Charter a Classic 30' Sailing Schooner for Komodo Islands, Indonesia

98 ft
8 Guests

About This Boat

Stay and relax aboard a 30' Classic Sailing Schooner, that will be cruising along the Komodo Islands, Indonesia. For €3305 per night at minimum 3 nights stay, you can have a a memorable experience living in a classic schooner and a fantastic time in the island.


  • €3305 per night (3 -nights minimum)
  • €8886 per day (4-days minimum)


Rates Include:

  • Meals & snacks
  • Water, tea & coffee (soft drinks, juices & alcohol extra charge)
  • Diving for certified divers & dive manager (dive equipment charged at EURO35 per person per day)
  • Crew and boat manager
  • Local transfers
  • Fuel


What To Expect Onboard:

Mantra is a classic 30-metre phinisi style yacht merging retro lines with modern technology that launched in Indonesia in the summer of 2015.

Her style harks back to the ancient spice trading days, and she was built traditionally on the island of Sulawesi using ancient boatbuilding techniques. Mantra takes guests to some of Asia’s most beautiful and remote destinations steeped in epic history on a vessel built to evoke times gone by.

Whether guests are seeking the thrill of adventure or the simplicity of a tranquil sojourn, Mantra is a wonderful option. Sailing amongst teeming coral reefs, tangled mangroves and towering volcanoes, she offers an unforgettable escape in the waters surrounding Bali, Komodo National Park, Raja Ampat and the Banda Islands to name a few of her staple destinations.

Mantra is ideal for groups of friends or families travelling with children due to her layout, which includes single beds in each of her 3 cabins. Her crew of 7 includes a knowledgeable Indonesian captain, a cruise director, a dive master and a chef. 

Accommodation and Facilities 

Mantra’s three ensuite guest cabins are contemporary, comfortable and spacious. Each features a queen-size bed and either one or two additional side beds, accommodating six in total comfort and an additional 4 guests if using all bunks. Each cabin is air-conditioned and has a relaxing ambiance, surrounded by light teak panels and Indonesian textiles.

Aside from the boat’s cabins, an indoor lounge, library and dining area offers space for entertaining, while out on deck there’s additional dining space on the aft deck, and a large lounger on the top deck for soaking up the sun.

Mantra is well equipped with snorkelling and dive gear for those seeking to explore the underwater world. Her friendly crew looks after every element of the trip to ensure guests have the most seamless and exciting adventure among the beguiling tropical islands and crystal clear water of the Indonesian archipelago. 


Mantra was built in 2014 and spans 30m with a beam of 3.1m and a draft of 3m. 3 cabins accommodate up to 10 guests. She has a maximum cruising speed of 8 knots.


  • Type: Schooner
  • Capacity: 8 People
  • Year: 2014
  • Rental Minimum: 4 days
  • Length: 98 ft

Rental Requirements

Dear Traveller, 

To assure you experience fantastic diving holiday, we’ve set out easily understood Terms and Conditions. Please read them very carefully before finalizing your planning and booking your trip, as they are part of your contract. These Terms and Conditions apply to booking the trip through the contracting agencies too. The Terms and Conditions set out below apply specifically to your diving trip on our vessel a and should be read in conjunction with those of the contracting travel agency:


1.     Services and Costs

The scope of the contracted services and total costs are as specified in your quotation and in the booking confirmation. In the event that the details in our initial offer differ from those in the booking confirmation, the latter are considered to be agreed. All verbal agreements must be confirmed in writing. The diving organizer reserves the right to change or alter particular services provided as outlined in the booking confirmation should this become necessary e.g. bad weather, provided it is not due to the diving organizer failing to act in good faith and as long as the changes or alterations are not considerable and do not negatively impact on the services of the whole diving trip as booked. In the exceptional event that such an alteration should become necessary, we will immediately advise you of the required changes to your services. However, no funds are given if you do not take advantage, either wholly or in part of particular services included in your diving trip as booked

e.g. due to an early return or for any other reason. We are of course, nevertheless, prepared to try to find a mutually acceptable solution. The content of our web site is provided for general information only and without guarantee. As our valued customer, you also agree to the electronic recording and processing of your data.




  • Crewmembers with dive Master;
  • Local transfers from/to airport;
  • Overnights in private cabin;
  • 3 meals per day + snacks, water, coffee and tea;
  • Shore excursions;
  • Snorkels gear;
  • Fishing gear;
  • Kayak;
  • Diving tanks; and
  • Weight belts.



Insurance, flights, airport tax, diving equipment, donations, soft and alcoholic drinks, transfers in Bali, gratuities (not mandatory but high appreciated).


2.     National Park fees

Please be aware that the national park fees can be changed by the local government or national park offices without any advance notice prior to your trip.


3.     Itineraries

Sailing itineraries and daily programs are subject to change due to weather and sea conditions, availability of safe anchorage, government regulations and other factors. Every effort will be made to carry out the program as planned. Program changes may take place during the cruise to take advantage of local cultural events, to adapt to sailing conditions, or in response to other factors.

Our check in and check out time is 10am. 


4.     Liability

The diving organizer is obliged to exercise due care and diligence as required in the normal course of doing business. We undertake, therefore, to provide the services of the diving package with the assured quality and without impairments. In the event that the diving organizer, or his assistants, culpably violates his duties under the contract, he will be obligated to recompense you for any damage incurred. No liability is assumed for items, which normally are not taken along in luggage. The liability of the diving organizer is limited to the three times the price of the diving trip. The diving organizer is not liable for unsatisfactory services provided by third parties which the diving organizer merely facilities on behalf of its diving customers  (e.g., excursions, tours).


Every diving participant participates in the diving trip and any connected activities at his own risk and is individually and wholly responsible for his own person. He has to take the required safety precautions in particular situations, e.g., securing his person below deck and on deck, in the water and on land putting on lifebelts or life jackets. The diving trip participant declares, furthermore, that he will forego any liability claim and any claims for compensation for damages to life, limb and property against the diving trip organizer and his employees as well as other participants on the diving trip except in cases of intentional misconduct or gross negligence. This also applies to damages due to participation in the diving trip as well as to all risks connected with compressed air-diving. For compressed air-diving you require certification or the badge, of a recognized diving organization, such as PADI. It is in your own interest to be sufficiently qualified and able to show your Brevet at all diving activities. All duties and rights of the ship's owner, diving teacher and crew are not affected by this agreement. In the event that a dive is not advisable or dangerous to the health and the life of the diving participants or in case of danger for the ship or crew on account of bad weather, dangerous seas, acts of God, a political incident and events over which  our company has no influence, the ship's owner, the captain as well as the diving instructor may delay or cancel a diving trip on his own discretion. This applies as well during the course of a diving trip. In such an emergency all diving participants must abide by the decision of the ship's owner, diving instructor or the captain and to follow their orders. Furthermore, during a dive and during all other activities pursued on a diving trip, any and all instructions of the diving guide and his assistants must be carried out. In the event that a participant fails to abide by such instructions, the diving guide may exclude such participant from the dive or activity. It is generally forbidden to dive alone. The participants in a dive always must stay together, dive and surface together and part again from their diving partners on returning to the starting point (beach, boat, etc.) only. This applies to assign diving partners as well. The participants agree to observe all diving rules and security standards. Participants must honour the maximum diving depth permitted by diving certification or the relevant national legal regulations. The maximum depth may not, however, under any circumstances exceed 30 meters. Any violation will lead to the exclusion from the dive and in case of recurrence of such a violation from the diving trip, without the right to reclaim the travel expenses or any part thereof. The diving organizer assumes no liability in case of theft, damage or loss of diving equipment or any other personal property. The diving participant, however, is liable for any damage to or loss of equipment that has been provided. The diving participant agrees to ascertain before every dive the proper functioning of any equipment he will use. The diving participant acknowledges that he received the provided equipment in the good condition and working order and agrees to return it in functioning order. To pursue or harpoon fish or other creatures in or under water during a dive is forbidden. Violators will be excluded from further dives.


Boating (cruising), sailing, swimming, snorkeling, diving and other activities while with us may involve serious injury or even the loss of life. The user of our services acknowledges both and understanding of and an assumption of the risks involved in these activities. By continuing this booking, the user releases us of all liability for losses of any kind, including physical injury or lost property.


It is essential to arrange a comprehensive personal and baggage travel insurance in advance to cover any eventuality, including charges arising should you have to cancel your holiday plans. Please check your agent or your own insurance company about this. Our company excludes liability for matters such as baggage loss or damage, expense or inconvenience caused by delayed or cancelled transportation service, change of schedule, strikes or other conditions beyond  our company's control.



5.     Cancellation of the Contract by the Trip Organizer

Our company reserves the right to cancel a diving trip on the grounds of force majeure (strikes, war or warlike circumstances, epidemics, natural disasters, etc.), i.e. due to unusual and unforeseeable events, which we cannot influence. In the event that a diving trip is cancelled for any of the aforementioned reasons the total amount paid will be returned to you. If the diving trip you booked should have to be cut short, you will receive a proportionate refund. Changes in the diving program or diving plan do not justify a refund.

In the event that we have to cancel a diving trip due to the unlikely event of too low participation with only 4 participants the diving trip is guaranteed you will be informed as soon as possible. Should this occur we would provide you with an alternative offer or refund the amount paid if you so wish. There will be no refunding in addition to this. The diving organizer will be no longer obliged to fulfil the contract when, during a diving trip a diver seriously disrupts the trip by gross improper behaviour despite being warned to desist by the diving guide. In this case the diving customer, if culpable, must also make good any damages incurred by the diving organizer. In the event that the participant himself breaks off the diving trip or a dive, there will be no claim to a refund.


6.   We also recommend that you have a doctor examine you to assure that you are fit to participate in diving activities before embarking on your diving trip. During the diving program the instructions of the diving instructor and attendants in charge must be followed. You will, dear diving customer, surely understand that any failure to do so will result in immediate exclusion without the right to claim a refund. Every diving customer must produce the required diving qualification. He has to present a medical certificate, indicating that his doctor has no objection to diving with compressed air. The doctor's certificate may not be older than a year. The responsible diving teacher on the spot has the right to check the diving qualifications of the diving customer and to change the booked diving program in case of lacking diving qualifications. We emphasize once again that every diving participant will dive at his own risk. No alcohol is permitted at least 12 hours before every dive and any medication, illness or medical condition has to be brought to the attention of the diving guide. The diving guide will make the final decision before every dive as to whether the diver is fit to dive or not. If the diver is not fit, the diving guide will exclude him/her from the dive and no claim may be made in this case for any compensation for the missed dive.   7.     Jurisdiction

Bali, Indonesia

If the diving trip is arranged without the cooperation of a travel agency, the following Terms and Conditions are also considered as agreed:


8.     Payment

-     Within 7 working days after conclusion of the contract a deposit of 30% of the total price has to be made.

-     180 days prior to the trip another deposit of 20% of the total price has to be made.

-     The balance must be deposited into our account at the latest 90 days before departure.


Please keep in mind that occasional lengthy transfer durations should be taken into account. If, however, you book less than 180 days before the departure date, you have to deposit 50% of the total price. If, however, you book less than 90 days before the departure date, the price has to be paid immediately on receipt of the confirmation. The customer is responsible for any currency or transfer fees incurred when making payments as these are additional to the cost of the trip on the Mantra. Any deposit made is not refundable.


9.     Customer's Withdrawal from the Contract

Customers are entitled to cancel their contract before embarking upon the booked diving trip. Cancellations must be in writing and delivered by registered mail; In the event of a cancellation we must, unfortunately, charge as compensation for measures already taken and costs incurred at the following flat rates:

-       more than 180 days before departure: 30% of the total price

-       180 - 91 days prior to the departure: 50% of the total price

-       90 - 0 days prior to the departure: 100% of the total price

The date of cancellation is defined as the time the letter is received at our company office. If diving customer fails to appear at departure time because he is unwilling to travel or when prevented from doing so by misadventure, a 100


  • Life jackets/required safety gear
  • Cabin
  • Bar
  • Bimini
  • Watersports Equipment

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