonour fees; re-presentation fees; fees and commission charged by debt recovery agents; and legal fees.

Fee variations

We may increase the booking fee after we accept your booking, to cover the full amount of any increase in any direct or indirect tax, duty or official fees paid or payable by us in connection with the booking or use of the vessel for the booking such as any increase in GST or any change in waterway usage charges but excluding anything in the nature of income tax.

Lost property

We have a general lien over all property left on the vessel, for any amounts due in connection with your booking but we are not liable for any loss or damage. Also, to the full extent permitted by law, after 7 days we may keep any such property as our own or sell the property and keep the proceeds or dispose of the property as rubbish. You must reimburse us for all expenses incurred in any such disposal.


Where something requires our consent, we may withhold or delay our consent, or give our consent subject to conditions, in our absolute discretion.


These conditions can only be varied in writing by one of our directors signing a document which states the variation and the booking to which the variation applies. However, we reserve the right to provide a substitute vessel or crew and to make itinerary changes, as we deem reasonably necessary or appropriate due to unexpected circumstances beyond our reasonable control.


We may use your name and photographs and videos of your guests, in marketing materials. However, we will obtain your prior approval for any material that contains a quote or a specific endorsement that is specifically attributed to you.


  • Life jackets/required safety gear
  • Wheel steering
  • Inboard Engine
  • Dinghy
  • Single Engine
  • Twin Engine
  • Generator
  • Galley Stove & Oven
  • Air Conditioning
  • Head
  • Furling Headsail
  • Furling Mainsail

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