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About Port Huron

Port Huron, Michigan is a United States city that is bordered by the St. Clair River and Lake Huron. It is considered to be in what is called the "thumb" part of the state of Michigan. The city connects to Point Edward, Ontario, and Sarnia, Ontario, Canada via the Blue Water Bridge. Because of the city's close proximity to water, it is a popular destination for travel year-round.

Port Huron has a rich history that is closely related to its waterway location. It is called the "Maritime Capital of the Great Lakes" and is one of the most important cities on the lakes for freighters to use when passing through. Summer allows both residents and visitors to spend time on one of the three local beaches. There are also marinas and several areas to launch a boat for water sports fishing and recreational boating.

The city's boardwalk provides a beautiful place to stroll with the St. Clair River in the background. Port Huron is an ideal place to visit or to settle down in as your year-round home.