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    Manly, Queensland Boat Rentals

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    Boating Guide - Manly

    Amazing Boat Rentals in Manly, Queensland

    Manly, Queensland in Australia is a great place to rent a boat. You can rent or charter a small motorboat, sailboat, or even a yacht. A sunny day paired with beautiful scenery and good company makes for the perfect day on the water. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, bachelorette or bachelor party, proposing to your soon-to-be significant other, or on a family vacation, Manly is the perfect boat rental destination.

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    GetMyBoat customer reviews for boat rentals in Manly.

    1. lc
      Skippered 8-Hour Charter on a Luxury Bavaria 45' Sailing Yacht in Manly, Brisbane

      I booked through getmyboat.com which was a totally unsatisfactory experience. The website sems to be set up BIT LIKE AIRBND, AS IF YOU JUST WANT A SINLGE DAY TRIP NO QUESTIONS ASKED AND BOO IT. THEN MOVE ON. However with a boat trip my experience is that -/I had no clue what was possible, I wanted to communicate with and owner / skipper to personalise my experience this was just not possible. I could book on a certain day – or not. I couldn’t have a conversation with and owner /\skipper about what I could / couldn’t do – I couldn’t have a phone conversation to discuss possibilities - BECAUSE GOD FORBID personal service is not an option the website. PEOPLE MIGHT COMMUNICATE !! All communication had to be through a very flat system messaging system We finally linked up with Greg. He is very knowledgeable and assisted greatly in setting up our catered the food was wonderful. His care for use and attention to both safety and detail was exemplary. Thank you Greg. Away from Greg There is no getting away from it !!! We didn’t get what I wanted because I couldn’t have a conversation before booking and committing $$ to something that is a pre set up sale on this website. It is like Airbnb booking day trip - get a day trip. When I spend major $$$ hiring a yacht I do NOT want an Airbnb cookie cuter experience. If you want a yacht and are willing to spend $$$ on it - you want something personalised to you needs - this booking website does NOT cater to that need.. This website is seriously flawed!! You have o book and commit to day trip to have an in depth conversation with a skipper /owner, It is set up to protect the website owner from customers having conversations with vessel owners before booking!! It is definitely NOT set up to provide a fulfillment of a desire. This is a design flaw to protect the website owners from scammers, It also stops paying customers from getting the experience they wanted!! I repeat that my day trip with Greg was great. There is nothing more that he could have done with the specification provided. However given the freedom to have a conversation in advance of booking about what was possible before booking , I could have/ would have spent more $$$ and had a completely different experience. To sum it up Greg was great – this website booking system sucks!!!

    2. SS
      Skippered 8-Hour Charter on a Luxury Bavaria 45' Sailing Yacht in Manly, Brisbane

      Great day out on the water. Will definitely book again with Greg

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