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    Santa Cruz Boat Rentals

    The Monterey Bay is a desirable boating destination, and there’s no better place to rent a boat than Santa Cruz. The stunning stretch of coastline in this California city invites people from all over to rent a pontoon, powerboat, charter a yacht, or book a boat tour for a fun day of exploring on the waves. Board your boat at the wharf in Santa Cruz and head out on the Pacific. Check out the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, Natural Bridges State Beach, Pleasure Point County Park, or the cliffs of Davenport from your boat rental.

    For a truly unique water experience, you can also try stand-up paddleboard yoga in Santa Cruz. It’s a popular activity for locals and tourists, especially in hot spots like Capitola, the Santa Cruz Main Beach, Mitchell’s Cove Beach, and Waddell Beach.

    Want to rent a surfboard or try a surfing lesson in Santa Cruz? With at least 11 world-class surf breaks, it is clear that Santa Cruz’s reputation as one of the world’s premier spots for surfing is well-earned. This city and its waves have inspired references in dozens of songs, and many professional surfers have made Santa Cruz their home. Whatever your level of surfing experience (even if you are just starting out) the expansive and diverse coastline of Santa Cruz will provide excellent waves, and there are many top-rate instructors available to teach you.

    Miles of scenic coastline and a delightfully moderate climate are just a few of the natural features that have put Santa Cruz on the map. This beach resort community in beautiful central California also goes by the moniker “Surf City,” and offers many other watersports and activities for boaters to enjoy. Go to Santa Cruz during the fall or spring seasons to avoid the rainy winter season and the crowded summer season.

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