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    Boating Guide - Ermoupoli

    About Ermoupoli

    A city on the island of Syros in Greece, Ermoupoli is the seaport of the island and is home to a rich history and classic Greek charm. It’s part of the Cyclades group of islands in the Aegean Sea, and there’s no shortage of sun and fun to have while staying here. Many people pass through on their island hopping adventures around the Greek Islands, but Ermoupoli and Syros can be a destination all on their own, for travelers looking to relax and dive into the history of one place, getting lost in the magic of Greece, without the obnoxious tourist crowds.

    The best time of year to visit Ermoupoli is during the shoulder seasons of summer when you’ll have sunshine and warm weather, but you can avoid the stifling crowds and peak-season prices. April and May or September and October will be pleasant and more affordable. You can visit during the winter months, but most things are quiet on the island, and it will be too cold for a day of sunbathing or swimming in the sea.

    To get to Ermoupoli, take a ferry from Athens or one of the many ports on the different Greek Islands. You can come from Mykonos, Paros, Santorini, and many other hot spot destinations. You can also take a quick flight from Athens to get to the island.

    Ermoupoli Boat Rentals

    To enjoy a day of your vacation in the sea, consider a boat rental from Ermoupoli. One of the best ways to explore the rugged coastline is by a sailing charter. Rent a sailboat or charter a sailboat in Ermoupoli and soak up the sun as you cruise by wind power around the island. With a captain, you can enjoy a relaxed day as they take you to the best spots around Syros.

    If you want to sail for longer than just a day, check out your option for sleep aboard charters and rentals in Ermoupoli. Sail on a catamaran or monohull with your travel companions, admiring the beauty of Syros from the perspective of the water. It’s a life-changing experience to have a captain and crew to take care of all the details of your itinerary and sail you to various islands nearby.

    If you’d prefer to cruise by a motor, opt for a motor yacht rental while staying in Ermoupoli. You can circumnavigate the whole island of Syros, stopping at hidden beaches, cruising in and out of coves and having a private and unique experience. Stop for a swim, sunbathe and work on your tan, and enjoy lunch onboard your rented motor yacht.

    Boating Events in Ermoupoli

    A significant boating event in the Greek Islands is the Cyclades Regatta, which takes place on multiple islands, not just Syros. The Nautical Club of Ermoupoli also hosts their own sailing races and boating competitions throughout the year.

    Other Things To Do

    While on land, it’s a good idea to rent a car or a scooter to explore more of the island of Syros beyond just Ermoupoli. You’ll be able to explore more beaches and see all the sights of the island, and vehicle rentals are generally inexpensive on the islands. Some of the beaches you have to check out during your stay in Ermoupoli include Kini, Vari, and Megas Gialos.

    While staying in Ermoupoli, make sure to spend a day wandering by foot through the old city streets in the city center. There are lots of hidden alleys, cute cafes and restaurants tucked away, and picturesque spots to explore and soak in. One place you must walk to is the Holy Church of the Resurrection of Christ. It’s the most intricate church on the island and has a profound historical significance to Syros and the Catholic and Orthodox inhabitants. You’ll also get a breathtaking view from the hill where the church is.

    Marinas in Ermoupoli

    In addition to the large port in Ermoupoli, there are several marinas and yacht clubs in the city worth checking out. Mpougiouris Marine Siros and Pidali are the top-rated in the town. There are nearby restaurants, and the marinas are a beautiful place to go for a walk, watch the sunset, or sit and have a drink. Watch boats cruise in and out of port, or check out the various stunning yachts moored in their berths.

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