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    Moby Dick Catamaran in Saint-Florent

    Boating Guide - Saint-Florent

    What to know about renting a boat in Saint Florent, France

    Once you arrive in Saint Florent, you’ll see it’s no secret that boating is a top activity of choice for visitors and locals alike. Rent a boat during your stay to see more of Corsica and enjoy all that Saint Florent has to offer. You have lots of choices in the village, depending on your boating preferences and the size of your group.

    If you want to explore the island independently, rent a rib boat and head off on your own in the waters of Saint Florent. You can cruise along the coastline, admiring the colorful houses that contrast against the stunning blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. The rugged landscape of the mountains and hills of Corsica are impressive, and it’s a unique experience to get their perspective from the water.

    If you aren’t a confident boat captain and would rather have someone else worry about driving, opt to charter a boat out of Saint Florent. A captain can take you to some of the most stunning places around the town and the island. Choose from sailboat charters, catamaran charters, or a motor yacht to enjoy boating in style while in Saint Florent. It’s a luxurious experience that you’ll never forget! Soak up the sun from the deck of your catamaran rental, enjoy a drink and a meal onboard, and sink into the relaxation of your vacation.

    If you don’t mind venturing a bit outside Saint Florent, there are lots of water sports and unique activities to try in other towns on Corsica. Book a flyboarding lesson for a thrilling experience, as you’ll shoot out of the water on jetpacks! Scuba diving is another beautiful water sport to try in Saint Florent. The crystal clear waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea make for an inviting space to explore below the surface.

    If you’d prefer to get a workout while on a boat, opt to rent a kayak or paddleboard while in Saint Florent. You’ll get some excellent exercise while exploring hidden spots along the coastline, stopping at beaches, and enjoying a pleasant day of paddling while in Saint Florent. Rent a kayak on your own or take a guided tour.

    Boating Events in Saint Florent

    Saint Florent is rather small, so not many boating events take place right in the town, but some regattas and races take place in other parts of Corsica that you can check out during your stay in Saint Florent. The GC32 Orezza Corsica Cup is a big sailing event that takes over a different town each year. The sailing events and regattas near Saint Florent in Corsica are fun events to attend, as the crowds bring in a lively atmosphere and there’s often live entertainment for the spectators in addition to the races.

    Other Things To Do

    While on land in Saint Florent, there’s plenty to do to keep yourself entertained and enjoying all the beauty of the city. If you like seafood, enjoy delicious meals in the restaurants of the town.

    An excellent land activity to do is to rent a bike and explore more of Saint Florent and the surrounding villages. It’s faster than walking and an attractive option for getting some exercise during your travels!

    Marinas in Saint Florent

    There are two marinas in Saint Florent - Harbor Master and Port de Plaisance Mare E Stagnu. The marinas are beautiful, with stunning yachts moored in the berths and nearby shops and restaurants. You can quickly reach the marinas on foot from the city center. Take a walk and admire the boats cruising in and out of port in Saint Florent.

    About Saint Florent

    Saint Florent is a region of the French island of Corsica. It’s a seaside town on the northern part of the island, historically known for being a fishing hub. Now, it’s a boaters paradise, with lots of stunning pleasure yachts cruising around in the sea. The town is a beautiful summer destination, with proximity to beautiful beaches and things to do for visitors.

    The best time of year to visit Saint Florent and all of Corsica is from May through September. In the winter, the island is quiet, and it’s too cold to enjoy the beaches and most of the tourist attractions. May and June will have warm weather and more reasonable prices than the peak months of July and August. September and October can be great months to visit, with much quieter beaches while still having sunny days and warm temperatures.

    To get to Saint Florent, the easiest way to get directly to the city is by boat. There is no airport nor a train station in Saint Florent. The closest airport is a 45-minute drive in Bastia, and the nearest train station is also in Bastia. There isn’t any public transportation in Saint Florent, but you can access most parts of the city on foot or by taxi. It’s also a great idea to rent a car while you’re in Corsica if you want to explore the small villages of the island.

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