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The Best Boat Rentals in Road Town, BVI

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What to know about renting or chartering a boat in Road Town

The pleasant, warm weather that Road Town experiences year-round combined with deep, blue water and seasons of brisk trade winds have helped establish it as one of the most popular places for bareboating in the Caribbean. Sailors come from all over the world for the opportunity to charter a sailboat and take in the sights around the beautiful island of Tortola. There are so many idyllic beaches and secluded coves to explore, and boating is the best way to tour them.

In addition to sailing, there are many other delightful water activities to enjoy in Road Town. Motor yachting is another popular way to get the most out of the island experience, as is deep sea fishing and kayaking. Parasailing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, paddle boarding, and snorkeling are also highly favored by locals and visiting boaters alike.

About Road Town

Road Town is a stunning tropical paradise and is also the capital of the British Virgin Islands. Located in the heart of Road Harbour — a lush, horseshoe-shaped area in the center of Tortola’s southern coast, this scenic island town’s name comes from a nautical term (“the roads”) which refers to a place that ships can easily access but which is less sheltered than a harbor. With its gloriously balmy climate and architecture that dates back to the 1840s, Road Town is the ideal vacation destination for boaters who seek a secluded, exotic retreat.